Best Money Tips: What $1 Trillion Would Buy

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we ask about the impact of having a $1 trillion deficit, share 9 ways to cook with foil, and tell about a surprisingly large phone bill! Top 5 Articles What $1 Trillion Would Buy — Our nation’s deficit is nothing to sneeze at. […]

Weep Not for Interchange Fee Revenue

I used to answer customer service calls for Bank of America, one of the nation’s biggest banks. […]

6 Small Business Mentors You Can Access for Nearly Free!

ShareThisIf you've started a small business and need advice, there are plenty of resources available to lend you a hand. The problem is that many of them are in the form of books, lectures, and "programs" that have no issue with charging you for their services. […]

How to Create Barriers to Your Savings

ShareThisAll it takes is one weak moment to reach into your checking account or connected savings account and use those funds on something frivolous. That's why it's important to protect your savings from you! The way I do this is to create barriers between me and my savings. […]

Is a Graduate Degree Worthwhile or Worthless?

Several years ago, I decided to take advantage of an opportunity to pursue a master’s degree in business. I had been working in finance for a while, and as someone who believes in lifelong education, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to obtain an MBA. […]

Your Take: Is Homeownership the American Dream?

My parents came to the United States because it was the land of opportunity. It was a place where you could, on the basis of your abilities and hard work, make a good life for yourself and your family. It isn’t a utopia, it’s far from it, but it’s a lot better than a lot of other places in the world. […]

The High Cost of Being Single

Two can live as cheaply as one. We’ve heard this for years, but is it really true? Perhaps not, but there are definitely cost savings to be found when combining two households into one. With that in mind, I wanted to talk a bit about an article on the costs associated with being single that I recently ran across in The Daily Telegraph. […]

Ask the Readers: “Help! I Co-Signed on a Loan and Now I Wish I Hadn’t!”

Ah, relationships. Without other people, money management would be easy! Easy-er, anyhow. But love, family, and business relationships tend to make people do things they know they really oughtn’t. Take Patrick, for example. He fell in love, and it led him to commit a financial faux pas. […]

Too Many Relying Too Much on Social Security

We've discussed Social Security's place in retirement planning quite a bit here. Several commenters have brought up the fact that Social Security is meant to be a supplement to retirement savings, not the majority (or even all) of it. I agree -- that's what it's meant to be. But that's not how it's being used/counted on. […]

Star Money Articles and Carnivals for the Week of July 19

Here are some pieces I found especially worthwhile and some of the carnivals Free Money Finance was in this week and my posts that were included: Carnival of Personal Finance - The Wealth of Farmers  Festival of Frugality - Save Money by Buying on Specific Days of the Week  Carnival of Money Stories - How Much I Made This Spring Refereeing Soccer  The Digerati Life likes a colorful […]

Online Bartering Through Craigslist Got Him A Porsche

These days, it seems to take more effort to keep our heads above water. So I found it inspiring to read about one resourceful fellow, a young person, who somehow used Craigslist to snag himself a Porsche in a span of 2 years through shrewd bartering. But part of me really wonders about just how doable this is. […]

Ten Big Mistakes #4: Blaming Others for Challenges

Along my financial journey in life, I made a great number of mistakes. In this ten part series which runs from July 19 to July 30, I’m going to focus on ten of my worst mistakes and the difficulties and successes I’ve had in overcoming those mistakes. I blamed others for the challenges in my life. If you want to find scapegoats in your life, almost everyone can find a lot of them. […]

Some Areas of the Country Produce More Millionaires

Here's a series of thoughts from Stop Acting Rich: ...And Start Living Like A Real Millionaire on what areas of the country produce more millionaires (care to guess before you read ahead?): As a proportion of their respective populations the Midwest had a higher concentration of these high-net-worth people. […]

My Favorite Podcasts

Here’s a list of my favorite podcasts - History Podcasts - Norman Centuries – A Norman History podcast created by Lars Brownworth. 12 Byzantine Rules – The History of the Byzantine Empire by Lars Brownworth. Hardcore History – An unconventional look at history by Dan Carlin. History of Rome – A weekly podcast about the history of Rome. Sports Podcasts - Dan Patrick – A daily podcast, in three pa […]

Money Skills to Teach Your Kids Before They Leave Home

In The Power to Prosper: 21 Days to Financial Freedom the author suggests some things kids should know about money before they leave home. Her list: How to live below their means How to budget How to save How to avoid debt How to write a check How to balance a checkbook IMO, this is a pretty good list. […]

Join Our Tweetchat on 07/22, 4pm CDT for a Chance to Win Prizes

Link for teaser title: twitter-logo2_0_0.jpg Join our Tweetchat today from 4:00 – 4:45 pm CDT for lively conversation and a chance to win prizes! Today we will be talking about frugal lunch box menus and packing tips for school and work. […]

Reader Mailbag: Lemon Sour

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Handling house sale proceeds 2. Helping a declining parent 3. Chasing a dream 4. Moving forward with bad policy 5. Spending choices on children 6. Cashing out stock options 7. Who is Trent politically? 8. Soda 9. […]

FDIC and NCUA Deposit Insurance: Financial Reform Makes $250,000 Limit Permanent

New Law Makes FDIC Limit Increase Permanent The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is a corporation that acts as an independent agency of the federal government. The primary responsibility of the corporation is to act as a insurer for consumer deposits at banks and to help protect the economy at large from the effects of bank failures. […]

Travel and Money: How to Get and Carry Cash Safely and Securely

Traveling safely and managing your money along the way is an exercise in balancing multiple risks: theft, loss, high surcharges, and confusing discrepancies. This Travel and Money series discusses various ways to address money and security issues while you are abroad. […]