Insights into Saving Psychology from The Economist

Recently, while digging through the magazines in our magazine rack, I came across the May 16, 2009 issue of The Economist. […]

The Price of Faith, Being Muslim

For those of you new to Free Money Finance, I post on The Bible and Money every Sunday. Here's why. Here's a piece from CNN Money that discusses the price of faith, what Jews, Muslims, and Christians have to pay/spend related to their faiths. […]

5 Different Ways To Trade Stocks

I’ve covered a lot of ground on conventional investing practices such as diversification, asset allocation, indexing and dollar cost averaging. But I also like covering other aspects of investing and trading that I’ve been curious about. […]

How to Save Money and Still Dress Green

By Jeff Yeager I'm now officially concerned that America's green movement may have run its course. […]

Buying Something to Force Yourself Into a New Behavior Doesn’t Work: New Rules for a New Routine

Several people I know have a treadmill in the garage or basement of their home. They bought it with great visions in their head of walking every day, but after the newness wore off, the treadmill began to gather dust - then it was folded up and put into storage. One reader of The Simple Dollar invested almost $1,000 in pans for her kitchen. […]

The Success Of The Kids’ Fun Fund

Our family recently returned from a week of vacation, and I’m proud to report that the Kids’ Fun Fund that I mentioned a few months ago worked just as I had hoped.  Throughout 2009, my kids have been doing little chores around the house, chores for which they can earn a little money.  A portion of this money gets deposited into the Kids’ Fun Fund - just a plastic square container decorated with th […]

The Simple Dollar Time Machine - June 6, 2009

Many newer readers of The Simple Dollar haven’t been exposed to the hundreds of great articles in the archives of the site, so this is a weekly series that highlights the five best posts from one year ago this week, as well as the five best posts from two years ago this week. […]

Welcome Globe and Mail Readers!

I would love to welcome all Globe and Mail readers to Squawkfox, a blog that makes frugal living fun. My name is Kerry Taylor, I’m the blogger here and the author of 397 Ways To Save Money - Spend Smarter and Live Well on Less. Go ahead and download a free excerpt of my Top 100 book! A huge thank you to columnist Leah McLaren for mentioning Squawkfox in today’s column. […]

3 Easy and Delicious Ways to Preserve Your Berry Harvest

This is a guest post from my wife, who has her own fan club around here. “You should have a section at GRS called Kris’ corner,” one reader wrote recently. That’s unlikely to happen, but she’s happy to drop by now and then with recipes and helpful hints. Here’s what she has to say about fresh berries. Berry season is beginning in Oregon. […]

The "Secret" to Selling Your Home Quickly

Here's a story from my local TV station's new program. It was billed as "the key to selling your home quickly even in this tough market." The piece started with a few homes that had sold very quickly -- one in nine days, one in 13 days, and a couple in just hours. So I was intrigued. What was the "secret" to selling your home quickly? […]

How To Improve Your Credit Score: A 6 Step Plan

I haven’t been paying much attention to my credit score lately since I haven’t been using my credit card much, and haven’t had to apply for credit for sometime now. Well I really should be taking a closer look now! Because despite my generally good credit management habits, I’ve made some mistakes than have nicked my score — and I know I can certainly do much better. […]

Savings and Checking Account Interest Rate Updates

A few banks have lowered interest rates offered for savings and checking accounts in the past few days. […]

Islands of Stability? Kiplinger's: 10 Best Cities for Jobs

"Kiplinger’s Personal Finance has named its 10 Best Cities of 2009, selecting areas offering solid employment opportunities and the talent to create new, well-paying positions. A healthy job market means these cities will suffer less during the recession and will have a head start toward growth when the recovery takes off.Kiplinger’s Best Cities of 2009:1. […]

Living and Saving in the Moment

My three year old son loves to go to the grocery store with Mom and Dad. He wanders around with us, listening to our discussions about which products to buy, and quite often expresses his own opinions. […]

20 Tips to Nail a Job Interview

Here's a very interesting story. A guy wants to know what does and doesn't work for job interviews, so he sets up his own fake office, interviews people, records them and then comes up with a list of twenty steps people can take to nail a job interview. I have no way of verifying whether or not this story is true, but I must say that his list is pretty good. […]

Bulk Buying and Small Business (Our $100 GC Winner Shares the Scoop)

By Linsey Knerl Awhile back we invited small business owners to share how a membership to Sam’s Club may help them save money in this tough economy.  We received great feedback from many small businesses, but only ONE got the prize and a chance to share their experience in a post on Wise Bread.  Hear how much our winner really saved, and some more tips for keeping a business (or home) more afford […]

Top 10 Most Reliable Cars (2009)

The Chrysler bankruptcy, and the poor (and insulting) way in which the corporate office notified dealerships that were to be shuttered, has put many Chrysler dealerships in a pinch. In a few short days, those dealerships will no longer be able to sell any cars. It will, in fact, be illegal for them to sell any cars. To make matters worse, Chrysler won’t take back any unsold vehicles! […]

Who Are These Strangers on Twitter?

In my non-Smithee life, I spend a lot of time on Twitter, although it’d be more accurate to say I spend a lot of time through Twitter. I’ve made some solid connections and had interesting conversations, seen a lot of funny videos and kept up with the news I care about. Because my updates are not protected, anyone can start following me. […]

17 Creative Things to Do with Phone Books

By Jeff Yeager Is it just my imagination, or are they sending out updated editions of the phone book and Yellow Pages a lot more often than they used to? When I was growing up, it seemed like we had the same phone book the whole time. […]

Best Deals For Friday 6/5/09

By Paul Michael Today's WISEBUY. Up To 71% Off All Swimwear At  (dealnews) takes up to 71% off all swimwear for men, women, and kids, with prices starting at $10.06. Pay $6.95 for shipping.   1. FREE Kids Seven-Function Binoculars From REI Also includes a certificate. Just complete the quick form.     2. […]