Hourly vs. Salary: Which is Better?

By April Dykman I had a conversation with a friend, we’ll call him Joel, who had two job offers. One was a low-stress 9-to-5 gig, but paid $10,000 less than the other offer, which would require longer hours and greater responsibility. He didn’t like a lot of things about the higher paying position, but he accepted the offer because it was more in line with the salary at his last job. […]

Ask The Readers: When Did You Start Saving For Retirement?

The topic of retirement comes up quite a bit in the personal finance world. With people concerned as to whether or not they will receive social security checks once they retire, more and more people are understanding the importance of making sure to save money so they can support themselves in retirement. When did you start saving for retirement?  Was it when you got your first job? […]

Live Where It's Cheap

More effective than giving up luxuries, using coupons, choosing store brands, or buying in bulk, the most powerful enabler of frugal living is to live where it's cheap. (See also: Voluntary Simplicity as Hedonism) For basic stuff like rent and food, it can easily cost two or three times as much to live where it's expensive. […]

Frugal Fourth of July Party Ideas

Growing up, Fourth of July was one of my favorite holidays. I lived in rural New Hampshire at the time, an area that isn't exactly known for having a lot to do. […]

Best Money Tips: Ways to Unblock Writer's Block

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on ways to unblock writer's block, advice for new grads, and ways waiting helps you save. Top 5 Articles 5 Ridiculously Easy Ways To Unblock Writer's Block — Overcome writer's block by writing for someone else. […]

What Grocery Store Has the Best Prices?

A few months ago I wrote about how Walmart claimed to save people money even if they never shopped in Walmart stores. Then recently I found a similar claim in an Aldi Sunday ad.The top part of the ad featured a bar chart and read "% who attribute their favorite grocer with providing low prices". […]

The People Who Do Matter

One of the biggest themes of The Simple Dollar is how you should stop caring what other people think. This is one of the most valuable things I’ve ever done in my life. […]

Why You Left

The following is an excerpt reprinted with permission from What Color Is Your Parachute? Guide to Job-Hunting Online, Sixth Edition: Blogging, Career Sites, Gateways, Getting Interviews, Job Boards, Job Search ... Resumes, Research Sites, Social Networking. Copyright © 2011 by Mark Emery Bolles and Richard Nelson Bolles, Ten Speed Press, an imprint of the Crown Publishing Group, Berkeley, CA. […]

Single Letter Stock Tickers

Last week, Pandora IPO’s on the stock market with a single letter stock ticker – P. It thus joined a “prestigious” group of fewer than 26 companies to have a single letter stock ticker. Other members include Agilent, Macy’s, Ford (back from the dead), and Visa. Does it really matter if you have a single letter? […]

Lending Club Update – May 2011 Performance

I finally got around to updating Quicken over the weekend, so I thought I’d put together another update of Lending Club investment performance, this time covering through the end of May. I neglected to note my net annualized return (NAR) at the end of the month, but it was in the mid-8% range. […]

Finances in 55 Seconds: Do You Need to Rebalance Your Portfolio?

While it would be nice if you could just “set it and forget it” in the world of investing, the strategy rarely works. […]

Retiring in Paradise

We've discussed (several times) the idea of retiring overseas in order to make your savings go a lot farther (due to much cheaper costs of living.) But what about retiring overseas for another reason -- like a much better climate? What about instead of retiring in Mexico so your meager savings can last the rest of your life you're more likely to retire to the island of St. […]

Move Where Cost of Living Is Low

When living on a budget, there are circumstances where it might make sense to move to a location that makes living more affordable. Living in Manhattan, for example, can be a struggle for anyone earning under six figures of income each year. It’s possible, of course, but other areas of the country offer better housing options for the same amount of money. There are trade-offs. […]

The Best of Money Carnival

The Best of Money Carnival is up. Congrats to all participants and especially the winning post, Home Alarm Sellers’ Shady Tactics. Enjoy! […]

Capital One is Buying ING Direct

Remember when I reported a rumor that Ally Financial (parent company of Ally Bank) was interested in buying ING Direct? Well, that rumor turned out to be wrong. […]

Reader Mailbag: The Little Things

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Car leasing question 2. Separate savings accounts 3. Handling reduced income 4. Relationships and honesty 5. Why savings accounts? 6. Planning for debt freedom 7. Upgrading credit card 8. Trusting product reviews 9. […]

Extreme Couponing Doing More Harm Than Good

As a soon-to-be published author of a personal finance book, I never thought I would catch myself saying that I think that bargain shopping has become a borderline obsession for many people. I say this as the Swiffer Duster promotion on Facebook locks up within seconds of being announced and entire shelves of Nivea Body Wash are wiped out at every retailer in town. […]

How to Avoid Most Annoying Bank Fees

CNN Money has a slideshow of the 9 most annoying bank fees but fails to do a good job of explaining the best way to avoid them. Fortunately, we have simple solutions to many of these issues. Forgetting to update your address Apparently, some banks will charge you if they mail you a statement and it comes back undeliverable. […]

Big House, Little House

I am constantly changing. While many people are much the same today as they were yesterday (or last week or twenty years ago), I’m always evolving. This isn’t necessarily good or bad — it’s just who I am. Some of my friends think I’m fickle. I get that. (Kris tells me that I go through “phases”.) I prefer to view this constant change as growth. […]

Naturally Get Rid of Ants in Your Kitchen

When we first moved into our apartment last autumn, I noticed a few ants in the kitchen. They went away by themselves in a few weeks though, so I didn’t think anything of them. This spring, they came back in force! I was horrified to find ants crawling over my counters and cabinets, feasting on invisible crumbs of sugar. […]