5 Benefits of a Task Management System

By Lynn Truong This article is Wise Bread's contribution to Life Scoop, where ordinary people learn how to make surprising things happen with technology. I'm trying yet another task management system and I think I've found a keeper. […]

Open for Guest Posts

If you've ever thought of writing a guest post for Free Money Finance, now's your chance. I will be traveling in early February and am in need of a few guest posts to tide me over. If you're interested, check out my guest post guidelines. […]

Two Huge Blog Giveaways

I don’t normally write about blog giveaways but when I’m going to make an exception today because the giveaway prizes are all pretty rich. The first is from Kelly at The Centsible Life – she’s giving away $600 of stuff as part of her site’s one year anniversary. You can win all sorts of gift cards, tax preparation software, and any one of about a half dozen books. […]

American Express Membership Rewards Points Can Be Used to Pay Taxes

American Express offers a point-based rewards system called “Membership Rewards” to those qualify for and use their credit or charge cards. Points generally benefit only cardholders who pay their bill in full every month, so any accumulation of benefits does not first need to offset interest or late fee charges. […]

Best Deals for Tuesday 01/12/2010

Amazon.com grocery discounts: $15 off Kashi, Special K, more Digital Blue Night Vision Digital Video Camera for $60 + free shipping Converse Post-Holiday Sale: Up to 80% off eMachines AMD Athlon 1.6GHz 16" Widescreen Laptop for $300 + pickup Free Bagel w/ Schmear from Einstein Bros Bagels […]

Revive the Personal Boycott

When I first watched the Move Your Money video, I was surprised with how much it resonated with me. The Move Your Money movement has really caught on, at least on the web, and it taps into an instinct we’ve taught ourselves to suppress. When it comes to money, we try to suppress emotion as a factor in the decision making process. […]

The Value of an Elite College

Many people will say that going to an elite college (Harvard, Stanford, etc.) is worth the added cost because: 1. You'll get a "better" education 2. You'll make great contacts (that will help you network and boost your career from graduation day until you retire). […]

Are Rebates Worthy of You?

By Tisha Tolar With a new year, many of us may have the illusion that time management can be increased in our lives. Time management, weight management, and money management are likely the three most popular resolutions that return to the scene year after year for most of us. It makes sense. […]

When It's Time to Destroy Debt, Start With a Goal

By Stacy Johnson Hey, let’s go for a ride! Where do you want to go? Nowhere? OK, we’ll just drive around aimlessly and hope we accidentally end up somewhere interesting. Hop in! That’s the way most people plan their lives, financial or otherwise. They may have a vague idea of a destination, like living debt-free, for example. […]

Home Buying (and Other Big Purchases) as an Emotional Purchase

A few months before we bought our current home, my wife and I toured literally dozens of different houses, trying to find one that was right for us. We had come up with a budget for our purchase and knew what our firm spending cap was. On one bright spring day, my wife and I were visiting three homes for sale on the same block that were all having open houses at once. […]

Do You Have a Financial Problem? You Could Receive Professional Help and Become a Reality TV Star in the Process

A lot of interesting stuff comes across my desk each day and this is something that grabbed my attention. There is a new personal finance reality series that will be hitting the airwaves later this year. Specific details are still under wraps, but they are still casting for upcoming episodes. This is where you may come in. […]

Too-Loud TV Commercial Bill Passed the House

I last spoke about this back in October, and I’m afraid it fell off the viewscreen for a bit, but I learned yesterday that the “CALM Act of 2009″ (view on govtrack) passed the House of Representatives by a voice vote.Unfortunately, a voice vote means nobody can tell me how many voted for and how many voted against, so I can’t even make an educated guess regarding its eventual fate in the Senate.If […]

The S&P500 Dividend Aristocrats

The S&P Dividend Aristocrats are companies in the S&P500 index that have increased their dividends every year for at least 25 consecutive years. […]

My 2009 Discretionary Spending: Bits and Pieces

Every January since I started Get Rich Slowly, I’ve done an annual round-up of my discretionary spending. That’s not going to happen this year. The numbers are hopelessly muddled by events that created under-reporting in some categories and over-reporting in others. […]

Income Tax Adjustments to Consider

We’ve recently been organizing our paperwork in preparation for getting taxes done properly this year. We’re looking for ways to legally reduce our tax burden through tax deductions and tax credits, and I wanted to share some income tax adjustments you may or may not be aware of. I’m talking here about are deductions on your 1040 that you can claim whether or not you itemize. […]

Get A Financial Education In Your Twenties

I picked up my first personal finance book as a college senior. As soon as I read it, I wanted to go around telling every other twenty-something how important it was to get their finances in order as young adults. Unfortunately, my girlfriend rolled her eyes at me and my friends couldn’t have cared less. […]

Don’t Pay Taxes with American Express Points

American Express announced today that you could pay your tax bill using Membership Reward points. For every 200 points, you could pay $1 in taxes through Pay1040.com or OfficialPayments.com. You’d be assessed transaction fee but you could pay for that fee with points as well. While it may sound appealing, 200 points for every $1 values each point at half a cent each. […]

The Best Places to Get Coupons Online

By Linsey Knerl This article shares tips from the newest episode of Dealista, our new podcast that'll help you get more for less. Click play to listen, or subscribe via iTunes to take the episode with you! You could sit and wait every week for your Sunday paper to shower you with coupons for your next money-saving shopping trip…or, you could go out there and get them yourself. Online! […]

Help a Reader: Paying Off Debt with Mutual Funds

Here's an email I recently received from a reader: We recently paid off one of our larger credit cards and have kept a very small amount on it, usually paying it off in full before interest accrues. Last week the company (BOA) sent us a letter to do a balance transfer for 1.99% until Sept. 2010. […]