Ten Pieces of Inspiration #6

Each week, I highlight ten things each week that inspired me to greater financial, personal, and professional success. Hopefully, they will inspire you as well. 1. Sarah This past week, my wife Sarah gave so much of herself that I was simply amazed, even though it’s just par for the course for her. She gave me a long hug and a pep talk when I felt down. […]

Not All Index Funds Are the Same

The other night I was driving to a basketball game with a man I've known for a few years but only as an acquaintance. I was happy to have the chance to chat with him since from what I've seen he's a great guy in many different ways. He's an investment advisor, so it was natural for me to ask him about what his firm does. […]

Compound Returns in the Garden: How Long-Term Planning Pays Off When Growing Your Own Food

A lot of folks have been asking if my wife and I will be doing the Get Rich Slowly garden project this year. That’s the plan! After a one-year hiatus, Kris and I intend to track our spending and our profit for the food we grow on our land. January saw no spending and no harvest, though. […]

Tips For Dealing With Debt & Conquering Your Debt Fears

Does fear of debt hold you back from handling health problems or continuing your education? Are you so afraid of your current debts that you don’t even know what you owe? If you’re afraid of debt and feel you can’t make any progress on your financial situation, you’re not alone. Fear, as an emotion, can end up paralyzing us from doing anything productive! […]

Plan For Our Tax Refund

I have almost finished working on our 2010 tax returns.  We will owe a very small amount in state taxes, but it looks like we’ll get a refund (think hundreds, not thousands) from Uncle Sam. Instead of using the money to go on a vacation, or to make a down-payment on a new car, or for buying a big screen television, every penny will go towards paying down our mortgage.  This week’s articles about […]

Dinner With My Family #6: “Anything” Soup

Each week, I’ll present a low-cost meal (or a meal that demonstrates a lot of options for cutting costs) that my family eats for dinner and enjoys. Many of the recipes will be vegan or vegetarian, with options to add other ingredients for non-vegetarians. We live in Iowa. This winter has been a long one and, for the past week or two, incredibly cold. […]

SimplyCash® Business Card from American Express OPEN Review

Business owners know that when the work of building a new enterprise is just beginning, it’s not easy. If your great idea takes significant financing and you need help gathering funds, few people are willing to come forward and help you finance your dream. Many great ideas don’t cost a lot of money to get started, but some do. […]

Valentine’s Day Plans?

Guess what? Valentine’s Day is on Monday. Like many holidays, Valentine’s Day has become more and more commercialized. […]

Friday Finance Findings for February 11th

It’s cold. I don’t know what else to say about the last week. Actual temperatures well below zero and wind chills as low as about -30 F the past few days. […]

Free Money Finance March Money Madness, Round 1, Posts 45-48

Here we go with the first round of Free Money Finance March Money Madness (to follow all the action click on my March Money Madness category link and scroll down to read all the posts involved in this subject.) I've listed each "game" (one post versus another) in segments along with the wording provided by the author when the post was submitted. […]

Bohemians Then and Now

The bohemian lifestyle keeps being reinvented. Whenever people try to make a go of supporting themselves through their creative endeavors, it appears naturally out of the confluence of poverty and the freedom to ignore social conventions that comes of not having a boss. […]

Does Cutting Meat, Eggs, or Dairy from Your Diet Save Money?

In October, due to some medical results and the encouragement of a dietitian, I made the choice to switch to a vegan diet (with the minor exception of occasional fish consumption) for the time being. A vegan diet simply means that I avoid meat and all animal products, which would include milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs, and so forth. […]

Comparing Airfare is Frustrating: What Would Make You Loyal?

Retails airlines are battling their customers. People shopping for flights generally want one thing: the lowest price on airfare. The airline industry doesn’t want that to be the case. They’re making this shopping process more difficult for their customers. For example, some airlines do not make their prices available through websites that aggregate fares, like Expedia and Kayak. […]

Best Money Tips: Profit from Product Launches and Big Sales

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we have some great articles on how to profit from product launches and big sales, ways to save money on everyday purchases, and how to avoid student loans. Top 5 Articles How To Profit From Product Launches and Big Sales — Want to profit from a product launch? […]

Living the Savvy Life: A Review

Living the Savvy Life isn’t strictly a personal finance book, though it includes tips for spending less, saving more, and achieving your financial goals. The focus of the book is on helping readers overhaul their lifestyle based on their personal goals and values (this is what the authors call “the savvy life”). […]

Your Take: Do You Use Personal Checks?

Fifteen years ago, you had two options when it came to paying someone else – cash or personal check. Nowadays, you have a dozen different ways with new methods popping up each year. I, for one, am ecstatic we’re moving away from personal checks. I very rarely use personal checks and it’s usually at the request of the person I’m paying. […]

Lending Club and Your Income Taxes

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been asked by several readers about how to handle your Lending Club earnings and expenses when it comes time to file your taxes. […]

Ask the Readers: Should I Sell My Car?

The Friday “Ask the Readers” column generally follows a set format: I introduce the topic, share a reader e-mail, give my best advice, and then ask for your feedback. Today’s column is a little different. Sarah sent me a 1000-word question, and rather than write any sort of response, I’m just going to let her have the entire space. […]