Reader Story: Lay-Off Resistant Family Finances

This guest post from Sam is part of the “reader stories” feature at Get Rich Slowly. Some stories contain general advice; others are examples of how a GRS reader achieved financial success — or failure. These stories feature folks from all levels of financial maturity and with all sorts of incomes. […]

9/11: Put Family & Friends First

Today marks the ten year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, an especially poignant anniversary for those who were directly affected and an especially deep wound to New Yorkers. I grew up on Long Island and spent a summer working at a startup at 50 Broadway, so on numerous occasions I would walk between the World Trade Center towers and just stare up. […]

Using Religion to Steal Money

For those of you new to Free Money Finance, I post on The Bible and Money every Sunday. Here's why. Here's an interesting post from US News on how some people use scams in the church to steal money from others. I find it almost unbelieveable that this would happen, but it's a fact of life. […]

Money Is Something We Choose To Trade Our Life Energy For

The title of this post is a sentence that appears in bold on page 51 of Your Money or Your Life. In fact, it appears twice in bold on that page. Money is something we choose to trade our life energy for. This applies to virtually every financial transaction we make. When we work, we trade our life energy for the money we make. […]

Ten Pieces of Inspiration #36

Each week, I highlight ten things each week that inspired me to greater financial, personal, and professional success. Hopefully, they will inspire you as well. 1. […]

Street Freak by Jared Dillian

Street Freak by Jared Dillian is a memoir about Dillian’s life as a trader at Lehman Brothers, the famed financial services firm that went belly up in 2008. […]

Save Money on Gas by Not Buying on Four Days

Here's one of the tips listed for saving on gas from Kiplinger's: Never (fill up) on a Sunday. Or a Friday or Saturday, for that matter. Gas prices typically rise over the weekend; most station owners post the new prices Thursday mornings by 10 a.m. […]

Women Financial Gurus: Diva Finance!

The battle of the sexes is alive and well in many aspects of our lives, and the question of who belongs to the superior gender often comes up in many lively debates. I’ve actually tried to tackle gender differences in this blog before, and it’s been a touchy subject to some degree. When it comes [...]Women Financial Gurus: Diva Finance! Copyright 2011 All rights reserved. […]

Saving Pennies or Dollars? Oil Changes

Saving Pennies or Dollars is a new semi-regular series on The Simple Dollar, inspired by a great discussion on The Simple Dollar’s Facebook page concerning frugal tactics that might not really save that much money. […]

BankAmericard Cash Rewards Review

You may have seen a lot of commercials for a new and improved credit card offered by Bank of America called the BankAmericard Cash Rewards™. Although this card offers a solid rewards program with a good interest rate and no annual fee, it’s nothing new and it’s certainly not improved. […]

Healthy Snacks: Make healthier Lunchables for 32% less

The cute kid in the grocery store knew exactly what she wanted when she politely asked, “Mommy, can I have Lunchables for school?” The mom cringed, and then conceded. I don’t blame her. Lunchables are easy to buy, easy to serve, and easily keep the kiddlets content. The problem? Lunchables and their copycat brands are expensive. […]

Do You Have a Death Dossier?

What would happen to your finances if you were to die? Would your family be able to easily pick up where you left off? […]

Some Thoughts on a Girl’s Birthday

Last night, we had a small birthday party for just a couple of our daughter’s friends to celebrate her birthday. We held the party at a park and had a simple treasure hunt and a couple of party games – a very simple and pleasant birthday party. At the party, she only received two presents. […]

Set Up Beneficiaries for All Your Accounts

While anyone moves towards financial independence, there is a time to think about what would happen to one’s financial accounts if one were to most unfortunately pass away. It’s a morbid thought, no doubt, and it’s easily avoidable in a world where talking about death is difficult. […]

Your Take: Be Careful Selling Airlines Miles

At least on Craigslist anyway. I just read a somewhat sad story on Fatwallet about a user who will probably be losing all of his American Airlines AAdvantage miles because Craiglist sold him out to American Airlines. […]

Ask the Readers: How Do I Get Started with Investing?

I’ve begun to sort through the batch of questions GRS readers submitted a few weeks ago. Surprisingly, many of them are about the basics of investing. But looking at the archives, GRS hasn’t covered investing much in the past couple of years; I assumed that the articles in the archives were enough. […]

Ways to Track Debt

Debt — it's the four-letter word nobody wants to think about. But if you're not thinking about your debt, you're not keeping track of it — and if you're not keeping track of your debt, you're probably not making much progress toward paying it off! Knowing exactly how much you owe, who you owe, and how much your debt costs is the first step to paying it off. […]

Avoiding Aspirational Spending

When it comes to staying on a path of righteously frugal living, my own personal Kryptonite is clothing. I'm not one for spending on dining out, and I don't indulge in luxuries like a big screen TV, but my head is easily turned by a cute pair of shoes or colorful top. That's not a huge vice, I guess. I mean public nudity IS frowned upon, so clothing is a necessity. […]

Best Money Tips: Unusual Uses for a Hair Dryer

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on unusual uses for your hair dryer, your daily commute's impact on your wallet, and how to avoid buyer's remorse. Top 5 Articles 13 Unusual Uses for a Hair Dryer — Next time you fog up your bathroom mirror while showering, use your hair dryer to dry the steam off. […]

Farewell to Homeownership: Lessons to Share

Losing your home is a strange and alienating process. Mine is being lost right this minute, but it’s not the end of the world. Here’s what happened to me this year, and some advice from what I learned along the way. (See also: How to Avoid Foreclosure) The Long, Slow Demise The day my neighbor’s house — twice the size of mine and renovated — sold at auction for $65,000, I knew we were in trouble. […]