5 Effective Sleep Tips You Haven't Tried Yet

This post is sponsored by Tempur-Pedic because we think you deserve to get your best night’s sleep every night. I hate the person I become when I don’t get enough sleep. […]

Don't Borrow for a Wedding

Check out this problem a reader wrote to CNN Money about: When we got married, my husband and I decided to have a big wedding that cost $40,000. […]

Should You Sell When the Stock Market Tumbles?

Although stocks are opening higher this morning, yesterday brought more devastation to the stock market. Stocks are now down 13 percent over the past week and down 11 percent for the year. This is bad news for stock investors, with the worst short-term performance since the market crashed at the beginning of the recession. […]

Unrealistic Returns in Personal Finance Writing

This is an issue that I’ve discussed a few times in reader mailbags, but I continue to receive so many questions about it that I think it needs to be thoroughly discussed. Over and over again in personal finance writing, you’ll find references to investment returns on the order of 10% to 12% per year (and sometimes even higher). […]

Three Ways to Avoid Wasting Money With Groupon

The developed world has gone crazy for Groupon and other daily deal websites where consumers are offered one deal or coupon each day in their e-mail inbox. […]

Ally Offers Popmoney

A lot of people seem to hate Bank of America, if the comments on my post covering the Bank of America Overdraft Fee Settlement is any indication, but I really like being able to transfer money to my friends when I owe them (they need an account too). […]

Sunk Costs and Smart Decisions

As I write this, I’m on a flight back to Portland. I’ve spent the weekend with former GRS staff writer Adam Baker and his wife Courtney in Indianapolis, Indiana. Ostensibly, we were there to take part in GenCon, a huge gaming convention. We did play plenty of games, but we also had a lot of fun just hanging around and chatting. […]

Ask The Readers: Do You Have a Financial Advisor?

When it comes to managing your finances, sometimes it can be a daunting task. Many people choose to manage their finances on their own. However, there are some people who hire a financial advisor to help them manage their money. Do you have a financial advisor? […]

Cheap Fun and Libations: Brewery and Winery Tours

Brewery and winery tastings used to be more of a way to score a free drink. Today, however, they offer not only gratis samples of select drinks, but also an opportunity to learn the difference between a regular brew and a microbrew or how your favorite vineyard fared during Prohibition. […]

Best Money Tips: Smart Money Moves for College Freshmen

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on smart money moves for college freshmen, ways to save money on your next vacation, and how to stop wasting money. Top 5 Articles Going to College? 5 Smart Money Moves for College Freshmen — As a college student, make sure to start building your credit. […]

Renting a Better Deal than Buying a Home Over Past 30 Years

Here's a piece that says renting was a better financial move over the past 30 years than buying a home. The details: When the U.S. as a whole is considered, renting was preferred to buying 75% of the time. In retrospect, the period spanning the mid 1990s to the early 2000s was the only time frame in which buying was preferred to renting. […]

TradeKing Promotions: $100 Sign Up Bonus On New TradeKing Accounts

Here’s where we keep track of TradeKing’s ongoing promotions. One of their more popular promotions is the sign up bonus for new accounts. At this time, it’s available for the month of August (2011), so it could be a good opportunity to get some extra cash if you’re interested in opening a brokerage account. […]

Spare Change: Gaming Geek Edition

I’m exhausted. I spent the entire weekend (from Thursday through Sunday) embracing my inner nerd, surrounded by tens of thousands of other nerds doing nerdy things. At the invitation of Adam Baker (who writes at Man vs. […]

False Labeling (for Frugality’s Sake)

Madeleine writes in with an interesting thought: When I was younger, my mother used to buy generic versions of things and put the contents into name brand packages. She would refill a ketchup bottle with generic ketchup so that guests would see the name-brand label. I understand why she did this. Many items are very similar whether you’re buying the generic version or the name brand version. […]

Make a Fortune with Metal Detecting

Ha! I made you look! Yes, that title is waaaaaaay over the top!Have you ever been interested in making money through metal detecting? If so, you're out of luck. There's no money in it. :-)However, Wise Bread does have a fascinating piece on metal detecting from someone who clearly knows what he's talking about. […]

Buying vs. Renting Furniture

I needed furniture for the first time in a college apartment. Thanks to hand-me-downs and gifts, I didn’t have to hunt down much at all. Then I graduated, got married, and we moved into a house a couple of years later. We had to get our own furniture for the first time ever. We had to decide whether we wanted to buy or rent the pieces we needed and ultimately decided to buy. […]

Finances in 55 Seconds: Reviewing Your Tax Strategy

Now that summer is clearly underway, and the year is firmly in its second half, it might be a good idea to review your tax strategy. For many of us, a “tax strategy” is nothing of the sort; we just do what we do and hope that some of it turns out to be tax deductible. […]

The cost of collecting

Collections scare me. It doesn’t matter if the collection contains knickknacks, chotskies, baseball cards, coins, stamps, records, figurines, or Barbie doll heads. A big compilation of similar stuff often overwhelms my senses — mostly ’cause I’m compelled to add up the cost. Yet another reason you shouldn’t invite me over for dinner. […]

Watch What You Say Online: Your Career Will Thank You

Social media is a two-headed dragon when it comes to managing your career. On the one hand it lets you establish an expertise as well as network like never before. On the other, ANYTHING you say can and will be used against you by your current employer or a potential one. […]

How to Keep Your Vacation Costs Down

You know what it feels like to return from vacation. You feel rested, rejuvenated, even eager to get back to your old routine and to see your friends and co-workers once again. That’s why it’s so important to take time off and see a part of the world that you never visited before. […]