Spare Change: Faster Stronger Farther Edition

This afternoon I did a very non-J.D. thing. I drove to Duniway Park here in Portland, and I timed myself to see how fast I can run a mile. After nearly six months of Crossfit and nearly 40 pounds lost, I decided it was time to see where things stood. As an adult, I’ve been a non-athlete. Mostly, I’ve been a fat slug, sitting behind the computer all day long. […]

Christmas Decorations: 5 Ways to Decorate Your Holiday Table on a Budget

Wandering through the stores this festive time of year often makes me wonder — why is there so much kitsch on sale costing so much? Big plastic inflatable Santas, bright blinking outdoor strobe lights, and a myriad of other Christmas decorations that will see the landfill once the big day is done. […]

Impulse Control

As I’ve mentioned on here several times, I have a weekly piano lesson, something I enjoy very much. On my way to my lesson, I drive by a bookstore and a game shop. On my way home from my lesson, I drive by that same bookstore and same game shop. Every week, especially on the way home, I’m tempted to stop. I see the game shop coming up on the right and I get an impulse to stop there. […]

But what I really want is the cover of Vogue

I’ve been splashed across the media and it feels weird. I’m just not the type of person the media seek out for serious commentary on money matters and market movements. Since I don’t own a suit, have an MBA, or yell about the price of gold on television, I tend to remain a stealth blogger who gets her kicks by writing about bank fees and budgets. […]

You Fix The Budget

A lot of the political rhetoric during the mid-term elections focused on reducing government spending and reducing the deficit (I found it a little hypocritical considering the average household credit card debt was in the thousands of dollars). […]

Traditional and Roth IRA Contribution Limits for 2011

There is still time to contribute to your 2010 retirement accounts. If you’re starting your 2011 contributions with the new year, consider the limits for 2011 are not changing. The combined contribution limit across traditional and Roth IRAs is $5,000. […]

Five Common 401k Mistakes

The Wall Street Journal lists five common 401k mistakes as follows: Mistake No. 1: Thinking the most important decision is how you invest your money. Your first priority should be determining how much you need to save—and figuring out how to make that happen. Mistake No. 2: Investing only enough to get the company match. […]

How to Raise Financially Savvy Kids

Children are often not adequately prepared for a financially savvy adult life. Between a lack of formal education and bad habits at home, kids can often be set up to make some costly mistakes once they set out on their own. […]

Making It All Work – Getting Perspective at Ten Thousand Feet: Projects

This is the thirteenth entry in a twenty part series discussing the wonderful time and priority management book Making It All Work by David Allen. […]

Best Money Tips: How to Stay Focused

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup! Today, we share effective ways to stay focused, a technique to help you move a home-baked pie, and tips to help you deal with a mouse problem humanely. Top 5 Articles 4 Ways to Stay Focused As You Get Older — Do only one thing at time. […]

What is Price Targeting and How Does it Affect You?

Have you been paying more than you could probably get away with? Do you know that not everyone pays the same price for the same service that you received? How can you find the best deal for what you buy? Price targeting is a tool that sellers often use, but if you’re aware of how it works, you can often get a better deal. […]

Electronic Cigarettes Might Just Be Ideal

This is an article by Consumerism Commentary staff writer, Smithee.This article assumes that some people smoke and some people don’t. […]

Would You Buy Off the Back of a Truck?

Have you ever bought something off the back of a truck? I have. In retrospect, it wasn't always the brightest move. While you can get some great deals, you may also be getting involved in a shady transaction — or worse. Here are some examples of "back of the truck" sales I've entertained or decided to pass on. […]

Seven Ways to Earn Extra Holiday Spending Cash

As the holidays approach during these cash strapped times, you might be wondering how you can earn a little extra cash this holiday season to help pay for gifts (or maybe that vacation to someplace warmer!). […]

Buying Individual Dental Insurance Online: My Experience

My spouse changed jobs earlier this year, and with that came new insurance. I would have to pay 100% to be included on her dental plan, so I did some shopping around to find my own individual dental insurance. First I called my dentist to find out what they would charge me for a regular cleaning visit: $115. […]

The Best Cheap Winter Workout Spots

Winter’s about here, and you might be finding yourself in less-than-stellar shape. Have no fear: There are a few inexpensive and easy-to-reach workout spots nearby, so you can get fit fast. Community Centers Cheap and as close as down the street, community centers are perfect for drop-ins. […]

Back to Basics

“You know, you’ve been spending a lot of money lately,” Kris told me the other day. I’d just returned from yet another shopping trip to REI. “I have?” I asked. “Yes,” she said. “Can’t you tell?” Actually, I guess I can. […]

What Does "Lowest Prices of the Season" Mean?

Does anyone know what "lowest prices of the season" means? What season are they talking about? And will the prices get lower "next" season (or next week)? And just how low are the prices? I'm referring to the ubiquitous phrase being used by many companies for the last year or two. […]

Ask the Readers: How Would You Balance America's Budget?

The New York Times recently released an interactive game that puts you in charge of balancing our nation's budget. While not everyone will agree with all the assumptions made by the Times, this game is an interesting starting point for discussion. How would you balance America's budget? What items would you cut? Would you raise taxes? […]