Shopping Smart at CVS

By Linsey Knerl This article shares tips from the 17th episode of Dealista, our new podcast that'll help you get more for less. […]

Win a Free Copy of You Need a Budget!

I am giving away a copy of You Need a Budget! We'll start with a testimony from a YNAB user. Here goes: “16 months after starting YNAB, I am debt free (since the 7 month mark). I have no credit cards and am just shy of $7,000 in the bank.” Good stuff, huh? Here's how the giveaway will work: 1. All you need to do to enter is to leave any comment on this post. […]

Help a Reader: How to Invest

Here's an email I recently received from a reader: I think I'm doing fairly well with my personal finances but I'm also still very uncertain about them.  I think my main problem is that I'm not sure how much risk I am willing to take on, and I'm not certain about what I want to do with my money in the future. I am 24 and graduated from college and started working full time in January 2008.  My […]

Is Your Money Distinguishable from Your Parents?

A few years ago, an old friend of mine bought a fantastically expensive home, far larger and with higher quality furnishings than the home I live in now. I went to college with him and noted that after college, he worked at a minimum wage job for a year and had only been working at a solid salary for a little over a year when making this purchase. “How could he afford it?” I wondered. […]

The Personal Finance Hour, Episode 29: The Christmas Show

Ho ho ho. Christmas is coming, and the goose is getting fat. On today’s episode of The Personal Finance Hour, I’ll join Jim from Bargaineering to discuss the highs and lows of the holiday season. What are your favorite Christmas traditions? To whom do you give gifts? How do you set a shopping budget? Do you buy year-round — or have you not even begun to shop? […]

Stacy Johnson on Miami television

Stacy Johnson makes an appearance on “Today in South Florida”. Johnson talks about the debut of Money Talks News and plans to save viewers money. Live in South Florida? Catch Money Talks now on NBC6. Read more ...Subscribe to our newsletterLike this article? Subscribe to our weekly newsletter for our newest stories, money saving tips, deals and coupons. Click here to sign up now. […]

Debt Severely Limits Your Options

A couple months ago on the Personal Finance Hour, I had a nice debate with Baker of about whether one should go with credit cards or with a cash-only system. In that episode, I mentioned that I was fan of credit cards because of their rewards and that I have never carried a balance on any card. If I had, my tune about credit card rewards might be a little different. […]

BillShrink Giving Away $2,500 to Wise Bread Readers

By Will Chen BillShrink, a free website that gives personalized money-saving recommendations on everyday bills, is giving away $2,500 to Wise Bread readers! In addition to the contest, BillShrink CEO Peter Pham also shared some great savings tips later in this post.  But first, the contest! Blog Comment Contest: $2,000 Prize:  1 winner of $2,000.  BillShrink representatives will pick their favori […]

How's Your Holiday Spending This Year?

A recent poll in USA Today asked what holiday shoppers are planning on spending this year. The results: 11% said they were going to spend more than in 2008 59% said they were going to spend the same as in 2008 30% said they were going to spend less than in 2008 Personally, we're planning on spending about the same as last year. […]

Best Deals for Monday 12/14/09 80% off gift certificates Apple Store App Freebies: GravBall, iWore, Cyclic Dial, JingleToe, TanSafe FREE Amazon Sampler Album: This Is Minty Fresh DVD Movies $5 Childrens' books $5 […]

The Best Way to Avoid the Worst Financial Problems

By Philip Brewer Simple living should be about enjoying the good stuff. So, rather than go into a bunch of things you can do to head off possible problems, I'm going to give you just one tool for avoiding bad stuff. Happily, it's a tool so powerful that you just about don't need any others. […]

Bonuses Could Be Taxed at a Rate of 50%

Last week I mentioned France would be seeing a new but insignificant tax on carbon emissions and considered the possibilities, including possible reactions, if a similar tax was initiated here in the United States. […]

Way to Save #149: Shop Pet Food

Unless your dog and cat read or watch a lot of TV, they probably won’t complain about getting generic food. Read the labels, and you’ll find that name brand pet food often has the exact ingredients at twice the price! Buying in bulk could also be a good idea, and don’t forget to try online [...] […]

Reader Mailbag #93

Each Monday, The Simple Dollar opens up the reader mailbags and answers ten to twenty simple questions offered up by the readers on personal finance topics and many other things. Got a question? Ask it in the comments. You might also enjoy the archive of earlier reader mailbags. I am 50 years old, live on SSI, have $25.00 in savings. My SSI is $845.00 per month. I rent my apartment. […]

The Cell Phone App That's Saving Me A Small Fortune

By Paul Michael Recently, I upgraded to my  very first smartphone. And, being the frugal shopper that I am, I quickly searched for the best apps I could find that would help me save money. I was lucky enough to come across Shop Savvy the same day I bought the phone, and so far, it has saved me hundreds of dollars. I wasn't entirely convinced that the app could do all that it said it could. […]

Best Online Checking Accounts

A few years ago, if you told someone that you put your savings into an online bank, people would look at you funny. They ask whether or not your money was safe and secure, as if your dollars were actually locked away in a vault at the local bank. They’d ask whether you could talk to a human being if you needed to or if the banks themselves were safe (”because they’d heard stories”). […]

Nobody Cares More About Your Money Than You Do

This article is the 12th of a 14-part series that explores the core tenets of Get Rich Slowly. I’ve read a lot of stuff lately about how scammers take advantage of other people. (Here, for example, is a brief summary of seven psychological tricks con artist use.) It’s easy to think that those who lose their money are just unfortunate suckers. That’s not always true. […]

Announcement and Giveaway: The Plutus Awards

One week from today, nominations will begin for The 2009 Plutus Awards, designed to honor and recommend the best in personal finance this past year. There are two parts to The Plutus Awards. The first focuses on the best products and services, like checking accounts and mobile finance applications. The second part focuses on blogs and social media. […]

Getting Ready For 2010

As preparation for 2010, I’ve spent some time updating automated contributions to various retirement, education, and cash savings accounts.  Here’s the breakdown - My Retirement Accounts - 403(b) – Monthly amount = $1375 A percentage of pre-tax income is deducted from each monthly paycheck. Roth IRA – Monthly amount = $312.50 My goal is to make the maximum allowable contribution for 2010.  For m […]

Who and How Much to Tip During the Holidays

With Christmas just around the corner, I though now would be a good time to talk about holiday tipping. […]