Swagbucks gift cards: The ins and outs

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Is Buying In Bulk Always The Cheapest Option?

Are you frugal? If so, you’re probably conditioned to visit a shopping warehouse like Costco or Sam’s Club in order to try to save on groceries. But before you go on a money saving trip to these stores, check out some of the exceptions to the rule that supports buying in bulk. […]

What You’re Buying When You Go to a Store

Why do you shop at your preferred grocery store? Think about it for a minute. What reasons do you have for shopping at one store over another? Is it purely the prices? What about the location – is it because it’s close to your home? Cleanliness (like my Aldi story a while back)? Store organization? Convenience? Shopper rewards programs? How they treat their employees? […]

How to Save Money on Travel

The following is a guest post from Nomadic Matt's Travel Site. People always ask me how I can afford to travel so much.  What is my secret? And I tell them all the same thing- travel is not as expensive as you think. […]

Best Money Tips: 5 Tips for Those Working in a Job They Hate

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we give you tips for surviving a horrible job, the 12 things every Italian kitchen should have, and how to make a knotted scarf from a t-shirt! Top 5 Articles 5 Tips for Those Working in a Job They Hate – Does your day job stink? […]

Review: Questions and Answers on Life Insurance by Tony Steuer

After writing about personal finance for the better part of six years, I feel like I have a decent handle on many of the major subjects. When it comes to investing, I can hold my own. Banking and credit cards? I understand them enough to write about them confidently. The one subject I know I’m weak in is life insurance. […]

How to Throw a Fun and Inexpensive Tailgate Party

Host a Tailgate Party and Save Money Doing It Its football season again! You know what that means, right? It is time for tailgate parties. You are famous for having the best tailgate parties around and everybody looks to you in the fall for the best tailgate around. You don’t want to let them down this year, but what happens if money is tight? The economy is bad right now. […]

Bundling Doesn't Always Save You Money

During my recent series of conversations with Comcast, they brought up the subject that I didn't have my internet or phone with them (I suppressed a laugh thinking about how they could screw up those services too!) They suggested I could save a ton of money if I moved everything to them. […]

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Kids of Carcassonne Edition

My four year old son and three year old daughter have been playing the board game Kids of Carcassonne almost constantly the last several days. They’ve roped grandparents into playing it, parents into playing it (I’ve played it countless times), and are even playing it just against each other. I couldn’t be prouder. This week, I tried to link to some blogs that I haven’t linked to before. […]

How to Be a Superhero without Supernatural Abilities

I recently took a long drive to spend a short time with my 93 year-old-grandpa. Grandpa has always had an infectious smile where he happily shows off his pearly dentures. Grandpa loved his wife until death did them part. Mum told me how he used to help so much around the house when she was a baby. […]

Save on Groceries with Discount Grocery Stores

With food prices rising all the time, it costs more and more to feed a family these days. While some people become rabid coupon-cutting ninjas and others begin to make more meals out of basics like beans and rice, still others take a different route. […]

Pitting Airline Against Hotel Rewards

If you've ever hesitated before redeeming your airline miles and wondered if you're getting a good deal, you're in good company. Redeeming reward flights is akin to transacting in a foreign currency where you have no idea what the exchange rate is, which is never an advantageous position. […]

10 Favorite Mail-Order Websites

Life on an island is really great except in one respect: you run out of stuff. Because of the isolated nature of being in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 2,300 miles from the mainland, retailers run out of stuff, too. When they do have the things you need, they are often overpriced. […]

The Research Has It Wrong – Don’t Make the Same Mistake

A new poll claims that if given one wish, Americans would rather be richer than thinner, smarter, or even younger. Another study claims happiness comes from a $75,000 salary. Hogwash - here's why. […]

Social Group Savings with SmartyPig

When SmartyPig first debuted, they had a bunch of expensive fees that made me sour on the otherwise good idea. […]

Book Review: How to Debt-Proof Your Marriage

This post is from staff writer Sierra Black. Sierra writes about frugality, sustainable living, and getting her kids to eat kale at Childwild.com. This post is part of Book Week at Get Rich Slowly. Since my twin victories of paying off our last credit card and funding a summer of travel, my husband has begun to show interest in personal finance. […]

Transaction Account Guarantee Program

The typical FDIC protection is quite limited. Until the financial crisis, most types of bank accounts were covered up to a balance of $100,000. If a bank were to go bankrupt, the FDIC would ensure you would receive your cash up to that limit. […]

Thoughts on Buying a Vacation Home

Over the years, we’ve toyed with the idea of owning a vacation home. When I was a kid, I always envied families with a lake house, and even as an adult I’ve been drawn to the idea. As time has worn on, however, we’ve cooled on the idea. […]

Help a Reader: Suggestions for Hawaii

Here's another Help a Reader question from me (FMF). You all have been so helpful in the past that I wanted to ask your take on the following: As many of you know, we live in Michigan. […]

Discover Motiva Review: Extra Rewards & Pay On Time Bonus

Have you ever had a credit card that rewarded you for a job well done? There are a few such rewards cards out there that give you extra benefits for good behavior, such as the Citi Forward credit card and several college student credit cards. […]