Best Deals For Monday 9/14/09

By Paul Michael Today's WISEBUY. Banana Republic HUGE Sale - Up To 70% Off! (dealnews) Banana Republic takes up to 70% off select men's and women's apparel as part of its Final Sale. One of the largest percent-off discounts we've seen from Banana Republic this year.   1. FREE Bottle Of Texas Pete Hot Sauce Follow the simple instructions at the link. Facebook coupon.   2. […]

Credit Cards: Can’t Get No Satisfaction?

According to J.D. Power’s recently released “Credit Card Satisfaction Study,” overall cardholder satisfaction fell to a three year low in 2009. […]

Review: Raising Financially Fit Kids

Every other Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal finance book. It should come as no surprise to long-time readers of The Simple Dollar that I’m deeply passionate about raising my children with a strong sense of independence, self-motivation, and a strong ability to manage their own money in a sensible way. […]

Create A Home Budget, Use The Envelope Budgeting System

I have to admit that I’ve never done a cash only budget, but I am going to try it, at least for a week and maybe for a month, to see how it goes. A friend of mine a long time ago relayed that she and her husband put money for various items into different envelopes, and when the money was gone, it was gone. They couldn’t buy anything else until their next payday. […]

Podcast 21: Student Saving Tips and How to Survive on a Teacher’s Salary

In today’s Consumerism Commentary Podcast, I offer a number of suggestions for students heading back to school, particularly for new college freshmen. Tom Dziubek and I discuss tips that will help students take small steps now to ensure they will start the rest of their lives on a sound footing. After the discussion for students, we offer tips for teachers with our guest, Danny Kofke. […]

A Beginner’s Guide to The Simple Dollar

Chris writes in: I’m a new reader and I was just wondering if you had an “introductory” guide to The Simple Dollar? Maybe a resource where I could find your best and most useful posts (”useful” is of course subjective). Any chance you could create one? Good idea, Chris. […]

Who's the Most Generous?

For those of you new to Free Money Finance, I post on The Bible and Money every Sunday. Here's why. The Wall Street Journal lists 14 people who gave away at least $1 billion. […]

Ask the Readers: How to Face a Family Financial Crisis?

With the arrival of the GRS staff writers, the semi-regular “ask the readers” column has a new home. Look for this feature most weekends. “Ask the readers” is your chance to get (and give) advice about real-life financial dilemmas. An anonymous GRS reader submitted a question last week that hits close to home: I have a family member that this past year has been in serious financial trouble. […]

The Simple Dollar Time Machine: September 12, 2009

Many newer readers of The Simple Dollar haven’t been exposed to the hundreds of great articles in the archives of the site, so this is a weekly series that highlights the five best posts from one year ago this week, as well as the five best posts from two years ago this week. […]

Never Eat Alone: Do Your Homework

This is the fourth of sixteen parts of a “book club” reading and discussion of Keith Ferrazzi and Tahl Raz’s Never Eat Alone, where this book on building a lifelong community of colleagues, contacts, friends, and mentors is teased apart and looked at in detail. […]

Reject Variable Terms and Conditions

By Philip Brewer Ordinary business transactions used to be governed by long-standing laws and customs that had been developed to make them fair to both sides. Over the last fifty years or so--basically, since credit cards became popular--those rules have been gradually pushed aside. Now, everything is governed by "terms and conditions" that the corporate party can change at any time. […]

Change Companies, Save Money

In the September issue of Consumer Reports, they list the following statistic: 53% -- Respondents in our survey who switched companies and got a cheaper rate [on homeowners insurance]. Does this shock anyone? This is why I regularly recommend shopping around for insurance -- be it car insurance, life insurance, or, in this case, homeowners insurance. You can literally save a bundle doing this. […]

Ally Bank (GMAC Bank) Review

The other day, we provided a review of EverBank to explore some interesting ways to diversify our investments using foreign currency accounts, high interest savings accounts and global certificates of deposit with international exposure. […]

9 Money Saving Reasons to Buy a Food Dehydrator

By Alex Wayne Looking for more money-saving ideas during these tough economic times? Dig that food dehydrator out of storage. This is a frugal living tip that almost everyone can act on. Just by reducing or eliminating food waste, you can save quite a bit of money. Don't have a dehydrator? These days, you can buy a brand new one for less than the cost of a Playstation game. […]

Finding My Money Leaks: The August Report

Yup. I could have saved more and spent less in August. As promised, I paid careful attention to my spending, saving and consuming habits in August. We all have money leaks. Here are my downfalls & solutions:Lost items: I use paraben-free cosmetics from Origins and Burt's Bees. Unfortunately, while at the zoo with my kids, I lost my favorite lip gloss. […]

TJ Maxx Giving Away $500 in Gift Cards to Wise Bread Readers

By Will Chen T.J. Maxx is giving away $500 worth of gift cards to our Wise Bread readers!   In addition to the giveaway, we also have lots insider tips about how to maximize savings at T.J. […]


Many evenings, you’ll find me around my house reading a book or writing a short story or polishing a post for The Simple Dollar or working on a book of my own. I enjoy doing it – the act of writing, and even learning how to improve my writing, is very enjoyable to me. The real kicker, though, is that the more I write, the better I get. […]

5 Fatal Assumptions of Job Seekers

By Julie Rains Many people are job hunting these days. I have worked with job seekers for many years and have found that these five common assumptions frequently derail a job search. 1. […]

Why You May Not Get What You Pay For

Consumer Reports lists several items where a good portion of the contents are usually left in the bottle. Some examples: Skin lotion -- 17-25% Liquid detergent -- 7-16% Condiments -- 3-15% Toothpaste -- 1-13% They also offer some suggestions on how to get these amounts out, so click through the link above if you're interested in that. What a rip though. […]

Small Business Administration’s Top 10 Tips

My wife and I recently started a business. Technically, I think we’re planning a business, since the incorporation papers are still winging their way through the mail, but it feels like it’s been started. We’ve got a P.O. […]