How to Get Free Shipping and Online Discounts Across the Web

By Nora Dunn I have become a reluctant fan of online ordering, after dealing with some grief about it in the beginning. But it still rots my socks to have to pay for shipping, especially when it is pricey. […]

JP Monkey Reusable Grocery Bags Giveaway

By Lynn Truong Still haven't gotten around to picking up a reusuable bag for your grocery shopping?  Didn't get a chance to snag a bag for free? Maybe JP Monkey will give you some incentive to get with the program and knock off that Green Resolution you made. JP Monkey made their first reusable fabric grocery bags over 15 years ago (you know, when it wasn't cool to be green yet). […]

The Negotiator

I hate face-to-face negotiations.  So, in the past, I’ve paid full price for items that I’m sure I could have gotten for less, simply because I don’t like asking for discounts.  Recently, however, I managed to to make two rather significant purchases, and I negotiated lower prices for both of them.  Here’s how. Purchase #1 - A new grass trimmer. I purchased a new grass trimmer from a large retail […]

When Large Institutions Hoard Cash, Start Investing

Rather than lending and investing, banks are holding onto large amounts of cash. For large companies, particularly companies whose stocks trade publicly, now is a good time to keep cash on hand for excess liquidity and to look strong for investors and analysts. The liquidity allows the bank to be ready to strike when they believe it’s time to invest their own assets. […]

Why I Pick Stocks: Choosing Individual Stocks Over Mutual Funds

The following guest post is brought to us by Manshu from OneMint. Please check out his site and his RSS feed if you haven’t already! I’ve chosen to pick individual stocks and have decided to invest in commodities as well. Also, rather than investing in GLD, I have opted to buy gold coins on my own. […]

Daily Links: Taxes and Gold Edition

Part of the fun of Get Rich Slowly is writing about a variety of topics, basic and advanced. Though I’m an advocate of financial literacy, I’m not certain that I want to devote the entire month of April to it in the future. Instead, I’ll focus on financial literacy week perhaps, as well as sharing general information on the subject throughout the year. […]

Citi Forward Credit Card Review: Rewarding Responsibility

Citi recently debuted a new credit card designed to reward customers for being responsible with credit. […]

A Graduation Gift That Matters

When I graduated from high school - and again when I graduated from college - I received quite a few gifts from friends and family members. […]

14 Tips for Purchasing Life Insurance

This is a guest post from Ray at Financial Highway. Earlier today, Ray shared the basics of life insurance. Insurance is an important part of financial planning — but understanding insurance and buying the right product can be tricky. From whole to term life, riders to convertibility clauses, how do you make sense of all the choices? […]

How to Select a Good Tax Professional

Bankrate has some thoughts on how to select a tax professional. Here are the tips I think are especially important: Look for a certified public accountant, an Enrolled Agent or a tax attorney. "Typically, these preparers are required to maintain continuing education credits to maintain their designation," notes Hockenberry. […]

Peanut Brittle and Nine Other Nutty Treats

By Myscha Theriault Looking for a cheap source of protein to jazz up your recipe repertoire? Searching for a multifunctional ingredient you can take from sweet to savory? Peanuts are where it's at. Loaded with flavor just like the spreadable version, whole raw peanuts add another layer to the food party in your mouth. Crunch. […]

How to Make Money by Becoming a Referee

Update (4-29-09): There are some really good, insightful, and valuable comments below, so be sure to read them. […]

When Is The Right Time To Have Children?

This is a guest post from Cathy, who writes about family finances, parenting and cooking at Chief Family Officer. The short answer to this question is that there is no right time. But, there are a lot of things to consider when deciding whether to have children, and many of them are financial. […]

Best Deals For Tuesday 4/28/09

By Paul Michael 1. FREE Leapfrog Learning Rhymes CD The Learning Rhythms CD features 15 songs to get children ages 0 to 3 learning, moving and growing. Receive a free copy via download or mail when you link your baby’s LeapFrog toy to the Learning Path.   2. FREE Mother's Day Card from Hallmark (5x7 paper card) Just in time. […]

Consider a Microsoft TechNet Plus Subscription to Keep Computing Costs Down

If you’re reading this, you’re using a computer. Computers have become a necessity for most of us, and in many cases, we have even more than one. Unfortunately, computers can also have costs associated with them as technology continues to advance and software gets updated. […]

Is the 401k to Blame?

60 Minutes recently did a story on the poor economy and the impact on people's jobs and retirement savings. I found much of the report to be "typical 60 Minutes coverage", a biased view, looking for someone to "blame", and very little reporter knowledge on the issue he was covering. […]

Do Personal Goals Have a Dangerous Side?

A recent Boston Globe article entitled “Ready, Aim… Fail” discusses the failure of setting a major goal at GM: In the early years of this decade, General Motors had a goal, and it was 29. Determined to boost its flagging profits and reverse a long, steady fall from postwar dominance, the automotive giant did the natural thing: it set a goal. […] Will Provide Personalized Financial Advice: Beta Test the New Features

Starting today, Mint will begin beta testing some significant new features. Mint, a web application that helps you track your financial transactions, account balances, debt and budget, is branching into financial advice. For a few weeks, beta testers will have exclusive access to these new features described below. […]

Are You Addicted to the Internet?

By Fred Lee Maybe you’ve experienced this, or something similar, yourself. You have a question that you’ve posted on a discussion forum and you’ve just checked to see if anyone’s responded… for the twentieth time in as many minutes. […]

An Introduction to Life Insurance

Many of you have asked for life insurance information, so Ray from Financial Highway offered to provide this guest post on the subject. This is new info for me, too. Protecting your family from financial disasters is one of the fundamental components of financial planning. Life insurance should be a core part of that planning process. […]