How To Buy A Foreclosure: Find Foreclosed Homes Online

The agony and the ecstasy is what CNN has called it. I call it the ultimate zero sum game. Someone wins while another, unfortunately loses. What else is it but this thing called the foreclosure market. We’ve discussed the pain and aftermath of foreclosure here in the past. […]

How to Recycle your Clothes, Shoes, Electronics, and More

By Nora Dunn We have so much stuff. Clothes that don’t fit (either our bodies or the current fashion) any more. Cell phones that don’t work any more. Batteries that won’t charge any more. Shoes that have holes in them. The list goes on.   We don’t want to throw this old stuff away; some of it might even still be good – just not to us. […]

Weekly Roundup - Massive Failure Edition

Remember that $300B program called “Hope for Homeowners” that was supposed to ease the foreclosure crisis by encouraging lenders to write down mortgages? […]

A Gift of White Gardenias: A Frugal Lesson

A pair of white gardenias -- freshly plucked from a bush -- provided me with an unexpected gift and a life lesson. Here's what happened:Two days ago, I walked from the bus stop to my home. I said hello to familiar faces; we exchanged small talk and smiles. But I stepped outside my normal routine and said hello to a stranger. She was watering a garden, scented and accented with white gardenias. […]

Frugal Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Bargain Babe

By Linsey Knerl Julia Scott, aka Bargain Babe, is a classic example of someone who can balance the low-cost of frugal living with the time and effort needed to make life meaningful.  Tonight’s interview with her on Blog Talk Radio is full of practical ideas for showing Mom how much you care, (without looking like a total slacker, of course!)  Bargain Babe has been blogging bargains and giving fru […]

Dear Abby Reminds Us to Check Our Credit Cards

Dear Abby recently highlighted two problems to be on the lookout for when using your credit card (these happened in restaurants, but they could happen in other places I suppose -- anytime your card is taken out of your sight) as follows: Always be sure you get your card back. […]

Do Americans really want to "Go Dutch"?

By Xin Lu I just read a very interesting article by an American expat named Russell Shorto in the Netherlands titled "Going Dutch - How I Learned to Love the European Welfare State".    The author describes his shock at a 52% top income tax bracket and his eventual acceptance of the social benefits of living amongst the Dutch.  Here are some highlights of his experience and my thoughts on the sub […]

My Networking Plan

Have you ever read the book Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time? […]

50 Fun Facts About Debt

Debt. Some see it as a tool to be used to help them improve their financial situation. Some see it as a temptation to get more than you should be allowed to. And some see it was an insidious monster lurking around the corner, waiting for you to slip and make a mistake. Some see it as something the never want to touch. Today we’re not going to talk about any of that stuff. […]

Share a money tip & win $10: What do you buy to thrive in a recession?

By Greg Go Is it possible to spend money to save money?  What can we buy to help us thrive in this recession? We want to know how you've spent money to save money. […]

Roth IRA Deposit Gone Awry

I have just gotten off of the phone after the better part of an hour. […]

How to Save on Primary Education

There’s a lot of discussion and talk about public versus private universities and how to get the most bang for your buck in the arena of college, but often overlooked is options for primary (ie. K-12) education. […]

What I'm Doing Now Financially

I thought you all might be interested in what I'm doing on the financial front currently. I'll give a warning in advance that it's not all that exciting, but still there may be one or two of you out there that enjoys a more personal view of finances. […]

Consider the Impact On Your Finances When Taking a Paid Leave of Absence, FMLA, or Disability From Work

Taking time off work is always a bit of a stressful situation. If you’re fortunate enough to have paid leave, this can help minimize the impact that it has on your finances. But, even if you do receive a paid leave, there can be unforeseen issues that crop up that you didn’t think about. One of the main problems is that each type of leave and how it’s handled by your employer will differ. […]

Best Deals For Wednesday 5/6/09

By Paul Michael Today's Wisebuy: Up T0 90% Off Helle Comfort Women's Shoes & Boots at (dealnews) offers 31 styles of Helle Comfort women's shoes for $19.95 each. That's up to 90% off, with $6.95 for shipping.   1. FREE 2-Piece Grilled Chicken Meal From KFC Coupon download available from 9 a.m. CDT on May 5, 2009, to 11:59 p.m. CDT on May 6, 2009. […]

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Shock Doctrine Edition

Over the weekend, I finished an utterly fascinating book that’s (largely) unrelated to The Simple Dollar but still worth mentioning: The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein. […]

Postal Dis-Service?

By Fred Lee A recent article in the NY Daily News confirmed something I’ve experienced firsthand - some of the Postal Service claims regarding Priority Mail (2 to 3 day delivery) are not always accurate. […]