Plastic Packaging: Thirty Ways I'm Using Less and Why

By Myscha Theriault  It's everywhere, isn't it? And once you become more aware of the problem and commit to using less, one walk down any aisle of the grocery store is nearly enough to make you pass out. It's simply overwhelming. At our house, we still have quite a ways to go, but have taken a number of initial steps to start making an initial impact. […]

The Best Questions to Ask a Charity

CNN Money lists the best questions to ask a charity (with the suggested answers) as follows: Does the IRS recognize you as a charity? (Yes) How long have you been around? (Five years or more.) What % of my donation will go to charitable works? (75% or more.) Do you have a year's worth of working capital? (Yes.) Are you slashing services this year? […]

Southwest Freedom Awards Permit Mileage Dilution

Mileage dilution is when an airline starts asking for more miles for the same ticket. What used to cost 30,000 frequent flier miles would then cost 35,000 miles. It’s a bit like inflation, secret stealing pennies out of your wallet. I always proudly proclaimed that Southwest doesn’t play those games, it’s 16 credits for a flight and a one-way flight is worth a credit. […]

Best Deals For Thursday 4/30/09

By Paul Michael Today's Wisebuy: FREE Sex And The City Movie DVD, pay only $4.99 s/h (Via Dealnews) Get it QUICK! Today only, in honor of Mother's Day, offers the hit movie for FREE, based on the award-winning HBO series. ____________________________________________________________________ 1. […]

Get Your Quicken 2009 Discount Before May 31st - 33% Off

There are a number of financial management programs out there, but Quicken has been one of the leaders for years. I’ve been using Quicken for about three years and just recently upgraded to the 2009 edition. It’s really nice, and if you’re looking for a comprehensive financial management program it’s hard to beat. Luckily, Quicken has decided to extend their sale until the end of May. […]

The Little Things Matter to Interview Success

Yahoo has several tips they call minor matters that make your interview successful. I thought I'd highlight a few of these and comment on them. Here goes: Lay out your clothing in advance. Also, gather all the other important materials you'll need for the interview in one place, where you will be sure not to forget them. […]

Help! I Owe More On My Car Than It’s Worth!

“Michael” writes in with a common question: What do you do when you find your car is worth less than you owe on it? This is a pretty common question, particularly given the current state of the economy. Some people are out of work. Others are looking to seriously cut back. […]

Reminder to Sign Up if You Want Giveaways

I'll be sending out the May issue of my giveaway newsletter within the next week or two, and this is a reminder to sign up now if you want a chance at the giveaways. This month's prizes include a copy of Quicken Deluxe, more free Arby's Roastburgers, and a $50 gift card from SmartyPig. The only way to win any of these is to sign up for the newsletter. […]

The Secrets of Financial Freedom: An Interview with the Millionaire Next Door

Today is the last day of Financial Literacy Month. To tie everything together, I thought it would be fun to share an interview my real millionaire next door, a man we’ll call John. He used the basic tenets of money management to build wealth and to retire early. […]

Medical Bills, Even if You Have Insurance, Can Cause Frustration and Debt

When I write about advocating for the consumer when he or she is in debt, I usually receive a good amount of feedback blaming the consumer for his or her situation. Yes, in many cases, households fall into debt because they buy more things they cannot afford, whether knowingly or unknowingly. […]

Time Is Money: Budget Them Both Out

By WC Porter Everyone always says Time is Money—but how many of us really treat our time the same way we treat (or are supposed to treat) our money? Most of us have no problem throwing time away in ways we would never do with our money. This is something I've been thinking about for a while now. […]

How To Get An Experian Credit Score

In February this year, Experian did something that “shocked” the credit score enthusiasts world (yes, such a world exists and they have a very vibrant and very knowledgeable community in the myFICO forums): they announced that they would no longer be offering Experian credit scores to myFICO users. […]

Taxes for the "Rich"

During the presidential election (boy, aren't you glad that nonsense is over?), there was a lot of talk about how to define a "rich" person. If I recall correctly, some estimates got as low as someone making $70k per year being "rich", though I'm not sure if that was someone's actual thoughts or their opponent's spin on their thoughts. […]

How to Prepare for a Power Outage - Without a Generator

Since most power outages occur during the spring and summers months, this article will focus on power outages in warmer weather. If you experience an outage in cold weather, make sure you have an alternative heat source such as a propane-powered heater and lots of fuel! […]

Conspicuous Spending: Fading to Black

By Jabulani Leffall “Consumption is evidence of wealth, and thus becomes honorific, and…failure to consume a mark of demerit.”  --Thorstein B. Veblen, The Theory of The Leisure Class  Alligator-skin shoes: $200. Candy-painted El Camino, sitting on gold Daytona rims with a ludicrous sound system and hydraulic lifts: $75,000. Chinchilla fur coat, even though it’s California: $600. […]

Quicken 2009 Discounts Extended

This is just a quick note to say that Intuit has extended their discounts on Quicken 2009. They’re offering $20-$50 off (varies by product), and the discounts were set to expire this week. But guess what? […]

Players In The Online Personal Finance Space @ The Roundup

On one of those rare occasions when I’d actually go to San Francisco for some socializing, I attended an interesting dinner last night with a few people who attended the Finovate Startup conference in the city. […]

Mortgage bailout redux: new incentives for modifying second mortgages in the Second Lien Program

By Xin Lu The United States government launched the "Hope for Homeowners" program back in October, 2008, and so far only one loan has received final approval to refinance under this program.  This week the Obama administration took another step to expand incentives to banks and borrowers to modify mortgages.  This time, the plan targets second mortgages and it is called the Second Lien Program. S […]

Get Your Resume Template! (three for free)

This article is part of a series called How to Write a Resume. To start this series from the beginning, read the introduction. Ever search around for a free resume template just to find some unhelpful career advice website burying their stingy resume tips under heaps of bull$hit? It’s annoying - especially when you’ve got time commitments and need to write that resume yesterday. […]

Ten Things I Wish I Had Done When I Was Twenty

I’m thirty years old. Over the last ten years, my life has changed radically. I went from being a college student to being an office professional, then to being a writer. I went from being single to being married with children. I went from owning just enough stuff to fit in the trunk of someone else’s car to owning two cars and a home. […]