4 Ways "Boring" Investments Make Life Exciting

To jump-start 2016, I resolved to get physically fit by joining DailyBurn with celebrity trainer Bob Harper. Based on my target goals, the program began with BlackFire, a strategic fitness program of diverse routines designed to make your muscles burn and push your body beyond its limits. But... […]

Why No One Should Get an 84-Month Car Loan (Ever)

Experian’s quarterly “State of the Automotive Finance Market” report gets worse each time I read it, and the third-quarter summary for 2015 (the most recent available) was no exception. The credit reporting agency’s ongoing analysis packages the horrors of American consumerism into easy-to-read charts and graphs so ugly they’ll make your eyes bleed. Want more details? […]

6 Ways the Sandwich Generation Can Get Ahead

The Sandwich Generation — those caught caring for aging parents while still supporting children — face daunting financial challenges. How can they live up to their responsibilities, while still reaching their own financial goals? (See also: 10 Money Goals All 30-Somethings Should... […]

Real-World Cost of Living Analysis: Los Angeles vs. Madison, Wis.

Awhile back I wrote a post explaining my decision to move from Los Angeles to the Midwest. I’ve now lived in Madison, Wis., for more than five months, and in this follow-up post I’ll do a deep dive into how much money I’ve actually saved since making the move. Hopefully this can inspire others to look into areas with a lower cost of living. […]

How to Avoid Feeling Disconnected from the Numbers

I’ve been saving for retirement in some fashion or another since I was 22 years old. That means I’ve been accumulating money in various retirement accounts for about a decade and a half. Honestly, I don’t look at the balances of those accounts very often. […]

Best Money Tips: Financial Moves for Your 20s

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found financial moves to make in your 20s, smart ways to use salt, and Craigslist tips that’ll improve your finances. Top 5 Articles 7 Financial Moves to Make in Your 20s — Use your 20s to cultivate skills and education that can... […]

Flashback Friday: 119 Amazing Meals You Can Make From a Can

Buying and consuming only fresh foods is a great concept, and certainly a lifestyle everyone is striving for this time of year, but it's not always realistic. Sometimes you need to rely on ingredients that come out of a can for a hearty meal. Canned goods might not be fresh, but they are easy to... […]

Best Deals for Friday 01/29

Link for teaser title:  http://www.wisebread.com/bestdeals/today JCPenney: 15% off w/ promo code, Old Navy: 40% off All Kids 'N' Baby, Weekend Hotel Deals from as Low as... […]

Be a Smarter Home Buyer by Avoiding These 12 House Hunter Cliches

HGTV is like brain candy for anyone who's thinking about buying a house, and no show is as riveting at this stage of life as House Hunters. Too bad the people featured on House Hunters usually appear clueless about how to select the right home. Go ahead and enjoy the virtual tours of homes in... […]

9 Things That Really Annoy Hiring Managers

You've made it to the interview, and all that's standing between you and your dream job is the hiring manager — but winning her over may be easier said than done. So what will it take to make her like you? Well, one thing you can do is avoid annoying her. We reached out to several hiring... […]

Spare Time: Higher Earnings or Lower Spending?

Sarah (no, not my wife) wrote in with a really good question: Let’s say I have a free weekend. Am I better off spending that time earning money or being frugal? I know it probably depends on the options available to me, but which one is more important to look at seriously? As you mentioned, Sarah, it really has a lot to do with your personal situation. […]

5 Online Tools to Manage Your Money in Under 10 Minutes a Week

Innovative personal finance tools are revolutionizing the way we manage and keep track of our money. Not only can they help teach us how to make smarter decisions, but they put us in charge of our money, making the arduous tasks of budgeting, saving, debt management, and investing a thing of the... […]

4 Ways the 50% Rule Can Save You Money

The 50% rule is a simple guideline that can help you determine whether it's time to replace an appliance, adjust your budget, and lots more. Here's how it can help you save real money. 1. Appliances When a household appliance has an issue, it may be difficult to determine whether you should... […]

The 5 Best Lip Stains

There’s nothing more frustrating than taking the time to perfectly apply the right shade of lipstick only to find that it has completely smudged away less than an hour later. Fortunately, lip stains can last longer and give you a more natural appearance, so your lips will remain beautifully... […]

Best Money Tips: Things You Should Never Pay For

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found things that you should never pay for, smart ways to exercise at work, and amazing uses for apple cider vinegar. Top 5 Articles 11 Things You Should Never Pay For — There's really no need to buy extended warranties for big-ticket... […]

5 Steps to Getting a Free (or Close to Free) Vacation in 9 Months or Less with Credit Cards

Do you want a free vacation at the end of the year? Of course you do! Follow these five simple steps and within nine months, you'll have earned enough rewards points from your credit cards to go on a vacation. Before going ahead with this plan, you should know that the higher your credit score and... […]

Best Deals for Thursday 01/28

Link for teaser title:  http://www.wisebread.com/bestdeals/today 70% off Coats at Amazon, 30-50% off Home at Macy's, Southwest Airlines: Fares starting at $124 Round-Trip, and... […]

This Is How the High Cost of Cheap Gas Hurts You

When I first started driving in the mid-1990s, gas prices generally hovered around $1.25 a gallon, and I could fill up my Chevy Cavalier with just $20 — and receive change back. In the last few years, it seemed as though the $20 fill-up was a thing of the past. That's why the last several... […]

How to Keep Peer Pressure From Destroying Your Finances

No matter your confidence level, you probably don't want to be known as the poor one in your group of friends. When they're going out to dinner and planning vacations together, it can be hard to turn down invitations or resist pressure to join in on the fun. Financial peer pressure is a real... […]

Seven Books for Building a Whole-Life Perspective Regarding Your Money

Several days ago, I wrote an article entitled Why I’m Ignoring the Stock Market Downturn that generated some interesting discussion, but I wanted to highlight one question in particular. At one point in the article, I made this statement: What I do read are books on personal finance and investing. Books tend to have a long-term perspective on investing and personal finance. […]