#FollowFrugal: Where to Find Financial Wisdom and Inspiration on Social Media

From budget travelers to coupon clippers, there are compelling personal finance writers in every conceivable niche, save for maybe the ultra-rich (though it would be funny to read a serious blog about how to find an affordable personal chef, or where to find the cheapest fuel to fill up your private jet). Nowadays, I like to follow my favorite writers on social media so it’s easier to keep up with […]

6 Ways Having Your Groceries Delivered Can Save You Money

I started getting my groceries delivered several months ago, after I realized Amazon Prime Now offered free grocery delivery in my area. I've never looked back. With two young children, going to the grocery store is a hassle and takes away from time that we could be on playdates or at the park.... […]

Free Money Ebooks

Today I have a treat for you -- FREE STUFF! Here are five free ebooks that several personal finance bloggers are offering. […]

Best Deals for Monday 03/13

Link for teaser title:  http://www.wisebread.com/bestdeals/today SAVE BIG on Dual USB Power Bank Solar Phone Battery Charger, SAVE 73% OFF, and more... Halter Executive 5 Piece... […]

What To Do With A Tax Refund

My wife and I filed our taxes this evening.  The process was pretty straightforward and only took a few hours.  We have a small refund heading our way – we plan to use it to help rebuild our long-term cash savings. Over the years, we have used our tax refunds for:- funding our emergency fund, […] […]

Why Your Credit Score Could Get a Big Boost This July

It’s doubtful many of you know what the CDIA or the NCAP are, but you need to know, and you need to know right now. People who have tax liens or civil judgments appearing on their credit reports are about to get a huge Christmas present… in July. […]

How to Write a Great, Simple Business Plan for a Small Side Business

Several weeks ago, I wrote an article on starting a side business as part of my larger 31 Days to Financial Independence series. In that article, I advocated strongly for writing a business plan for even a small little side gig: “Develop a real business plan for each idea. Take each of those three ideas and flesh them out into a business plan. […]

The Observer Effect and Your Money

Recently, I’ve been trying to carefully track my working time in order to get some sense as to how I spend my time, what times of the day I focus best, and so on. The goal is to make my work as efficient as possible. What I’ve found, though, is that the simple act of tracking my time is actually causing me to be significantly more efficient in my work. […]

Building an Emergency Fund

I’m sure that you’ve heard this before, but it bears repeating: when you’re getting your financial house in order, your first step should be to build up an emergency fund. An emergency fund helps you get through financial rough patches in your life — broken washing machines, unexpected medical bills, and the like — without derailing the rest of your financial plan. […]

13 Businesses Your Tween Can Start

Somewhere between childhood and teendom, many kids have an epiphany. I remember having it myself. They realize that money gets you things — movie tickets, clothes, and ice cream cones. And you don't have to just ask your parents for money. You can get out there and make it. For my... […]

5 Money Moves to Make Before Moving Out on Your Own

Today, it's not uncommon for young adults to continue living with their parents well into their 30s. A report released in 2015 by the Pew Research Center said that 32.1% of adults from the ages of 18 to 34 were living in their parents' home in 2014, the most common type of living arrangement for... […]

Flashback Friday: 122 No-Fuss Dinner Ideas That'll Save You Money

Your workday is coming to an end and your stomach is starting to grumble. You aren't motivated to cook a meal from scratch, and you also don't want to spend your hard-earned money on takeout. What to do? The solution is a delicious one-pot or one-pan meal that is both filling and budget-friendly.... […]

10 Smart Ways to Keep Your Entire Life Clutter-Free

A preponderance of personal property is an almost universal problem for Americans who have easy access to both credit and cheap goods. Everywhere you turn, there are suggestions and advice on how to declutter, live simply, and embrace minimalism. Often the suggestions start with the idea that you... […]

Star Money Articles for the Week of March 6

Welcome to this week's edition of Star Money Articles. ESI Money wants financial writers to publish their net worths. Canadian Budget Binder gives the dangers of role-playing. Wallet Hacks tells how to buy physical gold.  Slowly Sipping Coffee says retiring early creates a perspective shift at work. […]

8 Signs You're Paying Too Much for Your Mortgage

Buying a home can be a great step along the path to financial freedom, but it can also become a burden if you're not careful. A mortgage can be a heavy weight on your finances if you either buy a house you can't afford, or get locked into unfavorable loan terms. Here's how to tell if your mortgage... […]

Best Money Tips: Ways to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on ways to cut your grocery bill in half, simple spring cleaning tricks, and what you need to know about money boundaries. Top 5 Articles Take Charge of Your Food Budget and Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half -- Keep a price book... […]

Best Deals for Friday 03/10

Link for teaser title:  http://www.wisebread.com/bestdeals/today T-fal 4-Cup Electric Kettle with Variable Temperature, SAVE 62% OFF your purchase, and more... SAVE 65% OFF... […]

Best Money Tips: Easy Ways to Protect Your Identity

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on easy ways to protect your identity, activities that will make you happier every day, and uses for baking soda in your home. Top 5 Articles 10 Easy Ways To Protect Your Identity — Never carry important documents, like... […]

31 Days to Financial Independence (Day 30): Getting Your Family and Friends on the Same Page

“31 Days to Financial Independence” is an ongoing series that appears every Thursday on The Simple Dollar. You might want to start this series from the beginning! Last time, we looked at what you can do when your goals change, even in the midst of working toward a major personal finance target. […]