5 Big Brands Making the World a Better Place

We tend to believe that big retailers are only interested in the bottom line. But many large retail companies do want to make the world a better place, and they are happy to put their profits and influence to work in order to do so. The following big retailers are working to create a better world,... […]

How to Build Your Best Travel Budget

Some people live for trip planning, while others would rather get it done quickly and just enjoy their vacation. Whichever camp you fall into, creating a comprehensive travel budget is a crucial part of the planning process and will help ensure that you have the best trip possible. (See also: 10... […]

Resolve or Not Resolve: That is the Question

Here's a topic for discussion: do you make New Year's resolutions each year or do you think they are a waste of time? I'll be interested to hear your responses. Personally, I'm a big resolution maker. I break my resolutions down by subject (like "family", "finances", etc.) and make commitments that are both daily (i.e. "workout") as well as bigger-picture (i.e. […]

8 Money Moments That Should Be On Everyone's Bucket List

The big house. The fancy car. The 'round-the-world vacation. When you think of a bucket list, and mention money, it's easy to start daydreaming about things that cost a fortune. However, you don't have to have your head in the clouds to achieve a bucket list of money moments. Here are eight of the... […]

Best Deals for Monday 01/02

Link for teaser title:  http://www.wisebread.com/bestdeals/today SAVE 60% OFF your purchase of Desk Lamp, AVANTEK Eye-Care Clip on Reading Light, and more... Capuleta Super Soft... […]

14 New Year’s Money Resolutions

When my husband and I sat down to create a zero-sum budget for December, we did what we always do at the end of the year – we created a list of year-end financial moves to consider, and looked back on our progress. On top of those tasks, we came up with a few money goals for 2017. Our goals next year aren’t that exciting, but more a continuation of what we worked on this year. […]

Best things to buy in January

Business is cyclical. Here are the best things to buy in January … There are good deals to be found year round for just about anything.  However, it’s the nature of business that a lot of deals happen at the same time during the year. Best things to buy in January Here are things that you can find good deals on in January: Fitness equipment and memberships. […]

How I Use Evernote, My Most Essential Free Online Tool

A few weeks ago, I answered a mailbag question from Jim, who wanted to know how I use Evernote. I gave him an answer that almost stretched into something that needed to become its own article, but instead I cut it short and asked for readers to contact me if they wanted a full article about my uses for Evernote. […]

What to Do if You Win the Lottery: Five Steps to Take When You Hit the Jackpot

Over the course of a few hours, you’ve gone from regular middle-class schmuck to millionaire. How? Despite shark-attack odds, you purchased a winning lottery ticket worth millions of dollars. Step one to not mucking this up is to sign the back of your lottery ticket, like now. […]

Is Your New Years Resolution to Get Out of Debt?

Link for teaser title:  http://www.wisebread.com/fastest-way-to-pay-off-10000-in-credit-card-debt?utm_so... Start the new year out with a plan to get out of debt. Here is the... […]

How to Improve Your Gas Mileage (and How Not To)

With gas prices on the rise, I thought I’d highlight an article I found on Consumer Reports about ways to save on gas… and ways not to. Given the results of my latest experiment on improving gas mileage, I can vouch for pretty much all of these. 1. Drive at a moderate speed. Keeping a lid on your speed is the #1 thing you can do to improve mileage. […]

Using Your Credit Card Bill as a Wake-Up Call

Here’s a little exercise for you to try out. Take out your latest credit card bill from your most frequently used credit card. […]

7 Famous Houses From Film and TV You Can Buy

It could be the ultimate in fandom: You've seen the movie, you've had the poster autographed by the star — now move into the set. When a real home is used for a film or television show, chances are that it will eventually go up for sale. That's when you, the fan, gets the chance to pore over... […]

Flashback Friday: 76 New Year's Resolutions That'll Make 2017 Your Year

There's no dancing around it — 2016 has been a garbage year. Most of us are ready to enthusiastically wave goodbye to it on New Year's Eve and usher in a fresh start. And even though most resolutions are abandoned by February, if you incorporate focused, realistic goals, your chances for... […]

My 2016 Budget Challenge: Three Lessons About Saving One Husband Learned in a Year

[Editor's Note: This is the another episode in Max Wong's journey to find an extra $31,000 this year. Read the whole series here.] Oh. My. God. Mr. Spendypants has been pretending not to read my Wise Bread articles all this time. How do I know this? It's only recently that he's become suspiciously... […]

Star Money Articles for the Week of December 26

Welcome to this week's edition of Star Money Articles. ESI Money has a financial advisor who is not an expert. Physician on Fire likes a job where you take 40 weeks off a year. Debt Discipline discusses money and work songs. Budgets are Sexy tells how to make money selling Christmas trees. The Green Swan asks if he should self-insure. Finally, my book of the week is Chess: The Complete Guide […]

17 Reasons to Look Forward to 2017

As I often do before I write anything, I asked my Facebook friends some of their suggestions on the topic at hand. I should've known better this time. Because when I posed the question, "What are some of your reasons to look forward to 2017?" I received responses like, "The... […]

Best Money Tips: Ways to Live in the Big City on a Small Budget

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on ways to live in the big city on a small budget, tips for flying first class on the cheap, and affordable European vacation destinations. Top 5 Articles 7 Ways to Live in the Big City on a Small Budget — Walk your... […]

Start Out the New Year Without Credit Card Debt

Link for teaser title:  http://www.wisebread.com/5-best-credit-cards-with-no-balance-transfer-fees?utm_s... Balance transfer fees can cost you as much as 10% of your balance.... […]

Best Deals for Friday 12/30

Link for teaser title:  http://www.wisebread.com/bestdeals/today Estilo Wall Mount Bag Saver, Holder, and Dispenser, NOW at 63% OFF!, and more... SAVE BIG on LED Night Light with... […]