Does Frugality Beat Inflation?

A few weeks ago, I put out a call on Twitter and on Facebook for detailed posts that people would like to see. I got enough great responses that I’m going to fill the entire month of July – one post per day – addressing these ideas. On Facebook, Rebecca requested a post on “ways to live more frugally, and ‘beat’ inflation. ie: garden, raise own animals? […]

Enjoy little financial loopholes before you cause their closure

Squirrelers is a clever guy.  Instead of settling for a free lunch at a local lunch joint every seven visits, he’s cut that down in half.  With the “buy six, get the seventh free” deal, the shop gives a starter stamp when they hand out the card.  So, practically, it’s actually buy five, get the sixth free.  Now what he’s found out is that the employees haven’t recognized him yet, and every time he […]

Ten Pieces of Inspiration #27

Each week, I highlight ten things each week that inspired me to greater financial, personal, and professional success. Hopefully, they will inspire you as well. 1. Cooking with my youngest child Lately, when we’ve been working on making meals, our youngest son has insisted on being put in his high chair and pulled as close to the counter as possible. […]

The 15-Minute Rule

The following is an excerpt, reprinted with permission of the publisher from The Essential Phone Interview Handbook. © 2011 Paul J. Bailo. Published by Career Press, Pompton Plains, NJ. All rights reserved.We have all heard of the five-minute rule when someone screams “Time!” before leaving their position in a family-friendly football game. […]

Star Money Articles and Carnivals for the Week of July 4

Just a note to let you know that I recently posted lists of the Best Cash Back Credit Cards and the Best Credit Card Deals and Bonuses. Check them out if interested.Now here are some pieces I found especially worthwhile and some of the carnivals Free Money Finance was in this week: Festival of Frugality Carnival of Personal Finance BripBlap sells on ebay. […]

Credit Card Survey Shows The Positive Side Of Plastic

A while back, Mr Credit Card invited me to provide some responses to a survey he was conducting about the credit card habits of financial bloggers. I gave him my replies and he has since published the results in his article entitled “Personal Finance Bloggers Credit Card Survey“. […]

Can You Survive a Double Dip Recession?

Link: ShareThisWorried about whether your business can survive another recession? You’re not the only one losing sleep. […]

Where to Save and Where to Spend

Link: ShareThisThere's thrifty, and then there's cheap. Which one are you? When profits diminish by a little bit, you get concerned. When the economy rumbles and your entire market segment stops buying, you panic. […]

What is Value? It’s Often a Lie.

“Buy now! A $2,000 value, only $79.95! This week only!” What is value, really? When a product is on sale, why do we say that product is worth more than we pay? It’s psychological. We’re getting a deal. We presume the company is taking a loss in order to bring us a special offer, figuring that the company’s real goal is to get us to buy more. […]

Dinner With My Family #23: Zucchini-Quinoa Lasagna

Each week, I’ll present a low-cost meal (or a meal that demonstrates a lot of options for cutting costs) that my family eats for dinner and enjoys. Many of the recipes will be vegan or vegetarian, with options to add other ingredients for non-vegetarians. One of my favorite food blogs out there is Peas and Thank You, which focuses on healthy cooking with children in mind. […]

Organic? Vegan? Vegetarian? What Does It Cost?

A few weeks ago, I put out a call on Twitter and on Facebook for detailed posts that people would like to see. […]

Citi Forward Card for College Students Review

There once was a time where credit card issuers would line up at the campus breezeways, enticing thousands of students to apply for cards by offering gifts to attract their view of the stereotypical college student. […]

Your Take: The Gates and Buffetts’ Inheritances

I’ve read a lot about Bill Gates and Warren Buffett over the years and a factoid that surprised me as a younger man, but less so now, was that each planned on passing on “little” of their wealth to their children. Little is all relative, since both are worth many billions, but the idea that you wouldn’t pass on everything boggled my mind. […]

Ask the Readers: But HOW Do You Track Every Penny You Spend?

It’s tough to dig out of debt (or make other changes to your spending habits) if you don’t know where your money goes. I tried for years to turn things around, but was unsuccessful until I started tracking every penny I spent. […]

Medical Supplies You Can Still Score With Flex Spending

After I graduated college in 2003, 12 months passed before I landed a full-time job. During that time, one of my wisdom teeth decided to rear its ugly head — abscess and all. After a regimen of penicillin reduced the swelling, I had to have the tooth removed, which was a problem. […]

How to Throw a Fabulously Frugal Bachelorette Party

Although parties honoring brides-to-be have been around for hundreds of years, bachelorette parties as they’re known today are relatively new concepts. Nowadays, girls’ trips to Vegas and elaborate fêtes are common ways to celebrate upcoming nuptials. Although they’re loads of fun, bachelorette parties can also end up costing you loads of cash. […]

Quicken Mac (or PC) Alternatives

So you’re a Quicken addict (like me), you use a Mac, and now you’re worried about how to keep that addiction rolling when Mac OS X Lion kills Quicken 2007. What to do? […]

Best Money Tips: Cheap Date Ideas

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on cheap date ideas, garage sale tips, and how to handle surprise cash. Top 5 Articles 10 Cheap Date Ideas She'll Actually Love -- Take your date wine tasting. It's a fun date that won't break the bank! […]

Help a Reader: Data on Millionaires

This isn't a traditional Help a Reader post in that it really isn't a financial situation where someone is seeking input to apply to their life. However, it is an interesting question, so I asked the reader who emailed this to me if it was ok to share it with the group. […]

Defeat the ever-bolder marketers that captured your coupons

Actually, this isn’t a recent capture:  Coupons have always been doing the bidding of the marketing department.  Companies don’t distribute coupons because they’re nice.  They want more of your money, and coupons are a way to get you to spend more. There are three basic mechanisms for companies to get more revenue:  (a) increase the number of paying customers, (b) increase how much those customers […]