The Value of a College Education: Tuition Costs, Earning Power, and Unemployment Rates

Is a college degree worth the investment? We’ve talked in the past about the value of a high-end college degree. Today I want to take a step back and consider the value of a college education in general. The cost of a college education For starters, let’s take a look at the cost of a college education. […]

The Types of Insurance You Need

The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness lists the types of insurance you need as follows: Auto and Homeowner Insurance -- Choose higher deductibles in order to save money on premiums. Life Insurance -- Purchase twenty-year level term insurance equal to about ten times your income. […]

Star Money Articles and Carnivals for the Week of Mar 29

For weekday updates of what I find to be some of the most interesting personal finance articles on the web, follow me on Twitter. […]

Magazine Ads Led Me To Cancel My Subscription

Here he is again, one of my favorite guest posters, Kosmo, paying me a visit and sharing his thoughts on magazine advertising. Kosmo is an aspiring novelist, vehement opponent of the designated hitter, student of true crime, and plays the keyboard for The Casual Observer — an eclectic, team-written web magazine. Kosmo would like to give readers of The Digerati Life a discount at his store. […]

Five Things to Know about Permanent Life Insurance

CNN Money lists the five things to know about permanent life insurance as follows: 1. It's more coverage than most people need 2. It may not be your best investment 3. But in rare cases, it's just the ticket4. The right flavor makes all the difference... 5. ... because dumping a policy will cost you These are pretty much in line with my thinking. They also had some quotes worth sharing. […]

Seven Reasons to Care About the Tiny Things (And Seven Tiny Things to Care About)

Quite often, you’ll see personal finance writers talk about the big things – the single moves that will save you quite a lot per month. Downgrade your living quarters! Sell that car! Buy a used car! Change your insurance! Those things are flashy because they can save you a lot of money with one action. Yet, they have several serious limitations (that I’ll get into below). […]

Tips for Sounder Sleep at Hotels

By Kentin Waits I've always wondered why libraries are the sanctum sanctorum of peace and quiet, yet hotels seem to be boisterous hubs of noisy activity. If libraries inspire quiet contemplation and study, shouldn't hotels offer a peaceful atmosphere for a few hours of sleep? It's as if no thought went into the science of silence when most hotels were designed and constructed. […]

TurboTax Deluxe and Premier Giveaway

For those of you who didn’t believe I bought a watch for ninety grand (even if it could deflect cruise missiles) or a sixteen hundred dollar ripped t-shirt, I salute you for recognizing it’s the first of April. For those who didn’t, if you exist, I apologize for so deftly deceiving you on the most frivolous of days. […]

Best Deals for Thursday 04/01/2010

Kitchens of India items at Deals from $8 + free shipping Free Butterfinger Bar Jos. A. Bank Sale: Buy one item, get 2 more free Breaking Bad: The Complete Second Season on DVD for $18 + $3 s&h Dell Mini 10 1.6GHz 10" Netbook w/ HDMI TV tuner, 6-cell for $300 + free shipping […]

Reader Mailbag: Sports Fan

I am a big fan of three sports: basketball, baseball, and golf. The next week and a half is perhaps the most exciting period of the year for someone who is a fan of those three sports. The Masters. The men’s and women’s Final Four. The opening of the baseball season. Why do I like sports? I like watching competition. […]

Throw a Swap Meet Party

By Margaret Garcia... I’m pretty skeptical about suggestions I read in magazines found in my local salon. Maybe it’s all those fumes. I walk away kind of light headed ready to believe that I can have great abs and thighs in two weeks and that I can do anything I set my mind to with little or no preparation. […]

Free Money Finance March Money Madness, Championship

Here we go with the Championship (final) round of Free Money Finance March Money Madness (if you wonder what's going on in these posts, see my article announcing March Money Madness and/or click on my March Money Madness category link and scroll down to read all the posts involved in this subject.) I've listed the "game" (one post versus another) along with the wording provided by the author whe […]

Get Free Tax Advice by Calling 1-800-829-1040

Did you know the IRS is available to give you free tax advice? It might seem shocking since most people feel the IRS is only out to get you or subject you to a tax audit, but they really are able to help you. […]

How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Work from Home

By Linsey Knerl For many it may be gas prices, the long commute, or a new baby that makes a telecommuting arrangement seem so appealing. After all, if you can save all that time driving to and from work, grabbing that mandated lunch, and avoiding office politics, you could probably increase your productivity threefold, right? […]

How to Invest With Inflation on the Way

This is a guest article by Greg McFarlane, the author of Control Your Cash: Making Money Make Sense, a financial primer for people in their twenties and thirties who know nothing about money.People have feared inflation ever since… well, since the dollar’s last rampant bout of inflation in 1977. […]

I Bought a Zenith Men’s Defy Xtreme Tourbillon Titanium Chronograph Watch

Like many folks who spend a lot of time at a computer, I’m not a big fan of watches until I laid my eyes on the Zenith Men’s Defy Xtreme Tourbillon Titanium Chronograph Watch. The first thing most people jump to is the price, which I think is a mistake. It’s hard to justify paying $87,714.97 on a timepiece, even if it defies extreme, but remember that you’re getting $145,000 of value. […]

Confessions of a Gadget Junkie

Ah, April Fool’s Day. Such a special day at Get Rich Slowly. Every year, I share a story of my own foolishness with money. And there are so many stories to choose from! Stories like The $1500 Frisbee and How to Turn $500 Into $7 the Hard Way. […]

Are You In a Dead End Job?

How can you tell if you’re working in a dead end job? Wikipedia defines a dead end job as: “a job in which there is little or no chance of progressing and succeeding into a higher paid position. Such work is usually unskilled and the phrase usually applies to those working as shelf stackers, cleaners, or other menial jobs where the pay is low, and the hours are long.” What do you think? […]

The High Cost of Debt

Here's some more information to consider regarding our "best way to build wealth" discussion. Recall that Dave Ramsey cited the Forbes 400, claiming 75% of them said the best way to build wealth is to become and stay debt-free. I also noted a different source that reported the average American will pay over $600,000 in interest over a lifetime. […]