Should You Invest In An Ivy League College Education?

We’ve pondered the questions here before — is a liberal arts education worth it? What about a college education of any sort? We even showcased people who quit school and became quite successful despite having no college degree. Today, the wondering continues. […]

Vote for Your Favorite Name

I announced awhile ago that Moose Tracks ice cream (one of FMF's long-time sponsors) was having a "Name a New Flavor" contest on Facebook. They have now selected five options and are allowing fans to vote on the winner (one finalist is even an FMF reader. No, I'm not saying which one.). If you'd like a chance at making ice cream history (ha!), then go to their Facebook page and vote away! […]

How The Simple Dollar Works

Two or three times a week, I receive an email from someone who is trying to figure out how on earth I earn an income from The Simple Dollar (or some specific aspect of it). Sometimes, it’s because they have an idea for a site and would love to make a big chunk of money off of it. […]

Kiss The Old Method of Retirement Planning and Saving Goodbye! (MAYBE)

The following is a guest post from Forex Traders. The 2008 Global Credit Crisis has changed things. The world we live in is different. In the spring of 2008 it became apparent the economy was slowing down and the housing sector was going to lead the economy into a recession. But it definitely was not clear how bad it was about to get. […]

Emergency Preparedness: How Does Your Family Rate?

Emergency situations often catch people off guard and leave them feeling devastated.  From financial difficulties incurred from a layoff or an unforeseen medical expense to fires and natural disasters, one thing is certain.  Without a rock solid back-up plan, the chances of your family weathering a storm are next to zero. So, what do you do to prepare yourself for the unexpected?  […]

How to Close a Dollar Savings Direct Account

As I slowly creep towards a simplified personal finance system, I take aim at an account that has treated me fairly well over the years – my Dollar Savings Direct high yield savings account. Dollar Savings Direct used to have extremely good rates back in the day but the years have not been kind to the online arm of the NY-based Emigrant Bank. […]

Open Thread: Best Android Apps for Money and Finance

Shortly after publishing this morning’s article on the best money and finance apps for your iPhone, a couple of readers e-mailed asking for a similar list of apps for Android-based phones. Unfortunately, I can’t provide a lot of guidance here because I use an iPhone. […]

FMF Reader Shares His "Help a Reader" Results

Here's an email I received from a reader a month or so ago: Last Spring, 2009, I was contemplating how to finance a purchase of a second home in Colorado and asked you to post my preferred route for comment.  You were kind enough to do so and the comments were mostly positive, with a few questions or concerns which mostly were related to a lack of specific information.  Your reader’s responses […]

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Your Money Matters Interview Edition

This past weekend, I had an hourlong interview on the syndicated Your Money Matters radio show, hosted by Marc Pearlman. You can listen to it on his site or listen to it in iTunes. […]

What Dreams Mean About Personal Finance

Until recently, it had never occurred to me that dreams could offer insights into financial and career dilemmas. […]

Money, Sex, and Infidelity: Who is More Likely to Cheat

The results of a study at Cornell University show that in a long-term relationships such as marriage or cohabitation of over a year, income disparity within the couple increases the likelihood of infidelity. The headlines of the study speak more to the data that show men who earn less than their wives are five times more likely to cheat. […]

The Ethics of Free: Is it Wrong to Get Free Stuff?

I love to get free stuff. Don't you? The problem with free is that it doesn't mean something is really free. It just means that someone else has paid for the product or service instead of you. Recently, I was surfing around the Wise Bread archives, and I came across a post on how to get movie rentals for free. […]

Sick Happens: How to Prepare for an Illness or Injury

This latest guest post is part of our Financial Contingency Plan series and is written by none other than Donna Freedman, so please give her a kind Bargaineering welcome! How many sick days do you have? Five? Assuming you have any at all. Maybe you’ll never need them. But one good case of the flu in January and you’re out of luck for the rest of the year. […]

When Will You Be Able to Retire?

This is a guest post from Robert Brokamp of The Motley Fool. Robert is a Certified Financial Planner and the adviser for The Motley Fool’s Rule Your Retirement service. He contributes one new article to Get Rich Slowly every two weeks. Permit me to introduce a new term into the financial planning lexicon: goals-based budgeting. […]

Money and Finance Apps for Your iPhone

About a year ago, I put together a list of handy iPhone apps for managing your money. In the time since then, the app market has grown dramatically, and I’ve discovered many more uses for my iPhone. Thus, I thought I’d put together another rundown of money and finance apps that I have on my iPhone. Bank of America – This is where we have our “local” bank accounts. […]

How to Hire a Home Inspector

The following is an excerpt from Buying a Home: The Missing Manual. And remember, there are certain things home inspectors don't do -- be sure you know what these are and handle them as needed. In the movie The Money Pit, a young couple buys what looks like a beautiful home at a bargain price—until the house starts to fall down around them. […]

Hidden Costs Of Home Improvements

This past Saturday, I had my kids playhouse moved from our old house to our new one.  The playhouse paint didn’t match our new house, so I spent some time today painting it.  I also repaired a few shingles that were damaged during the move.  Oh, and I also installed a small window-unit air conditioner, so the kids can play in the house and be comfortable. I have a list, a mile long, of home impro […]

The Rise of No Fee Money Market Funds, Savings and Cash Accounts

I always found it interesting that people often complain about and chase yields on money market funds and savings accounts. To me, they do what they are designed to do. They are not designed to pay high yields or large returns. Instead, they are, by their very nature, supposed to offer a safe place that also offers liquidity and stability. […]

Decline Your Own Credit Card With MasterCard’s Help

If you can’t control your own credit card spending, MasterCard is partnering with Citi to come to your rescue. The two companies are announcing a new credit card featuring a service called inControl. […]

When Keeping Your Head Above Water Takes All You’ve Got

“It takes all the running you can do just to stay in the same place.” - The Red Queen, Alice in Wonderland I receive piles of stories from readers, but the final question in yesterday’s reader mailbag really stuck with me for a while. I’ll quote it here, so you can read it again: So I sit here writing this at a very challenging job that I enjoy the bulk of, but zaps the life right out of me, and l […]