Help a Reader: Educating a Friend

Here's an email I recently received from a reader: What do you suggest: A coworker tells me that his financial planner made him over 12 percent on his money last year.  I didn't have the heart to say that it wasn't anything to brag about considering the S&P 500 did 15.06.  Between my two accounts my return was 21.9 percent.  It made it clear that he trusts this guy and doesn't really want anyt […]

Spending Too Much Money? 10 Warning Signs To Watch Out For

How are your personal financial habits? Wouldn’t it be great if you never spent a dime out of place? Most people think of this as a distant dream. But it can be closer to reality. Terrible spending habits permeate every part of our lives. […]

Personal Balance Sheet, January 2011 ($578,043, +7.0%)

January 2011, the first full month of life without a salary, was my first opportunity to take a look at what I can do while working for only myself. […]

Six Money Issues that Can Kill Your Marriage

MSN Money says that couples fight a lot about money (FYI, they fight about money twice as much as they fight about sex) and lists six marriage-killing money issues as follows: 1. Debt 2. Personality conflicts 3. Power plays 4. Sorting out mine, yours and ours 5. Having children 6. Dealing with the in-laws Here are some thoughts on these: 1. Yes, debt is a killer in many ways. […]

Experiences Trump Things: The Evolution of a Hobby

In a corner in my office on a single shelving unit rests a collection that I’ve been building for fifteen years, my board and card game collection. The collection has been built from a lot of sources: gifts, trades, thrift store finds, ding-and-dent sales, and contest winnings make up a significant portion of what you see, as do more than a few of my own purchases. […]

Review: The 10 Commandments of Money by Liz Weston

The 10 Commandments of Money by Liz Weston is a personal finance book that looks at ten money principles and how they’ve changed in our post-bubble economy. At the start of each chapter, Weston shares the “old-school” mantra, follow by the “bubble economy” mantra, and shares with us the new rules. […]

Seven Tax Dodgers Who Prove It Pays to Pay

The following is a guest post from All Over Tech. Unless you enjoy running from the law, there’s not much point in evading payment of your fair share of taxes. […]

More Responsibilities With Less Pay

When unemployment remains high, companies are making the most of their staff without hiring or promoting. They don’t have to in today’s job market. When they are dissatisfied with the added responsibilities, employees are unable to find new jobs or believe that it’s not worthwhile to spend the effort looking right now. […]

Bootstrapping Your Start-Up Business with Little or No Money

When unemployment rates start creeping up, those of us who are having a tough time finding work start thinking about opening our own businesses as an alternative. […]

Ask the Readers: What Do You Splurge On?

Last week we wanted to know all about your biggest budget items. While many of us have budgets we try to follow precisely, we all have our guilty pleasures that may cause us to splurge. What do you splurge on? Do you spend more than you should on eating out, shoes, or the latest tech gadgets? […]

How Much Does Your Credit Score Matter?

Certain personal finance gurus such as Dave Ramsey argue that you can (and should) ignore your FICO credit score. Others, like Suze Orman, advocate taking control of your score. […]

It’s Time To Make The Taxes

It’s that time of year again – tax time. Yay. I sat down last night and started sorting through all of our tax documents for 2010. I’ve been using an online site to prepare out taxes for several years and will do the same this year. In early 2010, we purchased our first home. Our lender sent us Form 1098. […]

Save Money with a Dependent Care Tax Credit and FSA

If you pay for the care of a dependent, then you may be able to save several thousand dollars a year via a dependent care flexible spending account (FSA) or the Child and Dependent Care Credit. […]

Finding Your Reason

Your reason for what? For pretty much everything you do in your life. Let’s start with the immediate. Why are you reading this site right now (or, in the case of email recipients, this email)? Some of you are probably reading this because you desperately need some financial help. Others are reading it because they’re on a good financial path and reinforcement is a big help to them. […]

5 Tips for My Career-Clueless College Self

Like many, I struggled to find my way in college. I entered not knowing quite what I wanted to do. I exited in much the same way. So I did what any non-liberal-arts student does — I got a business degree. My goal was to keep open as many employment opportunities as possible upon graduation. […]

Notify Credit Bureaus of Death

Reader Kim emailed me a few weeks ago with a question I’ve, thanksfully, never had to deal with. Following the death of her mother, she was wondering if she should report her death to the credit bureaus. She’s already paid off and closed all credit accounts and by all accounts things are “settled.” Her lawyer didn’t know the answer so she thought maybe I did! […]

A Brief Intro to Peer-to-Peer Lending

This post is from staff writer Sierra Black. Sierra writes about frugality, sustainable living, and getting her kids to eat kale at Lately, I’ve heard a lot of buzz about how peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is a great alternative for investors who feel burned by the stock market. […]

Six Tips for Job Hunting in Secret

Since 84% of people are looking for new jobs this year, I thought it was appropriate to share this piece from Money Watch listing six tips for job hunting in secret. Their advice: 1. Keep Communication Private 2. Submit Your Online Resume Carefully 3. Watch What You Wear 4. Take Vacation or Personal Days for Interviews 5. Video-Interview from Home 6. […]

1 Organic Chicken, 22 Healthy Meals, $49 Bucks

This article is part of a delicious frugality series called How to stretch a whole chicken into many healthy meals. To start this plucky series from the beginning, read the introduction. Stretching a whole organic chicken into 22 healthy servings for $49 bucks is easy. It’s the meat measuring, food photographing, blog writing, and penny counting that nearly killed me. […]