New Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan

Historically, it’s been difficult, if not impossible, for Americans with medical problems to acquire affordable health insurance. That changed yesterday with the rollout of another piece of this year’s Affordable Care Act, the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP). […]

Getting Things Done: Getting Projects Under Control

This is the tenth entry in a fourteen part series discussing the time management classic Getting Things Done by David Allen. New entries in this series will appear on Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings through July 16. One of the biggest difficulties in modern life is dealing with projects. […]

Hulu Plus is Putting The Brakes on Free TV

You may have heard from various sources this week that Hulu is going to start charging a monthly fee to access some of their premium content. We knew this was coming eventually, but now that it has been officially announced it has people talking. […]

Oregon Bans Credit History Checks by Employers

The Oregon Legislative Assembly has passed House Bill 1045, which would prohibit the use of credit history for use in employment purposes (it was actually signed by the governor in late March). In other words, employers in Oregon cannot use the information they collect in a credit report to make am employment decision such as hiring, firing, or demoting an employee. […]

Selling Your Groupon Coupons

Social shopping sites like Groupon and LivingSocial are all the rage these days. Instead of hunting for a deal on your own, these sites create deals for a certain number of people. […]

Your Take: What Would You Never Buy Used?

What’s the easiest way to save money on your purchases? Buy it used. I picked up golf this year and when it came time to buy new (to me) equipment, I relied on Craigslist and the used section of the local Golf Galaxy. Golf is a difficult enough sport, the last thing I needed to do was make it both difficult and expensive. So I purchased my irons used and my hybrids used. […]

Save 50% or More on Local Stuff with Groupon and Others

There has been an explosion of local deal-of-the-day sites in cities across the country, resulting in a windfall of 50% or more discounts on all kinds of goods and services. For all of these sites — the most well known are Groupon and Living Social — the drill is basically the same: a local business offers a voucher or service package at a […]

Ask the Readers: Should I Invest or Prepay My Mortgage?

Kelley wrote recently with the sort of dilemma I get asked about all of the time: Is it better to invest or to prepay a mortgage? We’ve covered this topic in the distant past, but it’s time to review the debate for current readers. First, let’s look at Kelley’s e-mail: My husband and I are on the right track. At age 25, our only debt lies in our home mortgage. […]

Track Savings Goals With added a new feature this week to its online personal finance management software. Like SmartyPig, the new focus is on savings goals. […]

The Power of Delayed Gratification

This is a guest post from Daniel of Sweating the Big Stuff. If you like what you see here, please consider subscribing to his RSS feed. People often like to act without thinking about the consequences. While that feeling is definitely liberating, it may not be so wise. […]

Seven Money Mistakes We Make Every Day

The collection just keeps coming. I've already listed the ten worst money mistakes anyone can make, eight money missteps that can really hurt you financially, and the dumbest things people do with their money, so I simply have to post on what Yahoo says are seven money mistakes we make every day. Their list: 1. Buying expensive mutual funds.2. Neglecting credit scores.3. […]

Star Money Articles and Carnivals for the Week of June 28

For weekday updates of what I find to be some of the most interesting personal finance articles on the web, follow me on Twitter. […]

TrueEarnings Card From Costco and American Express: Review

If you’re a fan of warehouse shopping and you want the convenience of a credit card with rewards, then take a look at an offering by Costco and and American Express, which have teamed up to provide their members with the popular TrueEarnings credit card. This card can be beneficial in several ways because it serves as your Costco membership card, along with being a credit card at the same time. […]

Wesabe Shuts Down: What Are the Alternatives?

For those of you unaware of the news, Wesabe, an online personal finance information manager that I quite liked because of their strict security methods, is shutting down on July 31 – at least in terms of their personal finance management tools, as their discussion forums will remain open. In the past, I’ve recommended Wesabe as an alternative to Mint for those (like me) who are very concerned abo […]

Attacking One Budget Category at a Time

This video post is by staff writer Adam Baker. Baker previously featured a post on his own blog entitled, 42 Ways to Radically Simplify your Financial Life. For many people, the process of personal finance cycles between intense motivation and devastating burnout. A life event, a powerful communicator, or maybe even a simple blog post creates an initial spark. […]

Dorothy in Taxland: Overview

The following is a guest post from Marotta Wealth Management. Many issues discussed here are reasons I use a CPA. Many people who use tax computation software don't understand the changing structure of the U.S. tax code. They fill in the blanks, click Compute and pay the tax. Then they forget about the torture until next year. […]

Join Our Tweetchat on 7/1, 4:00 CDT For a Chance to Win Prizes

Link for teaser title: twitter-logo-225x150.png Today's topic: What are your best frugal baby and kid care tips.? Join the fun 4:00-4:45 and you'll be entered to win an Amazon GC! […]

Is Your Cable Company Good at Customer Service?

Here's an interesting piece that says cable companies are trying to be better at customer service. The details: Cable TV operators are trying to treat their customers better. Consumers now can get a 30-day money-back guarantee from at least two major cable companies. […]

Home Buyer Tax Credit Extension

Good news, everyone. The home buyer tax credit extension, after failing in the Senate last week, was finally passed by the House of Representatives earlier this week and the Senate late last night. […]