Hit the Links for Less: Some Obvious and Not So Obvious Ways to Save on Golf

The following is a guest post from Jena Ellis, who writes for Online Certificate Programs.  In 2004, Forbes.com featured a list of the most expensive sports. While the very top of the list was populated by the more exotic recreational activities like sailing, car racing, and flying, golf is a sport that is popular among the upper and middle classes alike. […]

Ask the Readers: What Money Animal Are You? (Chance to win $20!)

***Congrats to our winners!*** Alicia - #40 OK, let's see if this analogy works: I am like a leopard. I work hard and fast to get the money, then I may play with it a little, splurging on a few things - better-than-usual shampoo, maybe order a pizza instead of making it myself, etc. […]

How to Recover From a Stolen Credit Card

If you’ve prepared for losing your wallet, recovering from losing just one credit card is actually quite simple. What’s not as simple is discovering when you’ve actually lost a single card. In our current age of electronic commerce, it’s very easy to “lose” your credit card without actually losing the card. Card skimmers can steal your credit card’s data without you ever knowing it. […]

Which Wine Do I Want to Buy?

I enjoy a good glass of wine, but I don’t know how to find one. I haven’t been buying wine long enough to have memorized a group of “go to” bottles. I probably made the mistake of buying Bolla Pinot Noir three times before I finally learned that I don’t like it. […]

Help a Reader: Getting a Great Hotel Price

Today's help a reader is from me, FMF. Here's a situation where I need some input: Our often-planned, often-delayed family trip to Chicago is now on for the end of September. […]

Vacation Hack: 7 Tips for Single Bag Travel

As the air travel industry continues to limp along in the face of rising fuel prices and stiffer competition, airlines are finding new and novel ways to squeeze our wallets. An extra charge for checked baggage was only the beginning in what’s fast becoming a textbook example of how to nickel and dime consumers. […]

Everyday Philanthropy: Simple Ways You Can Start Helping Others Today

A simple act of kindness can be enough to change a person’s life.  From the tiniest village in Africa to the streets of your hometown, opportunities to better the world exist and present challenges to those who are brave enough to accept them. The giving of one’s time, talents, and body is selfless and rewarding.  People from all walks of life and economic statuses can become an “ […]

How to Save 44% or More At Select Priority Club Hotels

Last month my wife traveled though Port Moresby (POM), Papua New Guinea. During her travels, she had to spend a night in Port Moresby for a night leaving the country and a night entering back into the country. Unfortunately, Port Moresby has some of the highest hotel room occupancy in the world. How is that a problem? Supply and demand. […]

Pregnant Women Are Liabilities to Mortgage Lenders

Here’s the message conservative lenders are sending: Don’t have a baby if you want to qualify for a mortgage.On maternity leave or paternity leave, it’s common for a family’s income to drop. […]

Building Your Financial Bug Out Bag

It’s the middle of the night and you’re dreaming of a weekend in Paris when your peaceful dream is abruptly interrupted by the screech of a fire alarm. It takes you a second to smell it in the air but it’s unmistakable, something is burning. Now. […]

SEC Proposes New Rules for Target Date Funds

This post is from GRS staff writer April Dykman. During the 2008 financial crisis, target date, or life-cycle, funds were hit hard. […]

Home Improvement: DIY and Save Money

Being new home owners means we’re facing a number of new expenses. These include HOA fees, property taxes, and of course mortgage payments. In addition, we’ve been working on some home improvement projects that have the potential to be an additional drain on our budget. This is all part of the process of making a house a home, and we’re intent on not going broke doing while doing it. […]

How to Make Your First Million

Investopedia lists ten steps to making your first million as follows: Stop Senseless Spending Prune Your Purchases Target Your Taxes Crafty Compounding Build Through Your Boss Ramp-Up Your Retirement Savings Incremental Investing Dare To Diversify Reconsider Real Estate Increase Your Income Why do I get the idea that this list was written by a professional writer rather tha […]

Developing Multiple Streams of Income

A pep talk for those mulling over the idea of developing alternative streams of income. How many people do you know who have more than one source of income? The chances are, since the recession, you might know more than a few people who’ve gone entrepreneurial recently (more so now than a few years ago, when most people were focused on the real estate market). […]

Help a Reader: What to Do with Leftover Money

Here's an email I recently received from a reader: Background:  Married, Age: Mid 20-s, combined take home income is around $4,300/mth, No kids Question:  With no debt now (Have finished paying off $25k student loans, $20k in car loans) except our $110k mortgage I need to get some guidance and feedback on where to go now with our leftover money. We have about $3,100k in expenditures a month o […]

How to Recover From a Lost Wallet

In this inaugural post to the Financial Contingency Plan series, I want to discuss one of the most common financial disasters – losing your wallet. Whether you carry a money clip, an actual wallet, or an entire purse, losing it is one of the most demoralizing financial events that can happen to a person. […]

Three Traits That Can Make You Wealthy

Investopedia lists six millionaire traits that you can adopt as follows: Independent Thinking Vision Skills Passion Investment Salesmanship I agree that these are great traits and that if you have any of them (and the more you have, generally the better) you will improve your chances of becoming a millionaire. […]