Should You Invest Pre-Tax or After Tax Dollars? 401K vs Roth IRA

In recent years, Roth IRAs have become very popular with investors. The Roth IRA is named after Senator William Roth of Delaware, who sponsored the 1997 legislation that created them. The basic idea behind the Roth IRA is pretty simple — you invest after-tax money into your Roth IRA, and are not taxed on the [...]Should You Invest Pre-Tax or After Tax Dollars? […]

Simmons First Visa Platinum Card Review

Although balance transfer offers have bounced back onto the market in recent months, consolidation among major lenders means you’ve got fewer banks willing to lure your business with low teaser rates. Credit card issuers reserve their very best deals for first-time customers. […]

The Value of Early Career Investment

Here's a great comment left on my post titled Top 10 Free Money Finance Posts of 2011 which listed How to Maximize Your Lifetime Earnings as my #1 post from 2011: I know it can be hard to rank these, but I do agree about #1. In my case, I have invested heavily in my career. […]

Pay for Car Repairs with a Credit Card (45/365)

The usual personal finance advice tells people to avoid credit cards like the plague. The reason for that is quite straightforward. Credit cards make it incredibly easy to get into debt trouble. When you use a credit card, you’re not directly spending your own money, and that abstraction is often enough to convince people to spend without thinking. […]

Financial Disasters: How to Prepare for a Disability

18% of the American population is categorized as disabled. One disabling injury occurs every second in the United States and over 350,000 bankruptcies will be filed this year because the primary wage earner becomes disabled. […]

Could You Save Money with a Prepaid Cell Phone?

One of the things I have a hard time with is the cell phone contract. My husband and I were locked into a cell phone contract for two years near the beginning of our marriage. It became a burden to pay the same amount each month, and be limited as to minutes and times we could speak. Of course, since the early days of my marriage, cell phone contracts have improved. […]

Effect of a Short Sale on Your Credit Score

Have you ever wondered what effect a short sale has on your credit score? Well, former FCN staff writer Matt Jabs now knows the answer. Matt and his wife recently completed a short sale of their primary residence, selling their place for about $50k less than the purchase price, ultimately suffering a loss of ca. […]

How to Select the Best Credit Card

The following is a guest post from Marotta Wealth Management. Much of this is similar to what I talked about in How to Get the Most from Cash Back Credit Cards, though I don't agree that paying an annual fee is always a bad thing. […]

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Politics Edition

You would think, with the Iowa caucus ending a month and a half ago, that the automated political calls would stop for our family. You’d be wrong. I’m still getting calls from candidates I don’t support asking me to donate to them. […]

Capital One Cleared to Buy ING Direct

Remember last summer when I noted that Capital One was in the process of buying ING Direct? Well, the Federal Reserve approved the acquisition yesterday, and the deal is expected close within the next few days. According to the note that I received from Capital One: “Capital One has no current plans to change ING customer accounts. […]

Paying for College: A High School Student’s Quest to Stay Debt-Free

This is a guest post from Chase Miller, a high school student from Orange County, California. He loves to surf, travel, Tweet, and catalog life through photography. […]

Federal Reserve Approves Capital One’s Acquisition of ING Direct

After several delays, the Federal Reserve Board has approved Capital One’s request to purchase ING Direct and ShareBuilder. This deal has been in the works for a while. When ING Direct’s parent company was bailed out, the Dutch government gave the condition that it must divest its business in the United States. […]

What to Do If You Can’t Pay Your Taxes on Time

As the tax deadline looms, it is an appropriate time to explore what can happen to a taxpayer who is unable to make their tax payment to the IRS. While this is not a situation you typically plan on being in, it happens to the best of us. At least you have a few different options. […]

Why The IRS Should Pay You $3 to Efile

My friend Kay at Don’t Mess With Taxes looked through some information provided by the Government Accountability Office and discovered that the IRS estimated it saved $3.10 per e-filed return. The information is on page one of the report by the GAO in the footnote. It’s estimated that, in 2009, it cost $3.29 to process a paper return compared to only nineteen cents for an electronic return. […]

How to Start Fighting Debt — Today

Having once had $20,000 of credit card debt, I know what it feels like to face a Goliath-size stack of bills. Fortunately, I also know the joy of victory over the debt giant. Here’s how to wage a successful war against your debts. […]

Eating Vegan on the Cheap

Exploring a plant-centered lifestyle is popular these days, but with it comes the common concern of a cost increase for the household grocery budget. Now that I've been in a (mostly) vegan household for a little more than two years, I’ve learned a thing or two about going vegan on the cheap. Here are a handful of my top tips. […]

Best Money Tips: Cheap Weight Loss Foods

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on cheap weight loss foods, ways to pay for college now, and how to have more money. Top 5 Articles Cheap Weight Loss Foods — Are you trying to lose weight without breaking the bank? Consider purchasing lemons and lentils! [Financial Highway] 10 ways to pay for college right now! […]

Getting the Most Out of Free College-Planning Resources

Having heard so much about the difficulty and stress of choosing, applying to, and getting accepted into college, I was concerned that I needed to spend lots of time coaching my son during his senior year of high school, looking over his shoulder, asking the right questions, pursuing varied choices, and more. […]

Help a Reader: Repaying College Debt

Here's an email I recently received from a reader: I started grad school in 2007 and by the time I finished in 2009, I had about $72,000 in federal loans (6.8% interest) and $4,500 in grad plus loans (8% interest).  I started working at a 501(c)(3) organization shortly after graduating. […]

2011 Income Taxes Filed

I have just finished filing my 2011 income taxes.  I used H&R Block at Home Online (now offering a 15% discount). Due to the fact that I changed jobs mid-year, my annual income was a little lower in 2011 than it was in 2010.  Couple that with the fact that we now have a mortgage (and mortgage interest) – and we received a little-bit-bigger-than-anticipated refund. I am not a big fan of “loaning” t […]