How Does Fraud Detection Work on Your Cards?

You probably know that your debit and credit cards have someone watching over them for indications of fraud and/or theft, and we’ve written here before about making sure you tell the bank in advance of a trip so that they don’t mistakenly block your card. I’ve personally seen this system work well, and also not so well. […]

Best Money Tips: 25 Factors That Affect Car Insurance Premiums

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we share how to really save on car insurance, how to get over buying used, and how to make an awesome banana pudding! Top 5 Articles 25 Factors That Affect Car Insurance Premiums — Whether you buy from a gecko, a cave man, or your local agent, you do have some control over pricing. […]

The Real MSM: Maintenance Saves Money

Five minutes of maintenance can save hundreds of dollars, lots of time, and tons of heartache. For me, maintenance of the things I rely on in life has become a complete no-brainer. Spending a bit of time here and a bit of time there on the valuable things and the important things in my life extends their lifespan. It helps them to keep running great. […]

Friday Finance Findings for May 28th

Hopefully most of you will be able to take advantage of the long weekend coming up. I know in many parts of the country the weather has already turned to summer so it could make for a good weekend to get outside. I’ll be doing my best to take advantage of the weekend myself, but I’ll be traveling to Kansas City to go visit my family. […]

5 International Cities to Boost Your Standard of Living for Less

ShareThisAs a resident of one of the most chronically expensive cities in the world, moving to a cheaper, more quality-of-life beneficial city has sat steady at the back of my mind for many years now. […]

Ultimate Credit Card Perks Checklist: Benefits You Don't Know About

I consider myself pretty well versed in credit card benefits. I have two credit cards that I use for most everyday purchases — one gets me 5% cash back on groceries and one between 1-3% cash back on everything else. I always use a card when renting a car to get car rental insurance protection. […]

Your Take: Name Your Favorite Bank or Credit Union

The recent economy woes have not been kind to banks. It seems like every weekend a bank is failing (over 60 so far this year) and mainstream media is piling on. Four of the thirty two companies in Consumerist Worst Company in America 2010 bracket are financial services companies. […]

How Quickly Wants Can Turn to Needs

This article is by staff writer Adam Baker. Baker recently featured a post on his own blog entitled, Are You Eating Yourself Into Debt? As some of you know, Courtney and I recently spent just under a year traveling abroad with our two-year-old daughter. A couple of months ago, we returned home to Indiana and decided that we’d take a six month break from our mobile lifestyle. […]

Would You Waste a Year of Your Life for $100k?

Here's a story of a man who has agreed to try and live on coupons only (no cash) for a year. If he does, the coupon site Groupon will award him $100k. The details on the rules of the contest: Groupon's contest requires the participant to abandon his job, leave his apartment and put his belongings in storage. […]

Star Money Articles and Carnivals for the Week of May 24

For weekday updates of what I find to be some of the most interesting personal finance articles on the web, follow me on Twitter. […]

How to Spot Counterfeit Money

Have you ever gotten stuck with a counterfeit bill? The LA Times recently ran an interesting story about a guy who cashed in a $1000 Postal Service money order and received ten $20 bills along with eight $100 bills in return. Unfortunately, all eight of the $100 bills turned out to be fake. Even worse… Once the police got involved, they confiscated the bills, and he was out $800. […]

V from Violent Acres and I might have something in common

Totally on a lark I visited the blog Violent Acres after staying away for a long time. The points that “V” makes in her posts are frequently flashes of brilliance, despite all of the cursing. […]

Build A Loan Portfolio With Lending Club

Getting started as an investor in the world of peer to peer lending can be overwhelming, given the number of loans and decisions you’ll need to consider. But it’s a lot easier to get started than you think. While you’ll encounter loans with different amounts, interest rates, purposes, and projected returns, there are tools that make things a lot easier for a new investor. […]

New Yorkers Are The Dumbest Drivers

Don’t shoot the messenger! According to a survey by GMAC, their GMAC Insurance National Drivers test, the dumbest drivers are in New York where the average driving test score was a mere 70.0%. New Jersey wasn’t that far behind with an average test score of 70.5%. The “smartest” drivers were in Kansas (82.3%) and Oregon (82.1%). […]

A Budgeting Guide For The Burgeoning Entrepreneur

The following is a guest post from Financial Planning Tips. About five months ago, some events transpired in my personal life that set the small flame of entrepreneurship - that I’ve had inside for years - into a raging fire.  My longstanding desire to get out of the corporate game and work for myself in some capacity has finally been set in motion after years of fears and doubts.  Given that I’v […]

Five Challenges of Buying Used – and How to Overcome Them

I revel in used stuff. I use PaperBackSwap almost religiously. I love shopping at thrift stores and consignment shops. I look forward to yard sales and make a day out of “community yard sale day.” Undeniably, though, there are drawbacks. Sure, you get a nice financial bargain, but no purchase is a perfect one. […]

Everbank Offers Diversified Metals CDs

When it comes to interesting and innovative banking products, Everbank has always led the pack. With some banks you get the same vanilla options – checking, money market, savings, CDs. Reward checking is rare and “exotic” CDs are even rarer (how many banks offer one of the non-standard CDs?). Recently I received an email from them about a 5-year diversified metals CD. […]

0% Balance Transfers: 18 Months from Citi Platinum Select

As many of you know, the credit crisis of 2009 killed off the most attractive credit card balance transfer offers. […]

How Do You Count Cash?

Grab a few dollars out of your wallet and start counting them. Pay close attention to how you counted them because it may be a good indication of where you are from! People from different areas of the world count money differently. […]

Help a Reader: Discussing a Pre-Nup

Here's an email I recently received from a reader: I'm a 26 year old who is considering asking my girlfriend of 2+ years for her hand in marriage.  My parents have put me in an enviable position by saving on my behalf and instilling in me the same work hard and save attitude they hold themselves.  I currently have roughly $1.2 million in assets ($800k in stocks, $200k in a rental property, $250 […]