How to Retire When You Have a Low Income

Yahoo brings us an interesting story of 107-year-old Leonard McCracken who has been retired since 1969. Since then, he's been living on a combination of savings, Social Security and a lifetime annuity he purchased before he retired -- and is doing just fine financially. […]

Poll: Did You Miss Two of the Best Years in the Stock Market?

The great recession, high unemployment, and the damage to your portfolio done in 2008 are probably still fresh in your mind, but did you know that even though the economy as a whole is slow to recover that the past two years the stock market has been churning out record returns? […]

Change of Plans

This post is by staff writer Smithee, who may just be the financial opposite of Flexo.You’re going to think I’m crazy. At the very least, you’re going to think I haven’t learned how to live a financially responsible life. I’ve written here many times about my struggles with just making ends meet, and for a while, I thought I was in the clear. […]

The Power of Balanced Thinking

When I first started writing this article, it had a much more challenging title. I originally titled it The Power of Negative Thinking The problem with that title is that negative thinking, just like positive thinking, is unbalanced on its own. Let me explain what I mean. I’m a huge believer in using positive thinking as fuel in your own life. […]

Ask the Readers: Should Personal Finance be Taught in Schools?

From an early age, we were all taught the subject of mathematics. School taught us everything from addition to subtraction to geometry to calculus. But there was one subject that seemed to be missing from the curriculum: personal finance. Do you think personal finance should be taught in schools? […]

5 Tips for Scoring a Frequent-Flyer Rewards Flight

In the exciting world of collecting air-miles points, collecting is the easiest part of the game. Sure, you can boast about having 150,000 points sitting in your favorite account, but wouldn’t you rather talk about how you went to Europe? […]

5 Things Other Grocery Stores Should Steal from Trader Joe's

Often pieces like this have a disclaimer at the end: I do not own shares in..., I am not employed by...; you get the idea. I have no vested interest in Trader Joe's other than that I'd like to see them expand so that I can find one wherever I go in the states.  If you don't shop at Trader Joe's, give it a shot. […]

Best Money Tips: Ways to Be the Early Bird

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup!   Today we found some awesome articles on ways to be the early bird, tips for helping your child with their first car purchase, and how to be a smart consumer. Top 5 Articles 17 Ways to Be the Early Bird — Want to get a head start on your day? […]

Student Loans: How to Make Post-College Decisions

Making decisions about student loans doesn’t have to be difficult. The biggest challenge is abandoning the idea of one-size-fits-all advice. Why? The first 10 years after college graduation (a common repayment time frame) are often the most financially volatile times of your life. Plus, the type of student loan — federal vs. […]

Inspiration To Get Out Of Debt

The following resources both inspired me to get out of consumer-debt and keep me motivated as I strive to pay off my mortgage.  Check out- Financial Calculators - A random search of the Internet lead me these debt calculators from over at Dinkytown.  Once I plugged in my own credit card debt and automobile debt, and ran the calculations for various payment methods, I was off and running. Radio Pr […]

How to Protect Your Money While Traveling

When I was 18, I traveled to Europe as an exchange student. I really didn’t know how to protect my money while traveling, and kept all most all of it in pocketbook, in a single form. I was lucky: The only danger my money faced was being spent. […]

Saving Money When Buying a Washer and Dryer

My husband and I bought a washer and dryer a little over a week ago. We knew that we’d eventually have to make the purchase, as we’ve been making do with a set that we bought awhile ago on Craigslist for $150. […]

What To Do with an Old 401(k)

This post is from staff writer Sierra Black. Sierra writes about frugality, sustainable living, and getting her kids to eat kale at When a friend of mine changed jobs recently, she discovered she had half a dozen old 401(k)s trailing her from her past jobs. She wanted to get on top of her financial planning, but wasn’t sure what to do with all those old investments. […]

How Important are Good Grades to Career Success?

Here's a line of thinking that many people have: Kids need to focus and do well in school, which will get them into a "good" college. They then need to "do well" (high B's or better) in college, which will get them hired by a good company/organization. From there, they are bound to have a great career. But is this really true? And does it lead to financial success? Dr. […]

Tax Savings On OTC Medications: Use Flexible Spending Accounts

Because of financial reasons, fewer employers are offering Flexible Spending Accounts (aka Flexible Spending Arrangements or FSAs). If you are fortunate to still have one, then you may want to hear about the IRS changes that impact eligible expenses for such accounts in 2011. The new statutory changes apply to covering over-the-counter drugs and medicines. […]

How to Cope with Budget Blow-Ups

This is a guest post from Gail Vaz-Oxlade, the host of the popular Til Debt Do U$ Part on CNBC (Saturday nights at 10 and 10:30). Gail is a columnist for MoneySense, Chatelaine, and Zoomer Magazine and blogs daily at her website, where she also offers terrific tools people can use to dig themselves out of the hole. […]

Key to Wealth: Tenacity

Here's a post from Dr. Thomas Stanley that says tenacity is common among self-made millionaires. […]

The Things I Love

I love walking in the woods on a warm spring day, searching for edible mushrooms. I love my wife’s awkward smile when she’s been paid a compliment she richly deserves and doesn’t know how to respond to it. I love reading a book from the library that both takes me to another place and teaches me something new. I love my oldest son’s rapidly growing sense of humor. I love watching people stretch t […]

How Does Getting Married Affect My Taxes?

Filing jointly vs. Separately Can Impact Tax Deductions and Credits You Receive I recently had a chance to speak with Leigh Mutert, a CPA and community manager for H&R Block, and I was hoping to get some expert tax advice to share for this coming tax season. One of the biggest changes most people encounter when it comes to taxes is getting married. […]

Are Groupon’s Super Bowl Ads Offensive?

Update: Groupon has pulled the controversial ad campaign described here.I’m a big fan of Christopher Guest. He has wrote and directed several great films, popularizing the “mockumentary” genre. This is Spinal Tap is one of his highly-acclaimed films. […]