Use a Simple Method to Choose Investment Options (58/365)

When people sit down with their retirement advisor to sign up for their 401(k) or other retirement plan, they often think it’s just a matter of signing a few documents and deciding how much to have held out of their check each pay period. Then, when the advisor shows them a plethora of investment options, they lock down. […]

Building a Budget Friendly Home Gym

If you’ve ever priced gym equipment you know that it’s expensive. Like other products, there are economy priced models but when you’re purchasing something that will inevitably take a beating over its life, the cheap equipment is rarely a good value. […]

FMF March Money Madness, Round 1, Posts 45-48

Here we go with the first round of Free Money Finance March Money Madness (to follow all the action click on my March Money Madness category link and scroll down to read all the posts involved in this subject.) I've listed each "game" (one post versus another) in segments along with the wording provided by the author when the post was submitted. […]

How to Get Your Tax Refund Faster

When you have money coming to you, it’s natural to want that money as fast as possible. Your tax refund represents money that the government owes to you, so it is perfectly normal to want that money quickly. Once you know that you have a tax refund coming to you, it’s possible to get your money in 10 days (or less) if you plan it right. Your best bet is to combine e-file with direct deposit. […]

Seven Money Rules for Life

In the book 7 Money Rules for Life®: How to Take Control of Your Financial Future, author Mary Hunt lists the seven money rules for life as follows: 1. Spend less than you earn.2. As you receive income, transfer 10 percent of it into long-term savings.3. Give away some of your money out of a heart of gratitude, with no strings attached or expectation of anything in return.4. […]

How to Invest in a Broadway Show

If you’re interested in theater and have money you don’t mind losing, you may consider expanding your horizons by investing in a Broadway or off-Broadway show. […]

Career Stereotypes and Their Costs

An email I received from a reader recently left me thinking. Be aware, this person describes some stereotypes that may be painful, and I’m going to talk about them below: When I was growing up, the adults I knew made fun of lots of different career paths. My dad was a lawyer and my mom was a corporate vice president. […]

Stepping off the Foodie-Go-Round

This post is from GRS staff writer Donna Freedman. Donna writes a daily frugality blog for MSN Money and writes about frugality and intentional living at Surviving And Thriving. The marvelous Elayne Boosler once joked that she planned to open a restaurant designed for single folks. […]

Regular Gas in Premium Gas Cars Won’t Save Much Money

With gas prices on the rise (something that always seems happens as the weather gets warmer), everyone is trying to find ways to cut down on the cost of filling up each week. […]

Ask the Readers: Is Having Pets Worth the Cost?

Many people have at least one pet in their home. Whether they are a dog or a cat lover, most people like having a furry companion around. Some people swear that the expenses associated with having a pet are worth it. However, the cost of having pets can sometimes be high enough to deter people from adding an animal to their family. Is having pets worth the cost? Why or why not? […]

Why You Shouldn't Eat at Chain Restaurants

I’ll reveal my bias upfront — I can’t stand chain restaurants. From their oversized, cheese-topped portions to the excessive use of adjectives in their menus, grabbing a bite at a big-box just doesn’t hit the spot for me. According to the U.S. […]

Carrying the Kenmore: How to Move a Fridge

There are a few things in your house that are harder to move than others. Some families have pianos, others have gun safes. And everyone has a refrigerator. […]

Best Money Tips: Stay Fit for Free

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on staying fit for free, how to save money, and ways to attend a business conference for free. Top 5 Articles How to Stay Fit For Free — To stay fit for free, park farther away from where you work and use the stairs instead of the elevator. […]

Cost of Dying

After my piece on funeral add-ons, I found this infographic on the cost of dying. It notes that funeral costs include: 1. Basic services fee for the funeral director and staff. This includes things like planning the funeral, preparing legal documents, and so on.2. Charges for other services and merchandise. This includes transportation, embalming, the ceremony, etc.3. Cash advances. […]

Five Things to Look for When Choosing Online Colleges

When it comes to online colleges, not all are created equally. Many schools and universities are unaccredited which means that their degrees and other qualifications are not accepted by some employers. […]

Buying Bonds? Effect of Interest Rates on Bond Value vs Yield

Before answering these questions, let’s touch on a few investing basics. Whenever you consider any investment, it’s crucial to investigate how the holding fits in with your risk tolerance and goals. Bonds are considered less risky or volatile — meaning their price movements vary less than those of stocks. Conventional investing wisdom recommends that by [...]Buying Bonds? […]

FMF Cruise Review, Part 8

This is a follow-up post to part 7.This is the last post in this series.Tuesday, January 24Our last day on vacation was spent at sea.It was a pretty quiet day for us on the ship. Here's the quick run-down: Up at 8:30 am Breakfast Played ping pong and a few other games Lunch Hit the pool. […]

Open Up a 401(k) or 403(b) Now (57/365)

This tip is directed at everyone who has a job where a 401(k)/403(b)/other individual retirement savings plan is available, but you’ve not yet signed up for it out of laziness, forgetfulness, or some other non-retirement-based reason. […]

Healthy Habits that Aren’t So Healthy for Your Wallet

We’re all much more health conscious thanks to the educational efforts of the medical community as well as the manufacturers of all of those must have health products. […]

Don’t Forget these Important Tax Documents

As you prepare to file your taxes, it’s important to make sure that you have all of the forms you need. Whether you prepare your own taxes, or take them to an accountant, there are a few must-haves when it comes to your tax documents. Make sure that you are ready — well ahead of time — with the documents you need. You don’t want to be scrambling to put everything together at the last minute. […]