11 Ways to Prep for "Guerrilla Retirement"

ShareThisThe other day, while browsing one of my favorite news sites, I came across a lengthy article on retirement planning. The strange thing about the piece was its sole focus on 401(k) plans as the path to retirement security. […]

29 Alternative Pizza Sauce Ideas

Looking to take family pizza night to the next level? Curious about how you can experiment with your pizza sauce choices? Me too! I’ve been brainstorming and researching like crazy. Here are twenty-nine different ideas for pizza sauce to get you started. 1. Vegan white pizza sauce Not interested in experiencing nutritional yeast? […]

How Long Does the FDIC Have to Pay You Back?

Over the past couple of years, several readers have asserted that you need to be extra careful in choosing a bank because the FDIC actually has 99 years to pay you back if your bank fails. Sounds scary, but is it true? Not at all. Under Federal law, the FDIC is required to restore funds “as soon as possible.” Don’t believe me? See 12 USC 1821(f) for details. […]

Personal Balance Sheet, April 2010 ($356,832, +4.5%)

About a decade ago, I realized that I needed to track my spending down to the dollar, if not to the penny, to get a grip on my financial condition. It was the start of a long journey for me, one which saw me get out of credit card debt, start earning money, and getting my life in gear overall. […]

How to Save Money by Buying Gift Cards Online

Whenever I buy something online, I look to try to reduce the price of the item as much as possible. As a consumer, there are a variety of tools you can use to be a savvier shopper. Most consumers know to use a credit card with at least 1% cash back to reduce the price a small bit. […]

The Business of Marriage: Five Things You Should Do Before Tying the Knot

This post is from staff writer Sierra Black. Sierra writes about frugality, sustainable living, and getting her kids to eat kale at Childwild.com. I’m at a friend’s wedding this weekend, traveling with my own husband and kids. The wedding invitation labelled the event as a “triumph of hope over experience”. It is that, and I’m honored to be invited as a witness. […]

Six Ways to Get Top Dollar for Your Car

MSN Money gives us six ways to get top dollar for your car as follows: 1. Think like a dealer. Dealers know that even a clunker can look like a cream puff when it's cleaned up. 2. Fix the little things. If your car needs major work, that's another story. But a burned-out brake light or ratty floor mats may leave a potential buyer wondering what else you haven't fixed. 3. […]

Building A Lean-To On The Side Of The Shed

Last year, before we moved into our new house, I bought a shed.  I really like the shed.  It’s nice and big and has plenty of space for all of my tools.  I just have one problem - I also have a lawn mower. When I put the lawn mower in the shed, it’s difficult to get to my tools.  I really don’t want to store the lawn mower in the garage, it’s taking up to much space in the shed, […]

How To Get Approved For A Prime Credit Card

Remember the time when it was easy to get cheap credit? Well some of us are certainly missing those days. We’ve mentioned here time and again that getting a good rate on unsecured credit will now be a lot tougher than it was a few years ago, especially when it comes to credit cards (no thanks to the economic downturn). […]

Appreciating Assets Part 2: Other Investments

The following is a guest post from Marotta Wealth Management. Your top-level asset allocation determines both the ultimate return you will receive and the volatility you will experience. Your investments should be working for you, appreciating more than inflation to become an engine of growth that pays you money and provides some measure of financial freedom. […]

Getting Paid to Lose Weight with HealthyWage

This article is by staff writer Adam Baker. Baker recently posted a transparent personal update entitled “When to Quit Traveling“. Today J.D. is very thankful to have staff writers, because his computers (plural!) are on the fritz, and he has no time to write about money… I struggle with weight. In fact, it’s a far more difficult issue for me than personal finance. […]

The Incremental Change

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to reduce my hobby and entertainment spending by 50%. Each month, I budget a certain amount to spend on my hobbies and other entertainment sources, with any “leftovers” rolling over into the next month. […]

Condo For Sale: Playboy Mansion

You read the title right… you can buy a condo in the Playboy Mansion if you have a cool $2.9 million sitting around in a bank account (or you can get a mortgage loan for that amount). Unfortunately, it’s probably not the Playboy Mansion you’re thinking about, the one located in Los Angeles, CA. […]

Comcast Update

Here's an update from yesterday's post: My contact just called. Said he's adjusted the bill so all I need to pay is my $19. Said he should have been more proactive and done this in advance. (Duh! That's why I asked him about it two weeks ago!) He said he'll be more proactive in the future and catch it in advance. Yeah, right. […]

Ask the Readers: How Do You Eat Healthy on a Budget? (Chance to win $25!)

*** Congrats to our winners! **** Emily - #10 It's actually less expensive to eat healthily than not... a shopping basket filled to the brim with fresh fruits and vegetables costs considerably less than one filled with ready-made meals, processed foods, etc.! Like many others, we... […]

What is the Average Middle Class?

I’m a sucker for statistics, probably why I enjoy looking at numbers like the average retirement savings or the average tax refund, but I never gave the term “middle class” much thought until recently. Fortunately for us, U.S. […]

Help a Reader: Paying Back College Loans

Here's an email I recently received from a reader: I am a graduating senior in college and have a lot of student loan debt coming with me.  I have a couple ideas for how to set myself up to repay these loans and am looking for some feedback on which choices are best. […]

GMAC Changes Name to Ally Financial

A year ago, GMAC Bank, or its brand, ceased to exist. In order to distance itself from its parents, General Motors and GMAC Financial Services, the bank changed its name to Ally Bank. With government funding, Ally Bank went on to become a competitive online bank, offering interest rates high enough to draw the ire of the American Banking Association and a warning from FDIC. […]

Sallie Mae Online Savings Account Offers Best Rate and 10% Upromise Bonus Match

We talk a lot about online savings accounts because they usually offer better rates than you can find at your local bank, but with interest rates at historic lows for the past few years it has been hard to find attractive savings account yields. […]

What Is an Education Really Worth?

Recently, I was browsing through some data from the U.S. Census when I stumbled upon a great table in the 2007 census data. […]