Great Ways to Invest in Yourself

Most people are scared of investing because it involves risk. No matter how sure you are about a stock, mutual fund, or business opportunity, there’s always the chance that you could lose all your money. And that’s scary. So what if I told you there’s a way to invest with absolutely no risk? […]

Where to Stash Some Cash Where Only You Can Find It

Stashing money under a mattress is so cliche – but sometimes cliches have a kernel of good advice. You should keep a cache of cash around the house. But where? […]

Best Money Tips: Frugal Dating Tips for New Couples

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on frugal dating tips for new couples, ways to make extra money, and dealing with financial uncertainty. Top 5 Articles Frugal Dating Tips for New Couples — As a new couple, save money on dates by cuddling up for a movie marathon. […]

Reader Profile: TT

The following is the latest post in my "Reader Profiles" series. Each post in this series details the financial situation and challenges of an FMF reader. […]

Build Your Network Now!

The following is an excerpt from How Smart People Sabotage Their Job Search: 10 Mistakes Executives Make and How to Fix Them! Mistake #6: We Don’t Build a Network When We are Working. “No one—not rock stars, not professional athletes, not software billionaires, and not even geniuses—ever make it alone.” Malcolm GladwellThis will speak to MANY of you: Did you interact with outside vendors whi […]

Focus on Reliability and Fuel Efficiency (29/365)

The last two weeks have focused on appliances. Now, we’re going to shift directions and take a deeper look at automobiles. Let’s take a look at two hypothetical cars. You’re looking at a class of cars that, according to the data you’ve researched, get to 150,000 miles pretty reliably before significant problems set in. […]

Series EE Savings Bonds Explained

When the United States issues treasury bonds, bills, and notes, they are asking you, the taxpayer, for a loan. In exchange for that loan, they pay you a set interest rate just as you pay credit card and mortgage companies a set interest rate to use their money. Many of us as children received savings bonds as gifts. […]

What are Some of the Effects of PPACA?

In March of 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act (PPACA) was passed by Congress and signed into law by President Obama. […]

How to Save Money on Plane Tickets

Are you looking forward to a nice Spring Break vacation? Or maybe a summer trip to visit family? […]

Applying for an MBA: Thoughts from Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business

The following is an excerpt from Your MBA Game Plan, Third Edition: Proven Strategies for Getting Into the Top Business Schools, © 2012 Omari Bouknight and Scott Shrum. It is reprinted with permission of the publisher, Career Press, Pompton Plains, NJ.  800-227-3371.  All rights reserved. […]

Is It Really Possible to Live Without Money?

There’s such a thing as being really frugal but can you truly survive without money? How would you acquire the things that you need? Could you feed, clothe, and provide shelter for yourself without going to extreme measures? […]

Reader Mailbag: Early Mornings

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Paying off low interest debt 2. Refinancing question 3. Coaching youth sports 4. Building credit from scratch 5. Buying home without down payment 6. Breakfast question 7. What happened to WaMu? 8. […]

How to Donate Your Body to Science

This post is from GRS staff writer Donna Freedman. Donna writes a personal finance column for MSN Money, and writes about frugality and intentional living at Surviving And Thriving. A basic burial averages close to $6,600 in the United States. Many people worry about the financial burden this places on their families. […]

Cash Back Rewards Stolen

Using cash back credit cards is rewarding in two specific ways. First, you’re earning money when you spend. That’s the obvious part. But when you know that you’re getting a rebate when you use your credit card, you also feel better about spending than you would otherwise. […]

Rent Your Furniture

Here’s a topic you don’t see being covered every day – renting furniture. Renting furniture is often regarded as a bad idea, and for most situations I have to agree, it’s not a good idea. There are, however, some instances where renting isn’t as bad as you think. The biggest strike against renting furniture is that it’s expensive. […]

Extreme Mileage Hacking: Creative Ways to Earn Flier Miles

Most people have a frequent flier account of some sort, even if they haven’t given it much thought lately. Others have made collecting points and miles not just their hobby, but their passion. While the rest of us sit in awe of extreme couponers when they save a few hundred dollars off of their groceries, these extreme mileage hackers regularly earn tens of thousands of dollars worth of travel. […]

15 Fun Things to Buy for Under $5

You know what's fun? Pampering. Eating. Learning. Drinking. Socializing. Helping People. Basically — lots of things. And while there is a lot of free fun to be had out there, it's not unreasonable to buy yourself a little bit enjoyment on occasion (as long as you're spending consciously). With that in mind, here are 15 fun, (mostly) useful things that can be yours for a five spot. […]

Best Money Tips: How to Book Cheap Flights

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on how to book cheap flights, dividing expenses as a couple, and tips for saving on daily living. Top 5 Articles How To Book Cheap Flight & Air Travel Deals — Secure a cheap flight by using airline credit cards that offer reward points. […]

The Process for Purchasing a House With Cash

Several years ago I wrote an article about the pros and cons of paying cash for a house. Some readers asked me how this can be done and what the procedures are. Last year my husband and I actually did purchase a property with cash, and here is our experience. (See also: How to Live a (Nearly) Cash-Only Life) The property we bought was listed on the public multiple listing service. […]