April 14, 2009

How to Handle Marriage and Money Talks

Talking to your spouse about money can be difficult, but such conversations are vital to a healthy relationship. […]

Why Money Goes to Money: A Child's Explanation

Why does money often attract more money? My 11-year-old daughter -- an old soul -- offered some insightful comments about money and saving.Here's the scenario: From allowances and odd chores, my daughter saved about $100 in pocket money. She's saving to buy her own laptop. But as her stash has grown, she has become increasingly reluctant to part with her money. […]

How To Get A Customer Service Phone Number, Fast!

By Paul Michael So, you've ordered a product or service and something goes wrong. You need to speak to a customer service rep as soon as possible, so you pop onto the website and start searching. And continue searching. And search some more. You'll notice that a lot of companies have buried that information, or don't even have it on the website at all. What now? […]

I’ve Got Your Crazy Hot Job Right Here!

By Linsey Knerl Where does a guy (or gal) looking for a career playing Guitar Hero begin looking?  At this website:  CrazyHotJob.com.  It features just one job a day, but it may be “the” job you’ve always dreamed of!  With numerous career sites boasting to have every job listing available, it seemed almost counterproductive that CrazyHotJob.com had only one job listing.  But when that job listing […]

BVC #8 - How to Start An Emergency Fund

There are so many sites that are happy to give you strategies to get the most out of your emergency fund or how to best save for your emergency fund, but the simplest and quickest way to give yourself a cushion is revealed in this minute and a half video. […]

84-Year-Old Social Worker Saves $1.4 Million

Over the weekend, Kevin and Nathaniel both sent me an article from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that tells the story of Jane M. Buri, an 84-year-old social worker who quietly amassed a $1.4 million fortune. How did she do it? She practiced the art of thrift. From the article: In retrospect, friends say Buri’s savings made sense. […]

Nine Pieces of Free Software I Use Every Day

I spend hours each day at one of my two computers - either my desktop Mac (a Mac Mini - the most cost-effective type of Mac) or my Linux laptop. As a result, finding a core set of software to use for the things that I do every day is vital. Also important to me is that this software is cross-platform - I’d like to be able to run many of the same things on my Mac and on my laptop. […]

How to Make a HUGE Amount of Money (What We All Can Learn from Federico Macheda)

Here's my tip for how to make a HUGE amount of money: Do something amazing that benefits your employer in a big way! Case in point: Federico Macheda. Ok, so you've probably never heard of this guy so let me tell you a bit about how he's recently delivered in a big way for his employer and how he's soon to get paid for it: The Premier League is the top professional level of football (socc […]

Tax Filing Procrastination is Expensive!

Did you know that forty million people don’t file their taxes until the very last week (April 8th to 15th) before the tax filing deadline? I was astounded when I read that statistic. When you consider the average 2008 tax refund will be around $2,975, that’s $119,000,000,000 in refunds sitting in the Treasury until the very last minute. […]

Ten Things to Buy Before the Economy Improves

Forbes lists ten things to buy before the economy improves as follows: A house A car A vacation Toys High-dividend stocks A laptop Diamonds Women's clothing A Television Furniture Many of these are actually on our to-buy list. […]

Vegetable Gardening: Four Cheap Hacks

By Myscha Theriault Vegetable gardening has always been popular with a certain crowd. With this economy however, even more folks are considering the home grown option. Here are four cheap tricks to keep your start up costs under control. […]

Consumer Reports America’s Best Brokers

On The Money, the personal finance show on CNBC hosted by Carmen Wong Ulrich, recently had a little web extra spotlighting Consumer Report’s list of best brokers. […]

Financial Literacy Month Continues and Thoughts on Emergency Savings

In case you forgot, April is National Financial Literacy Month. For the entire month, bloggers and financial institutions alike are working together to help bring financial awareness to the masses. There’s never been a better time to learn more about finance given the current economic climate. […]

Best Deals for Tuesday 4/14/09

By Lynn Truong 1. FREE Tax Day Specials Roundup (April 15 only) Taco Del Mar - Free Taco Coupon MaggieMoo's - Free Ice Cream Scoop Cinnabon - Free Bites 5pm-8pm HydroMassage - Free Trial Session Coupon   2. FREE Glad ForceFlex Garbage Bags Sample Sam's Club is offering a free sample of GLAD's ForceFlex trash bags. […]

You Don't Have to Save Every Penny

In a recent article, MSN Money made the following statement: Smart money management isn't about saving every dollar possible and deferring all gratification, even in a recession. […]

Buying Fresh, Buying Cheap

Rick writes in: You talk all the time about buying fresh foods, but they’re always more expensive than the canned versions and other foods I buy. What am I missing? Much of the time, Rick is right. If you just walk into a grocery store, pick a fresh vegetable at random, and compare it to the canned version, the canned version is usually cheaper. So why buy fresh? […]

Have You Filed Your Taxes Yet?

Have you finished your taxes yet? We haven’t. I actually entered most of our information into TurboTax at least a month ago, but I never finished the job. My lack of motivation was due in part to the fact that we owe a significant amount. This was by design, so we have the money on hand. That being said, there’s no point in hurrying if we’re not getting a refund. […]

Investing 101: An Introduction to Asset Allocation

This is a guest post from ABCs of Investing, a new site for novice investors. ABCs of Investing offers one short and simple investing post each week. […]

Do You Need An Adult Allowance?

When you hear the word budget - how does it make you feel? For some of us, budgeting is a welcome concept we employ with great success in our financial lives. But what about you? Do you feel constrained by the idea of budgeting - like it does not allow you to have any fun? Do you hear the word budget and inwardly cringe, and feel sorry for those who live by their budget? […]

I Need Vacation Help

We're taking two vacations this year and I thought I'd highlight them both and ask for your thoughts/help. First, the trips: In May or early June, we're taking a two- or three-day trip to Chicago. […]