May 12, 2009

Catch Me on Twitter: NBA Post-Game Media Chatter

This is an off-topic post on sports with a frugal twist: Tonight I'll be on Twitter with an instant recap of the post-game news conference following the Boston Celtics -Orlando Magic basketball playoff game.Here's the frugal news peg: After each playoff game, offers a live, Internet-based feed of the post-game media conference. […]

An Amex Credit Card Bill You Won’t Believe

I know that a lot of you are sick of hearing about the Madoff scandal. I certainly am. I just wish they’d resolve his case already and make him pay his countless dues and debts to his riches-to-rags, hapless victims. But I can’t help but revisit the whole story after I stumbled upon concrete details of how Madoff lived. […]

Top 10 Investing Rules of Thumb

ETF Database lists the top 10 investing rules of thumb as follows: Rule of 72. The Rule of 72 states that you can divide the number 72 by whatever yield you are getting to see how long it would take for your investment to double. “120 Minus Your Age” Rule. The old rule of thumb was to take your age and subtract it from 100. That is your percentage of stock allocation. […]

Letting Go: How Being a Control Freak Costs You Money

I’m something of a planner. I can’t help it - I always like to make plans for the future. I fill up my calendar with all sorts of little details and I’m always making lists. My mother does the same thing, actually. She’s constantly making lists and jotting down notes. […]

Is the Chase Freedom Card Cutting Benefits too?

I recently talked about how the American Express Blue Cash card is cutting its benefits and, as a result, how I'm going to change my main credit card. I had planned to change to the Chase Freedom card, but a reader left this comment: You may want to reconsider your decision - I just got a letter from Chase about changes to my Freedom card rewards. […]

BVC #11 - Drawing Your Cashflowchart

I’m so glad that my video on financial network maps was so well received that I thought I’d share another one of the charts we use in our financial planning. It’s not a very complex idea and if you have five minutes you can hear me explain it on the whiteboard. If this video looks familiar to you, it’s because I emailed all the newsletter subscribers an early release of the video. […]

What are Vanguard Admiral Shares?

Last week, my wife and I received a letter from Vanguard informing us that one of our mutual funds accounts qualifies for conversion to “Admiral Shares.” For those that aren’t familiar with Admiral Shares, this is a very good thing. […]

Five Jobs For People Who Like Money and Five Jobs For People Who Don’t

There are many people who believe that the when choosing a career path and life direction, one should steer towards the highest paying career for which they could possibly qualify after several years of education, training, and 80-hour work weeks. To demonstrate, there is never a shortage of investment bankers looking for work. […]

KFC Blows a Great Opportunity to Win a Customer

I'll admit it, I love KFC. I know, I know. The grease. The calories. The heart-attack waiting to happen. They way they treat their chickens (I threw that one in for you PETA fans.) It's a disgusting, unhealthy in every way sort of place to eat. And yet it tastes so good... […]

Best Deals For Tuesday 5/12/09

By Paul Michael Today's Wisebuy: 55% - 71% Off Banana Republic Dresses (dealnews) Banana Republic takes 55% to 71% off a selection of women's dresses. Add just $7 for shipping.   1. FREE Scoop Of Haagen-Daz Ice Cream (May 12th only) Free flavor day on May 12th. 4-8 pm. Try a free scoop of any Bee-built ice cream flavor. Valid on a single scoop cup or cone at participating locations.   2. […]

The Reliability Bell Curve: What Does “More Reliability” Actually Mean?

In a recent post about up front spending, quite a few people mentioned their anecdotes about buying a cheap washing machine and having it last for many years - and then used that as a justification to ignore reliability data when making a purchase and instead go for the cheap item. Let’s explore that idea a bit. […]

Verify Funds on That Check Before You Cash It

While working at Bank of America, I learned a magic phrase that I hadn’t heard before: “verify funds.” When someone writes you a check (I know, it’s 2009, but even I use them sometimes for plumbers or whatnot), you may feel uncomfortable about whether the check author has enough money to cover it. […]

When Does It Make Sense to Stock Up?

One of my wife’s favorite cosmetic products was recently discontinued. For years she’s used a certain facial cleanser from Avon, so when Avon stopped selling it, Kris was frustrated. She’s tried similar products from other companies, but prefers the one from Avon. It occurred to Kris that maybe she could find the product online. […]

How to Find Freelance Clients - Part One

By Debbie Dragon With the number of people getting laid off increasing daily, it's no wonder why more people are looking at freelancing or self employment options to make ends meet.  Once you hang your “open for business” sign, the hard part begins! Finding clients to pay you for your products or services can be the most challenging aspect of starting and running a business. […]

How Secured Credit Cards Work

I’ve been reading a lot of credit and credit scores lately because a lot of people are focusing on cleaning up their personal finances during this recession. For folks to have no credit or poor credit, rebuilding or building up your can be difficult and expensive. If you can’t get unsecured credit to establish your history, the next best option is to get secured credit. […]

You Don’t Have To Be The Best

Do you play a sport? My favorite sport to play is basketball. There’s something about hearing the ball swish through the net that brings a smile to my face. There’s something about threading that perfect pass that makes me just a little bit giddy. Oh and setting a good solid pick to get my guy free? Love that too. […]

Preventing Impulse Buys and Combatting Clutter

I’m guilty of buying small gadgets and/or books that I don’t really need. On the surface, many of these items look like they’ll save me time or money, but I either rarely use them or otherwise find that I don’t want to keep them around. Not only does this waste money, but it also results in clutter. […]

Thirty-Second Video Resumes

Here's a sign of the times -- my local TV station is airing 30-second video resumes every Thursday. It's a chance for people to tell potential employers why they should be considered for a position. I saw one the other night while on the treadmill and it was quite "interesting" to say the least. Before I give my impression of what I saw, let me commend my local station for doing this. […]