May 14, 2009

Graduation Present: A Financial Lesson Plan For Seniors

What Every Graduating Senior Needs to Know About Money," that's the title of this guest post from Consumer Credit Counseling Service:"Here are a few things every graduating senior needs to know....How to create a budget – Every high school senior needs to know how to create and stick to a budget. […]

Modern Portfolio Theory: Manage Risk With Diversification

The cornerstone for many a long term investor’s approach to investing is market diversification, asset allocation and risk management. We cover these topics quite often over here. But I thought it would be nice to revisit the basics, using the fancy term that academics use as the impetus for a solid investment strategy: Modern Portfolio Theory. […]

Help a Reader: What to Do with Kids' Gifts

Here's a comment left on my post titled Who Are Kid's Gifts Really For?: My boyfriend and I have been talking money and completely disagree on the gift of money. My children are 6 and 9. I haven't set them up with savings yet but I am figuring out allowances and with that I will set up a savings account for each of them. Now that my children have an opinion of things they know what they want. […]

A Brave New World: Welcome to the Get Rich Slowly Re-Design

It’s been a tough day for me — a weekday without a new money-related article. Not posting something new sends me into withdrawal! It couldn’t be helped, though, as my elves have been helping me roll out the long-awaited redesign around here. I know it’s not flashy or web 2.0, but that’s okay. Get Rich Slowly isn’t, either. […]

Health and Money: The Power of Independent Steps

Several months ago, I visited my doctor during the process of figuring out an illness that was sapping a lot of my energy. […]

On choosing and defending your luxuries

By Philip Brewer Spend any time reading personal-finance blogs and you'll come across a particular kind of equal-and-opposite post: lists of luxuries. Half the posts will advocate giving up a few specific luxuries to live more cheaply. […]

How to Find a Great, Local, Honest Mechanic

In my post titled Another Example of How a Knowledgeable and Fair Sales Person Can Save You Money, I talked about some of my highlights and lowlights dealing with various car repairs. One reader asked how anyone could find a good mechanic and wondered if there was an online resource that could be referenced. Another reader responded with what I thought was a great comment. […]

6 C's to Keep You Frugal While Shopping

By Tisha Tolar We can all relate to going into a store for “just a few things” and wheeling out a shopping cart loaded to the brim of things you really didn't need but called to you all the same - “BUY ME!” Each of us may have fallen victim to an impulse buy (or many) over their lifetime but fear not – those stores pay marketing gurus top dollar to make sure you can resist those buys […]

Win $100 from Lending Club

Lending Club is doing it again, they’re giving away a hundred bucks to one lucky reader! How can you beat that? (two hundred bucks? hint hint!) For those that aren’t familiar with Lending Club, they’re a social lending network. Investors can join and invest in 3-year loans, with Lending Club handling all the interest payments, at interest rates far superior to what banks offer. […]

How to Keep Your Job

CNN Money offers some suggestions on how to keep your job if you're in a situation where you think it's on the chopping block. Their suggestions: So if your job really is in danger (and you'd rather have less money than no money) you need to address that fear head-on. Let the big guy know you're willing to work, contentedly and productively, at a lower wage than you currently receive. […]

Best Deals For Thursday 5/14/09

By Paul Michael Today's Wisebuy: Up to 85% Off Bouquets Womens Shoes at (dealnews) has nearly 340 styles of Bouquets women's shoes on sale for $12.95 each. That's up to 85% off, with $6.95 for s/h.   1. FREE Sample Pack of 10 MOO Business Cards (personalized) Only 1 sample pack per person, FREE standard shipping included.   2. […]

Peer-to-Peer Lending With Pertuity Direct

Since we’ve been on the topic of peer-to-peer lending this week, I wanted to talk a bit about Pertuity Direct and find out if you guys have had any experience with them. […]

Playground Equipment: An Example of Sharing Resources with Neighbors

After reading my recent article about cooperating with your neighbors to share resources, my always-sharp wife Sarah made a great point. “You know, we have a perfect example of this at work out in our yard right now.” And she’s right. […]

Make Love, Not Money (Sort Of)

By Fred Lee After reading Julie Rain's post on marriage (BTW Julie, great job and kudos to your successful marriage) and perusing the comments, it was interesting to see how many people wondered what a successful marriage had to do with money. Well, being in any serious relationship has a lot to do with money, a fact that many of us are already well aware of. […]

Airline Fees for Checking Bags

Spurred on by Erica Douglas in response to my thoughts about airline fees for checked baggage, here is a list of the fees charged by airlines for traveling with this particular expected service. I should have done this research before embarking on my previous trip to Arizona. […]

What's the silver lining in this recession? Share your answer to win $10

By Greg Go All we hear these days are doom and gloom news about layoffs, bankruptcies and stock market dips.  But it can't be all bad out there.  So we're asking you: Where's the silver lining of this recession? There's no right or wrong answer. It can be a tangible benefit ("I got a stimulus check to buy a TV") or an intangible one ("I've gotten to spend more time with family"). […]

Comparing Fixed Annuities & Certificates of Deposit

When I first opened up my Vanguard account a few years ago, I requested all sorts of fancy investment brochures. I had just started Bargaineering and had a voracious appetite for financial information and fancy words like annuities, in all their flavors, really intrigued me because I had never heard of them. […]

Is Personal Responsibility Dead?

While attending a recent Homeowners Association meeting, my wife and I were overwhelmed by the attitude of a majority of our neighbors. With few exceptions, they wanted everything done for them and thought all they had to do was sit around and complain loudly enough to make it happen. […]

Do You Respond to Solicitations?

Pinyo recounts a situation where he was solicited for a chimney service via phone (he declined.) He also lists some things to do if you're solicited for any sort of services. We get this every once in awhile. In fact, we had a guy stop by our house last fall asking if we needed any new windows. […]