June 18, 2009

Be an Electronics Expert for Father's Day & Other Free Gift Ideas

Instead of giving our dads new gadgets for Father's Day, we can provide our services as gadget masters and computer programmers, according to the folks at iVillage. They've assembled a list of free and creative gift ideas.Here's a sample:"While computers, mobile phones and iPods make fine Father's Day gifts, they always require some set up. […]

6 Father’s Day Gift Ideas (and a story)

Growing up my sister and I called our father “Dard”. The nickname was fondly given after my sister read Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, where a family of four sisters called their mother “Marmee”. […]

Reminder: Why You Shouldn't Listen to Me

Based on a few comments I've received recently, people seem to think that I'm a financial "expert" (ugh!) of some sort. Let me remind those people and the rest of you of this post, the fourth post written on this blog and published well over four years ago. […]

Digging Deep: Writing About Money Without Repetition, Burnout, or Self-Commercialization

Recently, several readers have written to me bringing up various points about writing about money. Edward writes: I’ve been a reader of The Simple Dollar for two years. Sometimes it feels like you’re saying the same thing over and over. Jamie writes: You really should run more ads. […]

Best Ways to Access Your Cash Out of the Country

The following is a guest post from Money Help For Christians. The tickets overseas have been purchased, the destinations established, and the kids are excited.  Now you are forced to watch with horror as the US dollar continues to lose its value compared to most of the major currencies.  While you cannot control the value of the US dollar, you can minimize the damage by finding the best ways to a […]

Fortune’s Top 25 Top-Paying Companies (2009)

I always enjoy looking at these lists because they give a little glimpse into some of our nation’s most storied firms. I think these are more for entertainment purposes, much like the top paying undergraduate degrees, because the average total pay isn’t something you’ll get right out of the gate. […]

The Accidental Slumlord

Several years ago — as I was clawing my way out of debt — I did a dumb thing and subscribed to Newsweek. I didn’t subscribe for just one year — I subscribed for four. As penance, I wrote an early GRS article about how having too many magazine subscriptions is un-frugal. Recently, though, I’ve come to love my Newsweek subscription. […]

How to save BIG

By Xin Lu A friend recently told me that someone she knows is so cheap that he would not let her use paper towels at his place.  Yet at the same time he complains about not having enough money and lives in a very expensive apartment and drives a brand new car.  I also know some similar folks who seem to be tightfisted about everything except for one or two big expenses in their lives.  This is no […]

Extending the $8,000 First-Time Home Buyer Credit to $15,000

The Senate is considering a number of changes to the $8,000 first-time home buyers credit. Spurred on by Sen. Johnny Isakson from Georgia, the adjustments being considered seek to expand the credit to spur the real estate industry. Here are the changes some Senators would like to make to the original law. Expand the maximum credit from $8,000 to $15,000. […]

Beware Broker Transfer Out Fees

My wife’s Roth IRA currently sits at a TD Ameritrade account, where it’s been sitting for the last three or four years. With the majority of it in cash, mostly because we lost track of the account, we want to invest it in our retirement investment of choice, an index fund. Our index fund of choice happens to be the Vanguard 500 Index Fund because most of our retirement funds are with Vanguard. […]

How to Ask for a Raise When the Pay Freeze Thaws

Here's a US News piece on how to ask for a raise when the pay freeze thaws. It could also be called "how to ask for a raise when the economy recovers", or, simply "how to ask for a raise" (since the principles are rather basic), but you get the idea. They list several suggestions, but here's the one I think is key: Measure your own performance. […]

Flexo’s Investment Portfolio, May 2009

Although I post my financial reports each month to keep myself accountable for my financial decisions, I have moved to summarizing my investments rather than listing all the details. […]

Best Deals For Thursday 6/18/09

By Paul Michael Today's WISEBUY. Up to 59% OFF UNLISTED WOMEN'S SHOES at 6PM.com (dealnews) Today only, 6pm.com offers select styles of Unlisted by Kenneth Cole women's shoes for $19.95 each plus $6.95 for shipping.   1. FREE Two-Pack Motorola Gold Tip Headset With Microphone. Pay $5.99 s/h The versatile EH25 can be used with a wide range of MP3 players and mobile devices. […]

September 23, 2005

On that day, I wrote the following entry in my personal journal (edited just a bit): Sometimes I feel like my life is completely without purpose and I’m just following some invisible pattern that someone else has put into place. Today was a typical day. But every day is a typical day. I woke up about 6:30 and said good bye to Sarah as she left. […]

An Investor’s Manifesto: 20 Guiding Principles for Investment Success

Knight Kiplinger is the editor-in-chief and a columnist for Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, one of the “big three” money magazines. In the June issue, Kiplinger offered an investor’s manifesto, a list of twenty guiding principles for making smart investment decisions. Kiplinger’s manifesto is a great list, effectively summarizing mainstream investment theory on a single page. […]

New Consumer Financial Regulation

The White House is proposing a realignment of the financial regulation that failed to prevent the latest recession, but will the proposals help protect consumers? […]

British Airways Wants Staff to Work for Free

Would you work for free? I used to work for a non-profit organization whose business model was not exactly built around the concept of making money. […]

BVC #15: Repair or Replace Rule of Thumb

Don’t you hate it when something breaks before it’s “supposed” to? You spent hours researching the best product for the job, the one with the best features, the longest life, and it has the nerve to break down before it’s supposed to? […]

Index Mutual Funds vs. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

As a followup to yesterday’s post about mutual funds, I thought I’d talk today about the merits of exchange traded funds (ETFs) vs. low cost index funds. Which is a better choice and why? What are index mutual funds? Index mutual funds are simply mutual funds that track a market index such as the S&P 500, Wilshire 5000, or Barclays US Aggregate Bond Index. […]