June 20, 2009

How Dissatisfied Do You Need to Be to Use a Satisfaction-Guaranteed Rebate?

By Linsey Knerl Many brands offer them: satisfaction-guaranteed rebates.  While this helps to build reputation in the industry and gives genuinely disgruntled consumers an easy fix for their problems, is there a possibility that it’s too easy to get money back on the products you buy?  We look at both sides of the issue to help decide when “attainable” may not always be “ethical.”  What is a Sati […]

Reader Story: The Secret Millionaire and the Mathmobile

I keep telling myself I’ll share reader e-mail more often. You folks send me great stuff. For example, here’s Ruth’s story about her own millionaire next door. I loved reading about J.D.’s “secret millionaire” neighbor. This is a story about my own “secret millionaire” neighbor. […]

When Is a Child Ready for an Allowance?

This question has been on our minds quite a bit recently, as our three and a half year old son continues to grow and mature. We’ve long planned on giving our children small allowances that are not tied to household chores, and now we’re actually faced with a child that’s nearing the maturity level to understand it. He understands that money is used to buy things. […]

What Makes Us Tick: A Short Film About How the Stock Market Works (from 1952)

It’s been several months since I’ve discovered a new money movie to share with you. I love these things, but I’ve exhausted most of my sources for Public Domain material. […]

Exit Strategies

The following is a guest post from The Strump.  How many times in your life have you jumped into something without thinking, then tried getting out but it wasn't so easy? Getting into anything is pretty simple because it's so fresh and new at the start - like an investment or a relationship – but sooner or later the lustre wears off and you know you it’s time to move on. […]

Times Are Tough; Would You Consider A DIY Funeral?

By Paul Michael It's never pleasant to think about death and funerals, but if there is one certainty in life, it's that we're all going to bite the dust at some point. And just like most things in life, death is an expensive business. […]