June 24, 2009

Interview With Mr. Credit Card On Personal Finance and Silicon Valley

I had the pleasure of being a guest at Mr. Credit Card’s radio show today. Mr. Credit Card runs the Ask Mr. Credit Card site and is someone I’ve been interacting with online for a long time now. So I’m glad I’ve finally gotten the chance to actually speak with him! My Interview With Mr. […]

Help a Reader: Paying Off a Mortgage Early

Here's an email I recently received from a reader: Lots of financial experts say to pay your mortgage off early if you plan on staying in that house forever. In fact, as of late this seems to be the popular opinion on most financial blogs as well. My question is a little more involved than that. […]

$2.11 Million Lunch Bill: Historical Look at Lunch with Warren Buffett

Today marks the day that Zhao Danyang, winner of the 2008 Warren Buffett charity lunch, will be dining with the Oracle of Omaha at Smith & Wollensky steakhouse. […]

Money and Power

Charles writes in: The real reason people want to be rich isn’t so they can buy stuff. It’s so they can have power over others. People want influence and respect and they see that people with money have influence and respect, so they seek money. I agree with the point Charles is making - many people do want influence and respect. […]

Buy High, Sell Low: The Basic Instinct Driven Error of Investing

The following is an excerpt from Snap Judgment: When to Trust Your Instincts, When to Ignore Them, and How to Avoid Making Big Mistakes with Your Money by David E. Adler. […]

47 Simple Ways To Waste Money

By Paul Michael How are you doing with your money? Do you have everything under control, or are you spending a little more than you should? Well, if you'd like to blow even more of your money, this list will help you empty your bank account in half the time you usually do. Enjoy.    Gamble in Vegas. Sure, some people get lucky. […]

Look Out Consumers: Debt Collections Get Scarier

By Tisha Tolar As if we don't have enough on our collective plates worrying about our legitimate debts, it is now coming to light that more scam artists are trying to collect on debts you may not even have. Just this week in the state of New York, an ex-con and his cronies were busted and a nationwide debt collection company was shut down. […]

Not driving your less-frugal friends crazy

By Philip Brewer A while back, I heard an interview with a guy who, troubled by the Exxon Valdez oil spill, decided the right response was to quit driving. The bit of the interview that stuck with me was the part where he talked about how surprised he was at the negative reactions. […]

How Debt Settlement Works

Everything I’ve ever read about debt settlement has been extremely negative and, for the most part, ugly. It’s because debt settlement is designed for people in very dire circumstances. A friend of mine recently got into the debt settlement business since he was working with a lot of individuals in weak financial situations. […]

The Difference Between Quicken Online and Quicken Desktop

I've been a Quicken user for years (almost 15 years as a matter of fact) and I love it. Simple, easy to use, and gives me the data I need. Plus, I now have a great history of financial information that I can use to create all sorts of charts and graphs and analyze my finances. […]

Best Deals For Wednesday 6/24/09

By Paul Michael Today's WISEBUY. WILSON'S LEATHER SALE. 75% Off Plus An Extra 25% Off (dealnews) Wilsons Leather takes an extra 25% off a single item, including clearance items via this link. Combined with the ongoing Clearance Sale, which takes up to 75% off men's and women's outerwear and accessories.   1. […]

Make Extra Money With CashCrate

Back in December, I put together a list of ways to earn extra money. Embedded within that list was the suggestion to sign up with a site like CashCrate, which pays you to fill out forms, take surveys, and/or sign up for free trials. […]

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Camping Edition

My wife and kids and I went camping for four days this past weekend, starting on Thursday afternoon. We camped in a state park in rural western Illinois. The highlight was watching our kids enjoy campfire meals, then fall asleep in the flickering light of a campfire, dreaming happy dreams of running around in nature all day long. […]

My Sister’s Keeper: Sharing Financial Goals with an Accountability Partner

“Don’t you have any tips for single folks?” I’m often asked. Like any writer, I tend to write from my own experience — that of a married man. Fortunately, there are plenty of single people in the GRS community who are willing to share the things they’ve learned. […]

Citigroup Employees to Receive 50% Pay Raise

After receive bailouts from the government on two separate occasions, Citigroup has announced that it will be increasing its expense for the salaries of the company’s rank-and-file employees, not upper management, by 50 percent. This will be a nice benefit, designed to compensate employees for smaller bonuses and raises last year. […]

Ally Bank Application Review

Two weeks ago, I applied for an account at Ally Bank, the new rebranded name for GMAC Bank. […]

Six Months Is Not the Magic Number: Why the Size of Your Emergency Fund Needs to Reflect the Times, Not Conventional Wisdom

The following is a guest post by Ryan Irvine from The Elements of Lifestyle. For about as long as people have been writing about personal finance, they’ve been espousing the merits of the emergency fund, which, in a perfect world, would contain about six months of living expenses. If you’re at that point in your personal finance journey, then I applaud you for at least being ahead of the curve.  […]

Ultimate Guide to Credit Cards

By Amy Lu If you're looking for credit card information, you've come to the right place. Get the facts on credit card fees and programs, learn how to use credit cards wisely (get the benefits without the debt) and if you have gathered a bit of credit card debt, get the most effective methods on paying them off. […]

I Need A New Credit Card Fast

A few days ago, I discussed how my credit card account got closed when Advanta decided to pull the plug on their credit card division. The irony here is that the Advanta card was once considered one of the best credit cards for the buck, as per Forbes. […]