July 9, 2009

Free Financial Spreadsheets from Google Docs

Last week, I shared a list of 16 alternatives to Microsoft Money. These applications offer a variety of solutions for managing your personal finances. But not everyone wants to use a specialized computer program to track their spending. Many Get Rich Slowly readers (including my wife) are content to manage their money with a spreadsheet. […]

Cheap Home Furnishing Ideas

By Amy Lu The point of home decorating is to create a space that you can enjoy, so how much more would you enjoy a room if you saved big bucks while making a home out of your house? Find out for yourself by learning how to decorate on a budget and get the most out of your space and furniture. Then get inspiration from four do-it-yourself projects that will help make your home uniquely yours. […]

A Frugal Man and His Nintendo DS / DSi

I’m a video game fan, and I’ve been one since I was tiny. During my life, I’ve owned an Atari 2600, a Nintendo Entertainment System, a Super Nintendo, a Sega Genesis, a Game Boy, a Game Boy Advance, a Nintendo 64, a PlayStation, a Game Cube, a Playstation 2, a Nintendo DS (and a DSi), and a Wii. […]

Help a Reader: House Trouble

Here's a question left recently by a reader: My husband and I have retired in the last year. We have built a new house and have a large mortgage. Needless to say, our old financial advisor did not advise about saving for the house and we started building when the "recession" hit. We lost $60,000 in our investments and we had planned to put $100,000 down and do most of the work ourselves. […]

Ready To Buy Some Exercise Equipment? Read This First.

By Paul Michael Don’t worry, this is not an exposé on bad equipment or faulty products; I’m no expert on exercise machines and products. […]

Why Naming Beneficiaries Is Important

Editor’s Note: How many times have you opened an account and skipped over the beneficiaries section? I know I do all the time. In fact, any one who has an ING Direct account has skipped over that section because that section doesn’t exist! […]

Three Things I Think About When I Think About Bernie Madoff

The following is a guest post from Peter Passell, author of Where to Put Your Money NOW: How to Make Super-Safe Investments and Secure Your Future. The greatest financial fraudster of all time has gone to the slammer, and isn't scheduled to be released until he reaches the age of 221. That's OK by me. Bernie Madoff, after all, was no Robin Hood. […]

Welcome National Post Network Readers!

I would love to welcome all National Post and Financial Post readers to Squawkfox, a blog that makes frugal living fun. A huge thank you to Jonathan Chevreau for mentioning Squawkfox in today’s column. Thank you! My name is Kerry Taylor, I’m the blogger here and the author of 397 Ways To Save Money. […]

Best Deals For Thursday 7/9/09

By Paul Michael Today's WISEBUY. LEXMARK PHOTO PRINTER 76% Off. Just $29.99, FREE s/h (Buy.com) LAB QUALITY 4” x 6” borderless photos as fast as 75 seconds. View and edit photos with large 2.4” color display. Achieve vibrant, resilient photos that can last up to 100 years in normal display conditions or stored in photo albums.   1. […]

Taxes and the Future

One big point that I often bring up in favor of Roth IRAs is the fact that you’ve already paid your income taxes on it. When you take money out of your Roth IRA at retirement age, you don’t have to pay income taxes on any of your withdrawals. On the other hand, with a 401(k), you’ll owe income tax on all of your withdrawals. Obviously, the big difference comes when you pay into these accounts. […]

Using Morningstar’s Mutual Fund Comparison Tool to Compare Funds

Morningstar is great, and it is one of my favorite investing research sites out there. They have a ton of tools available for researching stocks, mutual funds, and now options. While some of these tools do require a premium membership, there are plenty of great tools that are free and available to everyone. […]

More Month Than Money: Tightening Your Food Budget While Feeding Your Family Well

The July/August issue of Countryside (one of my favorite magazines) contains an article from Tracy Rimmer about how she saves money on food. In the article, Rimmer mentions her website, New Century Homestead, where she describes her family’s quest for self-reliance in southwestern Manitoba. Her philosophy: Homesteading is an attitude, an approach, not necessarily a lifestyle. […]

Latvians Mortgage Their Souls For Cash

By Jabulani Leffall Anybody tired of hearing about personal, local and national budget crises? Would you like to step outside your personal sphere and just for a moment play the “relativity” card? That is where you are relative to others less fortunate. […]

Unplanned Expenses and Your Budget

While a budget in one form or another is a must-have financial tool, it’d quickly become big and ugly if you tried to anticipate and include every expense you might run in to. You’d quickly lose interest and wouldn’t stick with your budget, right? A budget is a basic recorder of recurring expenses, and trying to cover a purchase you didn’t foresee is like fit a round peg into a square hole. […]

My Jobs, Graduate School

A few days ago I continued my career history by detailing the jobs I had while in college. Today I want to continue this series by sharing the jobs I held while in graduate school. While I was getting my MBA, I had two jobs. The first was during the school year (both years). It was an assistantship where I ran the university movie theater as well as supervised some dances in the student union. […]

What To Do With Underwater Stock Options?

My wife has a whole mess of underwater options with her company, issued before the economy took a nosedive, and was looking to see what her options (ha ha) were. She’ll be leaving her company in early July, to pursue graduate school in her field, and so she’ll only have sixty days after her last day to exercise the options. For the shares that are profitable, it’s a no brainer: exercise and sell. […]

Strategies to Curb Lifestyle Inflation

“It is an unfortunate human failing that a full pocketbook often groans more loudly than an empty stomach.” -Franklin Delano Roosevelt One of the greatest threats to an increase in income is simply the passing of time. […]