July 14, 2009

Food, Inc. and the Origins of Your Food: 3 Reasons to Remain Ignorant (Plus Free Movie Screenings)

By Elizabeth Sanberg Food, Inc., a movie detailing the origins and production of food, came to theaters last month and it's already ruffled some feathers in the food industry. (Pardon the poor pun.)  Several groups have put up websites combating "misinformation" in the movie.  (See, for example, Monsanto's "Facts" and GreenUpgrader's take on those facts.) I haven't yet watched Food, Inc. […]

Mommy I'm Bored: 25 Frugal Ways to Beat Summer Boredom

By Frugal Duchess My 9-year-old daughter does not go to camp until later this month. That's when her drama camp begins. But the plot has already thickened in my house with a steady chorus of: Mommy, I'm Bored! Here's what we're doing to cure the summer blues: 25 Frugal Things to Do with Kids. 1. Write a book. My daughter has written a how-to-manual for kids. […]

The Simple Dollar Podcast #7: Lying About Money

The seventh episode focuses on lying to others - and to yourself - about money. I relate several personal stories about lying from my own life, the consequences of those lies, and techniques one can use to overcome them.. […]

Investment Performance: Stocks vs. Bonds

I just ran across an interesting article from back in March over at Barron’s. In it, they state that: One of the bedrocks of modern investing has been the surety that stocks outperform bonds over long periods. […]

A Good and a Bad Experience

From the start of this blog I've documented both good and bad experiences I've had doing business with all sorts of companies. I recently had one of each with two companies and thought I'd share those with you. The good experience was at Best Buy. […]

What Does the Word "Recession" Mean to You? (Answer for a Chance to Win $10!)

By Linsey Knerl Economists have it defined.  News anchors provide ample commentary on what it is and how it affects us.  But what about the "real" people living in today's economy?  Do they "feel" the recession?  What do they think a recession really is?  Tell us for a chance to score some quick Amazon cash!  This one is easy. […]

Welcome Bargaineering Readers!

I would love to welcome all Bargaineering.com readers to Squawkfox, a blog that makes personal finance fun. A huge thank you to Jim Wang for reviewing my book! Jim is an amazing blogger and probably has the sexiest voice in the personal finance blogosphere! Swoon! Smile! My name is Kerry Taylor. I’m the blogger here and the author of 397 Ways To Save Money. […]

397 Ways to Save Money by Kerry Taylor

Three hundred, ninety seven ways to save money. That’s a lot of ways! 397 Ways to Save Money by Kerry Taylor is a book that has exactly what you think it’ll have, nearly four hundred ways to save money in almost every aspect of your life. […]

The Cost of a New Home

As many of you know, we've been looking for a new house for three years now (this is the third summer we've been "shopping".) From the beginning, we said we'd consider moving if we could find a great place at a big discount. Now after looking for quite some time, I'm not sure it's "worth it" for us to move after all. […]

Best Deals For Tuesday 7/14/09

By Paul Michael Today's WISEBUY. SEARS SALE - Up To 70% Off! (dealnews) The latest Sears Clearance Sale slashes up to 70% off select apparel for men, women, and children. Over 6,000 items included. Shipping adds $6.25, or choose free in-store pickup.   1. FREE Sample Of Aveeno Nourish Hair Care Take a short quiz for them to determine which sample is right for your hair. […]

Fun on a Budget: Surprise Savings in the Amusement Park

Even at a theme park, you can spend less and still have lots of fun. We found some great deals at Busch Gardens in Tampa. Some of the savings are no-brainers, but other thrifty deals took us by surprise. Here's are our frugal finds: Cheap ice cream: Don't assume that prices are the same at every stand in the park. […]

David Ortiz

“They pick me [to be tested for steroids] every time. I don’t know why. […]

Take Free Investing Classes at Morningstar and Even Earn Rewards

Most of us didn’t get much of a formal education when it comes to investing. We may have learned some basic concepts in an economics class, but when we’re talking about stocks, bonds, mutual funds and investment strategies, most of us have to learn on our own. […]

Variable Rate Loophole in the Credit CARD Act

I’m still looking for a second news source to back this up, but the circumstantial evidence is strong. We got a notice to our “tips” e-mail address about a loophole in the recently-passed Credit CARD Act of 2009, namely: The law requires credit card companies to give 45 days notice of a rate increase, but only if the card has a fixed rate. […]

The Spending Habits of the Average American

Last week, Diane dropped a line asking for information about the spending habits of the average American. She wrote: I am trying to find sites that will provide average spending habits — such as how much an average person spends on food per week or how much a family spends on entertainment, that sort of thing. […]

How to Increase the Chance of Someone Returning Your Lost Wallet

By Paul Michael It’s not a fun feeling. You’ve reached the checkout at the grocery store, you feel into your pocket, or purse, and realize that your wallet is missing. You heart stops, you walk out without your shopping and proceed to panic. But there is one way you can significantly increase the chance of your wallet being returned intact. If you’re like me, your life is in your wallet. […]

Credit Card Diversification

In a recent episode of the Personal Finance Hour, JD and I had the great pleasure of interviewing Liz Pulliam Weston about credit and credit scores. […]

Do You Need Disability Insurance?

My husband and I have recently been reviewing our insurance coverage to figure out exactly we need as a married couple with no kids. Last week, I shared some thoughts on health and life insurance. One of the most frequent responses to my previous post was that we should also be thinking about disability insurance. Nobody likes to think about what life would look like should disability strike. […]

Working Longer Hours Early in Your Career is a Good Investment

In my pot titled Do You Work on the Weekends?, I had one reader leave this comment: Investing time in you career seems to be similar to investing for retirement, extra work early in life pays a lot more dividends than trying to catch up at the end. We've already discussed the power of saving early and often and what it can do for your investments. […]