July 15, 2009

Have A Part Time Business? Why Moonlighting Can Suck

When I read this piece from Happy Rock called “29 Reasons Why Being A Part Time Entrepreneur Sucks”, where he details the roadblocks to solo entrepreneur success, I was compelled to add my 2 cents. I completely identify with this article — it strikes a chord! It’s hard enough to be a full time entrepreneur so this list makes me wince (almost). […]

Which Baby Products are a Waste of Money?

By Xin Lu My husband and I are expecting a little baby boy this Halloween.  Right now I am in the process of researching which baby products are necessary and which are a waste of money.  Here is a list of things that I would not be putting on my shopping list. 1. […]

Scottrade Review

For years, I’ve heard good things about Scottrade (mostly from people defending Scottrade in this guest post) but never tried them. I mostly use E*Trade because of their high yield savings account and TradeKing because of their low commissions. […]

The Total Money Makeover: Save $1,000 Fast

This is the fifth of twelve parts of a “book club” reading and discussion of Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover, where this book on debt reduction is teased apart and looked at in detail. This entry covers the sixth chapter, finishing on page 108. The next entry, covering the seventh chapter, will appear on Saturday. One thing that Ramsey excels at is urgency. […]

Preparing to Shop for a New Mattress

On Monday, I mentioned that Kris and I are ready to replace our 15-year-old mattress. I don’t sleep well on it, though I sleep fine on other mattresses. I only mentioned this to illustrate a point, but I was surprised at how many readers commented on my situation. Jason’s comment was typical: I’ve found that sleep is the absolute root of everything. […]

No Limit, No Interest: What’s the Deal with Charge Cards?

By Julie Rains Charge cards, like their credit card cousins, allow cardholders to use plastic cards to make purchases and then pay at the end of a settlement period, typically on a monthly basis. The main features of charge cards are no revolving credit (the balance must be paid in full each month) and no pre-set credit limit (this does not mean no limit at all). […]

Net Worth Update: June 2009

It's been a couple months since I posted my last net worth update, so I thought I'd share what's up with our finances through June 2009. Here are the highlights: Net worth was up a measly 0.64% for June while the market was up 1.15% from the end of May. […]

Zero Waste Lunches: How to Make Your Own Executive Style Supply Kit

By Myscha Theriault With all the talk about zero waste lunches I've been hearing these days, I decided to lake a closer look at the behavior in my own life when it comes to eating on the road. While my husband and I knew we wanted to start reducing our impact when we eat out, we also knew the solution had to be something that fit seamlessly with our lifestyle. […]

7 Reasons to Skip Hotels & Rent Vacation Homes

Bankrate had an article recently in which they recommended renting a home or condo to trim vacation costs. While I very much value the opinion of the fine folks at Bankrate, that’s good advice that’s about decades overdue. At the very least, it’s five years overdue, because my friends and I have been doing this for at least that long. […]

Size Matters: Tall People Make More Money

According to a recent study out of Australia that was published in The Economic Record, taller men earn more money than their shorter brethren. […]

Save 41% by Using Store Brands

I've detailed several times how we all can save a bundle of money by using store brands over the national brands. […]

Poll: How Are You Coping With the Recession?

We’ve all known for a while now that we’re in a recession. It doesn’t matter if you want to follow the exact definition of a recession or not, most of us are feeling the pain in this economy. […]

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Old Connections Edition

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been surprised to find that several people that I used to know quite well in the past are quiet regular readers of The Simple Dollar. […]

Best Deals For Wednesday 7/15/09

By Paul Michael Today's WISEBUY. Up To 85% Off SIMPLE SHOES (dealnews) Simple Shoes cuts 50% to 85% off select men's and women's shoes, as listed below. With free shipping.   1. FREE 10-Day Supply Of Estee Lauder's NEW Advanced Night Repair Estee Lauder is offering a free 10-day supply of their new Advanced Night Repair Cream. […]

Saving for the Short Term

Dave wrote yesterday with a common question. He’s looking for a low-risk investment with decent returns, but not having any luck finding one. He writes: I currently have a Money Market Savings account and the interest rate has dropped to 1%. It used to be 5%. When it was earning 5%, I had roughly $25,000 in there, and would make something like $60-$90 per month in interest. […]

How to File an Amended Income Tax Return (Form 1040X)

If you have filed your taxes for the most recent year but would like to take advantage of a new credit, such as the $8,000 first-time home buyer tax credit, without waiting for next year, you will need to file an amended income tax return. You cannot file an amended tax return electronically. […]

Playing House: Prepare By Pretending

When we were looking at houses a few years ago, I was paying about $600 a month in rent. I was splitting a $1189 per month, 2-bedroom apartment with a friend and my half was a little less than half. $600 a month in rent is fantastic in the Baltimore-Washington D.C. area and I was thrilled to be able to save up some cash for a house, despite housing prices soaring back then. […]

Best CD Rates (Updated!)

With online savings accounts interest rates falling lower by the minute, I decided to put together a list of the best certificate of deposit (CD) rates. […]

Is Writing a Book a Good Career Move?

This piece from Smart Money asks an interesting question: Is a book the new business card? It's a question that's addressed to entrepreneurs in the article (which they answer "yes" -- that you can get a jump on your competitors by writing a book), but I want to approach it from a career standpoint. […]