July 31, 2009

Great Stock Market Performance, But Will Dow 9,200 Hold?

Thoughts on the Dow Jones over the 9,000 mark. Stock Market Performance: Any Cause To Rejoice? At the beginning of this month, I wrote an article inquiring whether the economic downturn was over. I wrote about the use of an interesting economic indicator that could herald the end of the slump if you take stock of what some economic analysts are saying. […]

French Press Coffee: Step-by-Step Guide to Handcrafted Coffee

By Greg Go The French press, also known as a press pot, is a 19th century French invention that brews an awesome cup of coffee. It bridges the gap between the speed and convenience of a drip coffee maker and the robust flavors of espresso. Wikipedia gives us some basic info about the Frech press: The French press goes by various names around the world. […]

6 Cheap Ways To Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning

Some like it hot. Some like it as cold as ice. But if you’re living without air conditioning and stuck sweating it out in a hot house or trying to get some sleep in a sweltering apartment, then chances are you’re feeling a little too hot to handle these days. Various zones around the world are experiencing a heat wave of sorts this summer. […]

July Winners Named

Just wanted to let everyone know that I just named the winners of my July newsletter giveaways. People won Arby's Roastburgers and a $50 gift card from SmartyPig. I named the winners on each post (be sure to go to the very last page of comments on each of the preceding links -- Typepad only allows 50 comments per page) if you want to see the winners. […]

How Low Can You Go? Chicken-and-Corn Fried Rice with Lemon Spinach

In April and May, National Public Radio featured a series on inexpensive gourmet dishes entitled “How Low Can You Go?” Although many of the dishes looked quite tasty, most of the dishes weren’t actually all that inexpensive, often narrowly getting below $10 to feed a family of four, and many involved arduous cooking processes. […]

Cashflow: The Board Game That Will Teach You To Be Rich, If You Can Afford It.

By Paul Michael Can a simple board game teach you the secrets of the wealthiest people alive? Is it possible to change your mindset and attitude towards money, by playing a game? And can a board game really make you rich? That's what I wanted to know. I've been reading (and listening to) a lot of Robert T. Kiyosaki's teachings lately. […]

How to Naturally Reset Your Sleep Cycle In One Night

By Will Chen Not eating for 12-16 hours can help people quickly reset their sleep-wake cycle, according to a study from the Harvard Medical School. This discovery can drastically improve a person's ability to cope with jet lag or adjust to working late shifts. Scientists have long known that our circadian rhythm is regulated by our exposure to light. […]

Take Back the Beep Campaign

If you were to start adding a comment to this blog post, but we first made you wait fifteen seconds after pressing the “comment” button to make you hear some extraneous instructions, you’d be terribly frustrated. […]

Pick a Savings Sacrifice: An August Challenge

Is there fat or folly in your budget? During the next month, I'm going to carefully examine my spending habits and make a list of areas where I could cut back and save more. It's my August challenge. During the first week of September, I'll publish my areas of weakness and opportunities for increased savings.The ritual of saving should be sacred during a recession. A survey from Women & Co. […]

Best Deals For Friday 7/31/09

By Paul Michael Today's WISEBUY. Don't Miss The FRIDAY AMAZON SALE! Always a bargain to be found. Of note today, a Numi's Teapot Bamboo Gift Set For 71% Off.   1. FREE Jambo Juice Smoothie - BOGO Free offer Print. Snip. Present at Jamba. Blissfully Sip. Offer good until 8/9.   2. […]

Your Job, Your Investments, and Total Diversification

The following is a guest post from Vik Tantry, the voice behind Kanjoh, a directory of free videos explaining the fundamentals of asset allocation, personal finance, and banking. The thoughts below are interesting concepts, similar to what I've shared in This Seems Like a Bad Idea to Me and Ouch! […]

Rule #7: Watch Your Progress - But Make It Fun.

A reader asked me if I could break down my ideas into a handful of principles. After some careful thought, I came up with a list of fourteen basic “rules” that summarize my money and life philosophy. I’ll be presenting these as a weekly series. One of the first things I did when I started turning my financial situation around is to start keeping track of my net worth over time. […]

Friday Finance Findings for July 31st

Where did July go? Oh well, I can’t complain about August getting here quickly because that means football is right around the corner! Some of my fantasy leagues are already taking shape and by the end of the month it will be draft day. […]

The Best Book I've Ever Read About Making Changes Stick

By Frugal Duches When I put together a list of books that have meant a lot to me, Small Change by Susan & Larry Terkel will be on my list of money-saving, life-altering books. […]

What We Wish We Knew When We Were Younger

Kris called me at seven o’clock last night, just as I was sitting down to write the Friday “Ask the Readers” post. I was sorting through this week’s questions when the phone rang. “Are you busy?” she asked. “Can you do me favor?” “Maybe,” I said. “It depends on what it is.” “Ryan’s car broke down,” Kris said. “He’s stranded here at the lab and can’t get home. […]

Recession Journal Part III: How Low Can We Go and When Will We Get There?

By Jabulani Leffall As a business blogger, high-finance business journalist, business man and one who minds his business – who pretends to know what he's talking about – I pretty much always answer "stay in bonds," when called upon for investment advice. I hate giving it so I don't. I tend to just pose more questions, as I do in all discourse, objectively presenting many sides of the equation. […]

How to Create the Ultimate Certificate of Deposit (CD) Ladder

If you are disappointed with the low interest yields offered by even the highest-yield savings and money market accounts, but you don’t want to tie your short-term cash in a riskier investment, consider certificates of deposit (CDs). CDs, however, generally carry penalties if you withdraw your cash before they mature. […]

Your Take: Your Favorite Personal Finance Book

Every year, hundreds of personal finance books are published. Every year, personal finance bloggers, experts, and columnists always refer back to a handful of books that have stood the test of time. […]

Last Chance to Qualify for iPod Giveaway

If you are interested in winning one of two iPods, today is the last day you can qualify. We’re celebrating Consumerism Commentary’s sixth anniversary by hosting a “scavenger hunt.” Four clues have been scattered throughout the website and media throughout the past couple of weeks. The details for the scavenger hunt are here. […]