August 10, 2009

Scottrade Review: Top Brokerage For Small Investors

Having reviewed many online brokers, I’ve noticed how many of them tend to cater to active traders and more sophisticated investors. […]

Freezer and Fridge Hacks: Seven Ways to Maximize the Value of Your Refrigerator and Freezer

Your refrigerator/freezer combo is the biggest energy consumer among all of your appliances - seriously. It gobbles down around $100 in energy each year. Even worse, it’s often home to lots of wasted food - leftovers forgotten and allowed to spoil and so on. To put it simply, your refrigerator and freezer are money sinks. […]

Understand Capital Costs

By Philip Brewer Especially for things people often buy on credit, like a car or a house, there's a tendency to divide the ownership into two periods--while the loan is being paid off, where the item is expensive, and after the loan has been paid off, where the item is free. This is a fundamental misunderstanding of capital costs. Ordinary items are an extreme case of this. […]

Help a Reader: Universal Life Insurance

Here's an email I recently received from a reader: Two questions please: 1) What is your opinion on seniors investing in a universal life insurance policy for wealth protection? Transamerica Life Insurance Company was recommended by my bank representative. […]

Help a Reader: Mortgages from ING Direct

A reader named Mary recently wrote in to ask about my thoughts on getting a mortgage from ING Direct. She’s heard that they have competitive rates and low fees, and is seriously thinking about refinancing her mortgage with them. I don’t have any firsthand knowledge of ING Direct mortgages, but I was curious enough to go take a look. […]

Toss It or Not? 5 Organizational Tips from a Chronic Clutter Bug

By Linsey Knerl Some might say that I have no business giving out organizational tips. My desk is always a mess, I usually look for things for a very long time before finding them, and my neat-and-tidy husband often wonders where he went wrong. […]

How Much Is A Gold Ingot Bar Worth?

I was watching the pilot of Royal Pains, a television show about a doctor who gets fired and, through a bit of luck and opportunism, opens up shop to the rich and famous of the Hamptons. […]

What's It Take to Be Rich?

This piece from the Wall Street Journal talks about the evolution of wealth, but it got me to thinking -- what does it take to be rich? In other words, how much money do you need to have these days to be considered rich? In the past, the "gold standard" was becoming a millionaire. If you had $1 million historically, you were set. You were living the high life and your retirement was set. […]

Best Deals For Monday 8/10/09

By Paul Michael Today's WISEBUY. Up To 75% Off UGG Shoes Plus Extra 20% Off (dealnews) Eastbay takes up to 75% off select UGG shoes for men and women during its latest sale. (Scroll down to the discounted items, which are marked by a Red price.) Plus, take an extra 20% off via coupon code "LKS1A929".   1. […]

Best Money Posts Now Available

Just a quick announcement to let you know that the Best of Money Carnival is up at Mighty Bargain Hunter. This week's winner was Faith-Based or Socially Responsible Investing – Delusions of Righteousness followed by my post titled My Jobs, I Get My Dream Job in second. Lots of great posts there, so check it out. […]

Reader Mailbag #75

Each Monday, The Simple Dollar opens up the reader mailbags and answers ten to twenty simple questions offered up by the readers on personal finance topics and many other things. Got a question? Ask it in the comments. You might also enjoy the archive of earlier reader mailbags. Last week, my grandfather gave me an envelope of really old silver and gold certificates. […]

How to Brew Your Own Beer and Maybe Even Save Some Money – Bottling

Welcome to the final installment of the how to brew your own beer series. So far we’ve talked about what kind of equipment you need in order to brew, how to brew beer using a basic extract recipe kit, and today we need to talk about bottling your creation. […]

Investment Performance: It’s a Matter of Perspective

Have you looked at any stock market charts recently? The market has risen for four straight weeks, and things are looking up. In terms of raw numbers, the S&P is up nearly 50% from its March lows. Here’s the chart. Given the above, the stock market is really on a tear. Right? Well… It’s depends on your perspective. Let’s step back and see how things look since the Fall of 2007. Ouch. […]

What is the Value of a College Education?

This is a guest post from Jason Barr, who writes about personal development at Start Being Your Best. Jason is a potential Staff Writer for Get Rich Slowly. His first post described what he learned from failure. Jason is 32 years old, has been married for seven years, and has a 2-1/2 year old son. […]

Credit Card Use Increases Prices for Everyone

I use a total of three credit cards. The first is a card issued by Citibank that offers a rounded set of cash back rewards, my alternate is a Bank of America Visa Signature card, and for business expenses I use an American Express Blue Cash for Business card. […]

How Debt Management Programs Work

A few weeks ago, I discussed How Debt Settlement Works, and today I wanted to talk about another debt related topic – debt management programs or debt management plans. A debt management program is similar to debt settlement in that you pay a third party who will, after taking their fee, pay your creditors. […]

My Jobs, The Dream Job Turns into a Nightmare

Last week I shared some of my career history and left off where I had just accepted my dream job. Today I want to continue this series by giving details on the next position I held. The dream job was everything I had hoped it would be -- lots of great projects, interesting people to work with, a growing company with lots of energy, a bigger title, more money, and on and on. […]

That’s the way (uh-huh! uh-huh!) I like it: Best of Money Carnival

I’ve hosted a number of blog carnivals over the years, and I really like the way FMF has set up the Best of Money Carnival.  It’s been very enjoyable, and easy, to host this one.  The Best of Money Carnival, as the name implies, highlights the best personal finance posts from the past two weeks in a top-ten-countdown fashion.  This week, vis-a-vis KC & the Sunshine Band, I’ll introduce the posts, […]

Why Study Abroad? Get Educated In A Foreign Country

Why earn a college degree abroad? Have you considered sending your kids (or yourself) to study in a different country? Besides some relatively cheaper options for schooling, studying abroad may also offer a lot of rich and new experiences. In this article, we explore Mexico as a potential place to get an education, but the [...]Why Study Abroad? […]