August 18, 2009

Sales Clerk Offers Inside View: 'We're Supposed to Befriend Kids'

Do some sales clerks try to pal around with tween shoppers in an effort to get the kids to spend more money? Yes, says one reader, a sales clerk, who offers a great reply to the post: Telling My Daughter the Truth about Her New 'Friend,' The Salesclerk!Here's one sales clerk's story:I was hired about a month or so ago at a 'tween clothing store, and I've come to find it not so much my cup of tea. […]

Prepaid Gift Cards for Modern Envelope Budgeting

By Paul Van Lierop Envelope budgeting -- what is it?  It’s an incredibly simple but powerful way to manage your money.  At the beginning of the month or pay period you decide how much money you want to spend and in what category.  If you are already actively budgeting this should be straightforward but if you are just starting out you might want to pick some of your problem areas. […] Exposes the Pitfalls in Fine Print

Does fine print drive you crazy? Like me, do you find yourself wading through 63-page credit card agreements — trying to understand the legalese but often failing? Don’t you wish there were a site that highlighted the lunacy of this stuff? Well, there is. Mouse Print is a blog devoted to “exposing the strings and catches buried in the fine print” of all sorts of offers and agreements. […]

The Simple Dollar Podcast #12: The Anti-Budget

The twelfth episode focuses on budgeting. I found that traditional budgets didn’t work for me, so I explore the methods that did. […]

We Got Cable TV

Yesterday I shared that we recently purchased a new TV. Well, we also knocked another item off our list of stuff to buy shortly thereafter -- we got cable TV. Here's a quick run-down of our cable-related decisions/activities: Those of you who have antennas know that the switch to digital hasn't been all that great. […]

Quick Hack: How To Age a Digital Photograph in Seconds

By Paul Michael Aging a photograph used to be quite a skill. In fact, only the best retouchers could pull it off convincingly. Computers made the process easier; and programs like Adobe Photoshop have "actions" that can make it happen ever quicker and easier. […]

5 Green Ideas For A Naturally Clean Home

As the world of green cleaning grows, the shelves are being lined with products that claim to be natural and eco-friendly. Some companies are actually taking the time to research and utilize natural plant-derived ingredients and use recycled and bio-degradable bottles. For the rest, the term green-washing comes to mind as the best way to describe their new cleaning products. […]

Earn $500 By Referring Friends and Readers to ING Direct

Update: The waiting list is currently full. Keep reading Consumerism Commentary (or subscribe) to be notified when the waiting list is open again. ING Direct is one of my favorite banks due to their savings account. […]

Ask The Readers: To Clip or Not to Clip? (A Chance to Win $10!)

By Linsey Knerl We proudly boast some of the best savings gurus here at Wise Bread.  In fact, our own Carrie Kirby keeps quite a log of the best ways to save via coupons at Shoplifting With Permission and on the ChicagoNow's Frugalista blog.  Sometimes, I find myself envying her savvy. […]

Best Deals for Tuesday 8/18/09

By Lynn Truong Today's WISEBUY. 70% off coupon slashes 70% off any gift certificate via coupon code PALATE. Get $25 dining certificates to $3 and $10 gift certificates to $0.90! Gift certificates are redeemable at local restaurants across the United States. Deal ends August 24. (via dealnews)   1. […]

Help a Reader: Asking for a Raise

Here are some questions a reader recently left as a comment on FMF: I worked as a teacher for several years, but now I'm going back to school full time, so I've been searching for a job that will grant me flexibility to attend daytime classes. I found a job with a private company as a primary tutor/educational consultant. The hours are flexible, but of course they require nights and weekends. […]

Dorm Room Clutter: What Do You Actually Need for College

A few days ago, I stumbled across a handful of pictures from my college dorm room (I considered posting them, but there are several people depicted and I don’t post pictures of people without asking them permission and I’m not sure how to contact them). […]

The Many Reasons to Make Do with Less

By Philip Brewer Why would someone choose to have less than they could? Lots of reasons. There are as many ways to live large as there are people who refuse to think small. […]

A Small Mistake

Important note: Despite what the credit card company told me, and despite my own mis-information, this story below apparently does NOT relate to two-cycle billing. Instead, my frustration stems from the way some credit card companies handle their grace periods. Thanks for all of the commenters who pointed out the error. […]

Iced Coffee Savings

This is a cliché, but I need my coffee in the mornings. I prefer it iced, except in the very brief winters we have here in Texas, and for a long time, I was a loyal customer of the Starbucks Iced Coffee in a Can. I’d have one every morning at least four times a week, at a cost of about $2.00 each. […]

Unlock Your IRA: How to Cash Out an IRA Without Penalty

So, if you are faced with such a decision, I think it's important that we review how you can cash out an IRA and avoid the 10% penalty. […]

Purchasing a Home: Examining the Costs

This past weekend my husband and I decided which townhouse we want to buy. After working the numbers, looking at different properties, and going through the options, we’ve signed a purchasing agreement on a property at a new development. Since this is our first time buying a home, we wanted to be as thorough as possible. After all, this is a huge commitment. […]

When Work and Money Collide

Ever had personal finance related issues seep their way into your work-life? I've had several, but three standout in my mind: We'll start with a story from my very first job out of college. I was given a company credit card and told to use it for business-related expenses. I still had to fill out an expense report, get reimbursed, and pay off the card, so I considered it my card. […]

Check out my new sunflower!

It’s a great honor to be a new member of the Money Tips Network, a network of personal finance blogs aiming to “educate the public with honest and helpful money tips.” What else can I say?  I join quite the stellar group of bloggers: Bargaineering Consumerism Commentary The Digerati Life Five Cent Nickel Free Money Finance The Frugal Duchess Generation X Finance Get Rich Slowly No Credit Needed T […]