August 24, 2009

Work At Home Mom Shares Tips On Saving Money

As a WAHM, it’s essential to find a way to network since there’s typically nobody else to talk or exchange ideas with when you’re working at home. I discovered several online forums and social networks dedicated to WAHMs and SAHMs (work at home and stay at home moms). […]

Money-Saving Driving Tips for Labor Day Weekend

If a road trip is on your map for the Labor Day Weekend, consider these frugal, fuel-efficient driving tips from the Drive Smarter Challenge video contest:"Decrease your speed. Gas mileage usually decreases rapidly above 60 mph. Each five miles per hour over 60 mph is like paying an additional 20 cents or more per gallon for gas.Drive sensibly. […]

Discover Card Overhauls Their Credit Card Terms

Now that regulations established by the Credit CARD Act and related rules by the Federal Reserve have begun to take effect, I’ve started receiving notices from card issuers regarding my accounts. […]

Get a $75+ Bonus from Zecco

About a week ago, I received an e-mail from Zecco, an online discount broker, with details about their “Friends Program.” The short version is that you’ll get a $75 bonus or 20 free trades for each and every friend that you refer. If you already have a Zecco account, here’s what you need to do: Visit Enter your name and e-mail address Enter (or upload) the ad […]

Citi Removes Automatic Travel Insurance

Credit cards often have little-used perks when you buy something with their card, such as double the manufacturer’s or auto liability insurance. Well, another one of the casualties in the financial meltdown is the reduction of these once overlooked perks. The latest? […]

Eleven Things You Can Do Today to Fall Behind Financially

Financial success is something that’s built up slowly over time. It’s not something that happens in one giant rush (unless you’re very lucky) - instead, it’s the culmination of a lot of little choices made over many years. Every day, we’re faced with lots of choices. Good choices lead us down that path towards financial success, safety, and happiness. […]

Another Story of Too Much Spending

We've covered this story a bit in the past, but it's coming up again (I heard it talked about recently on NPR). It's a classic case of someone making a boatload of money, spending it all and then some, and having tough financial times as a result. […]

What Everybody Ought to Know About Twitter

By Paul Van Lierop In hallway conversations and chatting with friends I frequently hear the phrase "I just don't get Twitter." And frankly I didn't either until I decided to get more involved in the Personal Finance world and start blogging. I'm a techie so I do my best to stay up on all new and emerging technology; but for whatever reason I chose to ignore Twitter. […]

10 Great Posts

Just a note that this week's Best of Money Carnival is up at All Financial Matters. The winning post was 13 Simple Tips To Make Tent Camping Easier And More Fun. Check out the carnival for the 10 best personal finance posts from last week! […]

Save Money: Take the Boring Challenge

By WC Porter How boring can you be?  Most of you probably don't want to think of yourselves as boring, but what if being boring could save you some big bucks? I saved over $2,000 by eating a boring lunch every day for the past three years. Does that make me lame? Boring? Uninteresting?  Maybe, but it also means I have $2,000 that I didn't have before. […]

TradeKing vs. Zecco: Discount Broker Comparison

When Zecco first appeared on the discount broker scene, everyone celebrated their $0 stock trade commissions. I know it caught my attention, there are very few things that beat free. Even when reports of customer service woes rolled in, I still thought their offer was the best of the bunch. […]

Outsourcing Chores Could Be a Good Investment

What's your time worth? That's the key question behind this piece on MSN Money that advocates outsourcing some chores. The summary: Outsourcing chores by hiring a cleaning service or personal assistant might sound like the kind of splurge that a recession-era budget would quickly eliminate. […]

Best Deals For Monday 8/24/09

By Paul Michael Today's WISEBUY. 75% Off At Old Navy, Plus FREE SHIPPING and MORE! (dealnews) During its latest sale, Old Navy discounts select items by up to 75% off. Plus, get free shipping on all orders via coupon code "SHIPFREE".       1. […]

Finding the Best Mortgage Deals

Finding the Best Mortgage Deals Can Save You Thousands Buying a home is one of the largest purchases you’ll ever make. Because it’s such a large purchase and there is a lot of money at stake it only makes sense to get the best possible financing. After all, most home loans last for decades, so a poor choice up front can end up costing you for years to come. […]

10 Tricks to Save Money with Credit Cards

By Silicon Valley ... The most credit savvy among us have been able to use credit cards to their benefit in order to wisely and optimally save money even while charging on their cards. If you are careful about how you use your credit cards, you may actually come out ahead by using them, rather than if you just stuck to cash. […]

Reader Mailbag #77

Each Monday, The Simple Dollar opens up the reader mailbags and answers ten to twenty simple questions offered up by the readers on personal finance topics and many other things. Got a question? Ask it in the comments. You might also enjoy the archive of earlier reader mailbags. The only credit card I’ve ever had is one my father signed me up for when I went away to college. […]

Funny...and True?

Is this really how mutual fund companies work? I wouldn't be surprised. :-) […]

Understanding the Federal Budget

Note: Although I try to keep GRS a politics-free zone, today’s topic is inherently political. I’ve stayed as neutral as possible in the article, but I know that there’ll be some political discussion in the comments. […]

Cash Back Rebates Now Take the Form of Prepaid Debit Cards

My girlfriend is an elementary school teacher in the New York City public schools. One of the benefits of her employment is the reimbursement for the purchase of supplies and materials used in her class. […]

How to Win the Lottery

The only time I’ve ever played the lottery is when the Powerball pot gets to be astronomical and my co-workers pool together some money to buy a few tickets together (this was several years ago). […]