September 1, 2009

Our Financial House – The Footer

Back when I was a kid, maybe 13 or 14, my Dad inherited some land from a relative.  My parents soon decided to build a house on the land.  As part of the preparation for building the house, we had to dig a footer (also know as a footing).  For those who are unfamiliar with the term, a footer is a reinforced concrete pad that sits below the foundation of a house.  Digging and pouring a footer is ha […]

Daily Links: Walking on Sunshine Edition

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my new-found love of alternate transportation, particularly walking. I wish I could convey exactly how much choosing to walk everywhere has changed my life for the better. […]

Green Living: Ways To Recycle And Buy Used

I love buying used — the idea of getting a good deal for a gently used item that looks almost new is something I find pretty satisfying. I offer some great tips on how to live green, recycle and buy used. Used is definitely better in many instances: buy used and you buy cheap, and instead of throwing useful items away, you can resell them for some pocket money. […]

Consider All Options When Trying to Save Money

Here's an interesting money-saving story that I thought you all would appreciate. A few weeks ago we took a vacation to see the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village (jointly owned attractions that are next door to each other.) As you might imagine, there are various ways you can pay to see these attractions and we went through them all. […]

Every Penny Counts Video

Josh Chan, a student at Stanford University, sent me a video he submitted to Stanford FCU’s video scholarship contest. It’s a superbly done stop-motion video that explains how saving a penny a day can yield you hundreds of dollars after only a short while. […]

Make Money Recycling: Get Paid to Recycle by 15 Websites

By Elizabeth Sanberg Tired of getting a small $7 credit (or perhaps no credit at all) for curbside recycling in your city? […]

Reminder: Check Your Medical Bills for Accuracy

No wonder medical care is so expensive in the US -- billing extra and extravagantly seems to be the norm. That's why you ALWAYS need to check your medical bills as soon as you receive them and before you pay them. Here's another example of why from MSNBC's Red Tape Chronicles: Billing errors are common, experts say. […]

Best Deals For Tuesday 9/1/09

By Paul Michael Today's WISEBUY. TEVA Women's Clearance Sale - Up To 85% OFF! (dealnews) knocks up to 85% off women's footwear listed in its clearance section. Shipping starts at $5.95.   1. FREE Family Feud Game For PC (download) Just click the download button. Simple as that!   2. […]

Interview for Today’s Wealth Pilgrim Radio Show

At 6:00 PM ET (3:00 PM PT) today, Tuesday, September 1, I will be talking with Neal Frankle from Wealth Pilgrim and the Wealth Pilgrim Radio Show. We’ll be talking about the experiences that led me to discover personal finance and the motivation behind Consumerism Commentary. […]

Ask the Readers: What are Your Best Entertainment Tips? (A Chance to Win Tickets to a Broadway Show!)

By Linsey Knerl We have our winners! The winners of the $10 Amazon Gift Card are: Comment #30:  Involvement.Submitted by magnoliasouth  "Many times you can get in for free or at an incredible discount if you offer some volunteer work for a show. I used to be involved in the local ballet company in a major city, and I volunteered to make phone calls for donations. […]

Poll: Should the 401(k) Contribution Limit be Reduced in 2010?

Not long ago we heard that for the first time in years Social Security beneficiaries won’t be receiving their annual cost of living adjustment. This means those who draw a monthly Social Security check won’t see an increase in 2010. A lot of people are understandably upset about this. […]

Netflix Good Customer Service Experience Story

As a fairly frugal person, it wasn’t until recently that I opened an account at Netflix. Maybe it was the monthly fees or the fact that I saw stacks of the same movies week after week on my friends’ coffeetables, but I never really got why people loved Netflix so much. However, when I learned about their Instant Queue and that it was integrated with the Xbox 360, I was sold. […]

Crowdsourcing My Ride Home

Until now, I never paid much attention to the different companies and providers, but I’ve learned that not all GPS devices are equal. I’ve recently been tempted by the TomTom app for the iPhone, especially in connection with the car kit. Turn-by-turn directions, as well as charging my phone, and playing music through the car’s speakers? […]

Making the Most of Small Windfalls

It’s a big day at Get Rich Slowly HQ. Later this morning, I’ll speak with my book editor for the first time. This project is about to devour large chunks of my life. Fortunately, the new Staff Writers will pick up the slack. […]

Cheap Stock Trades at Discount Stock Brokers

I’m not sure how much it costs to execute a stock trade but it doesn’t appear to be all that much. When I first opened up my first brokerage account, it was with Vanguard. Vanguard has two main types of investor accounts, one where you invest in their family of mutual funds and one where you can invest in stocks, bonds, ETFs, etc. […]

Questions to Ask About Your Settlement Statement

As many of you know, we’re in the process of buying a townhouse. We recently received the paperwork from our lender, including our truth in lending disclosure, a disclosure book, and our good faith estimate. […]

12 Critical Things Your Family Needs to Know

The following is a guest post from Mark Gavagan, author of 12 Critical Things Your Family Needs to Know, a quick and easy-to-use tool for organizing your life and getting your personal & financial affairs in order. My father died unexpectedly in March of 2003.  He was 67 years old. Fortunately, we knew he wanted to be cremated, followed by a small graveside service. […]