September 22, 2009

Understand It Before You Do It – Today’s Quick Tip

Today’s Quick Tip – Understand It Before You Do It Before you make any financial decision, understand exactly what you are doing and why you are doing it. If you sign up for a credit card, understand the card’s terms and conditions. If you take out a mortgage, understand the mortgage’s terms and conditions. If you make an investment, understand the potential risks involved. If you buy and insuran […]

The Simple Dollar Podcast #17: Investing in Stocks

The seventeenth episode of The Simple Dollar podcast deals with stock investing. How do I invest in stocks (for retirement and otherwise) and why? […]

Dannon Settlement: Activia and DanActive Priobiotics Lawsuit

Dannon has settled a class action lawsuit filed in January of 2008 that its claims of the health benefits of “probiotics” in their Activia and DanActive line of yogurts were falsely advertised. […]

Sound Saving and Investing: Taking the Road to Riches Step-by-Step

This is a guest post from Richard Barrington, a freelance writer and novelist who spent over 20 years as an investment industry executive. Barrington is a regular contributor at MoneyRates. Previously at GRS, he shared how to find the right CD or money-market account. The problem with saving money is that it’s like hiking toward the mountains. […]

Six Ways an iPhone Can Save You Money

By WC Porter Buying an iPhone (or any smartphone) isn't easy if you consider yourself a frugal person. […]

Getting Tickets to High Demand Sporting Events

Have you set your fantasy football lineups yet? On the eve of the start of the regular season of the National Football League, I wanted to put together a post that any sports fan could enjoy. A post about how to get free tickets to premier sporting events across the country. […]

2010 Federal Income Tax Brackets and Marginal Rates

The IRS has not formally announced the federal income tax brackets for 2010 yet. In fact, the 2009 tax brackets are still the numbers I — or more accurately, my accountant — will be focusing on in the near future. […]

When Family Members Steal

The following is a guest post by Jack Busch from MasterYourCard. It’s a sad fact: family members and friends are some of the most common perpetrators of identity theft and fraud. Residents of your household have easy access to all your personal information - they can easily log in to the family computer or open the filing cabinet in the office. […]

Ask the Readers: Would People Be Shocked By What You Earn?

By Linsey Knerl It happens all the time.  People are amazed that my husband and I can live on such a very limited income.  (In fact, my friends from urban areas are usually amazed that the majority of people in my rural community live well under the poverty line -- and some do very well with it!)  Other times, I witness families just barely struggling to get by -- who also make an hefty income an […]

Best Deals For Tuesday 9/22/09

By Paul Michael Today's WISEBUY. CROCS Women's Nanook Shoes For $11 + FREE s/h (dealnews) offers the Crocs Women's Nanook Shoes (pictured) in six colors for $14.99. Apply coupon code "anaappreciate1119" to cut it to $11.24. With free shipping, it's the lowest total price we could find by $16.   1. […]

Is Overmaintenance Costing You?

Whenever I write a post and mention oil changes, I always encourage people to check the manual of their automobile to find out how often they should change their oil? Why? […]

Forgiven Debt Isn't Really Forgiven At All

By Kate Luther If you've been struggling with the rest of the economy, chances are you've been forced to rethink your financial priorities. And as a result, credit cards are often the first thing to go. The good news is that once you get behind, many credit card companies will offer to "settle" your account, some for as much as just 40% of your original balance. […]

One Person’s Successful Debtor’s Revolt

Frequent readers know all about how a depressed economy and new laws are serving as convenient excuses for banks to be raising interest rates and otherwise penalizing clients, even those who pose no risk. Ann Minch was presented with multiple notices of an interest rate hike. […]

How To Maximize Or Minimize Interest

If you are working to get out of debt, one of your goals will be to minimize the amount of interest that your creditors will charge you.  If you are working to save money, one of your goals will be to maximize the amount of interest that your savings will earn.  Here’s how to minimize the amount you will be charged and maximize the amount you will earn. Minimize Interest Charged - 1.  Do not wait […]

TradeMONSTER Review

TradeMONSTER is a relatively new online discount broker in an industry that hasn’t seen a new entrant in a few years. I believe TradeMonster’s strategy is to offer relatively low pricing (not rock bottom) and a powerful suite of browser-based analysis tools. TradeMonster is owned by optionMonster, a financial media company that publishes market news and commentary on options and stock trading. […]

Qualifying for a Mortgage

With the $8,000 first-time homeowner’s tax credit deadline approaching, many people are still trying to get in on the deal. If you’re in this boat, don’t assume that just having a down payment is enough (even though it’s a big help). Applying for a mortgage involves a thorough check into your finances to see if you really qualify for a mortgage loan. […]

How to Ace an Interview

Parade Magazine lists six steps to acing an interview as follows: Prepare, prepare, prepare. Keep your answers short. When in doubt, overdress. Be positive. Say to the interviewer, “I really want this job.” Follow up promptly. This is a great list IMO. My thoughts on each of these suggestions: 1. Of course you need to prepare. […]