September 28, 2009

Money With Your Honey, Tips for Freshmen, and the Frugal Life

As I find time, I write articles for websites other than Consumerism Commentary. This will always be my home for writing about money, but I’ll take whatever opportunity I can to share my thoughts online with more readers. Here are a few of the recent articles I’ve published around the internet. […]

The More Things Change, The More They Change

A little back-story for those new to No Credit Needed - Back in April of 2005, my wife and I decided to get serious and do something about our debt reduction.  As part of our plan, I created this website to track our progess.  After ten months of planning, working hard, sacrificing, dealing with setbacks, and learning from our mistakes, we were able to celebrate – we were debt free!  Less than a y […]

MyFICO 25% Off Promotional Code: FinancialHelp25

Every so often MyFICO, the consumer arm of credit score equation creator Fair Isaac Corporation, offers discount codes to some of their products. […]

Plug Your Money Leaks and Save Hundreds of Dollars Painlessly

Does it always seem that your money never goes as far as it should? One of the main culprits are the slow money leaks that we all have. These are generally recurring monthly expenses for a subscription or service that by itself appears quite small, but when you factor in dozens of these potential leaks it can drain hundreds of dollars from your budget each month. You know what I’m talking about. […]

Do You Have An Emergency Plan When Disaster Strikes?

Every year, we hear about yet another place that has suffered some kind of disaster or another: from terrorist attacks to tornadoes, wild hurricanes and earthquakes, we face the wrath of both nature and man, and accept this as part of our existence. For me, I worry about dry summers and the possibility of wildfires in the region where I live. […]

Zecco Affiliates Can’t Criticize Zecco relies on a mixture of advertising and affiliate marketing to generate income. Part of the affiliate marketing piece is that we get paid when someone signs up for accounts, such as a trading account with (not everything, just some things). A lot of personal finance bloggers pay the bills and generate income this way. […]

Do You Want to Appear Rich? Or Do You Want to Be Rich?

Unless your last name is Rockefeller or Vanderbilt or Gates or Ellison or Buffett, you probably can’t be both. Many, many people choose to appear rich. This usually means buying a house you can’t really afford, cars you can’t really afford, and all sorts of electronic devices and jewelry and other items that you can’t really afford. […]

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

Here are some thoughts from the great personal finance book Grow Your Money!: 101 Easy Tips to Plan, Save, and Invest. They talk about how much life insurance you need as follows: The rule of thumb is to buy about five to eight times your current wages. […]

Banks Reducing Overdraft Fees

According to MarketWatch, Chase and Bank of America are relaxing their overdraft rules. More specifically, both banks will now require you to opt in to their overdraft protection plans, and they are also limiting the transaction amounts that will trigger an overdraft fee. At Chase, you’ll no longer be charged a fee if you overdraw your account by $5 or less. […]

Daycare vs. Stay At Home: A Mom’s Perspective

Editor’s Note: Last week, I wrote a brief post about the financial tradeoffs of daycare versus being a stay at home parent. Kelly of The Centsible Life offered to write a more detailed guest post on the subject because, as a mother of four, she is clearly way more qualified to speak on the tradeoffs than I am. […]

10 Myths About Employee Incentive Programs

By Lynn Truong Employee incentive programs are popular, if only because they are prolific. They range from industry standard sales commissions and other pay by performance jobs to more individual-specific benchmarks, but companies use them freely and generously. Though conventional wisdom tells us otherwise, many will argue that these programs are not just ineffective, they are detrimental. […]

Best Deals for Monday 9/28/09

By Lynn Truong Today's WISEBUY. Gap Coupon: 25% off entire purchase Gap cuts 25% off your entire purchase. Shipping is a flat $7. Expires 9/30.   Seagate 500GB FireWire eSATA USB External Hard Drive $50 Save $90 (64% off). […]

Dealista Tip: 50 Best Deals and Coupon Sites

By Lynn Truong This article shares tips from the 6th episode of Dealista, our new podcast that'll help you get more for less. Click play to listen, or subscribe via iTunes to take the episode with you! Download episode mp3 | Check out show archive Frugal is in and couponing has become trendy. Coupon users are no longer scrooges but sages, wisely spending by saving. […]

Reader Mailbag #82

Each Monday, The Simple Dollar opens up the reader mailbags and answers ten to twenty simple questions offered up by the readers on personal finance topics and many other things. Got a question? Ask it in the comments. […]

Can You Survive with One Car in Suburbia?

By Kelly Whalen Do you live in suburbia? It seems everyone who does has two (or more) cars in their driveway. Is it a necessity for everyone, though? Is it possible to lead a one-car lifestyle while raising a family in the suburbs? When I read about Matt Jabs' experience with leading a one car lifestyle, I was inspired to try giving up one car. […]

10 Best for This Week

Just a reminder that this week's Best of Money Carnival is up. Congrats to all participants and especially the winning post, The “Shit-That-Doesn’t-Inspire-You” Factor (aka, the "anti-latte factor" post). :-) Enjoy! […]

Money is More About Mind Than It Is About Math

This is the first of a thirteen-part series that explores the core tenets of Get Rich Slowly. I had a group of old high-school friends over to the house last weekend. As the daylight faded and the cool of the evening settled, we sat around a blazing fire talking about life. We shared the good things we’ve done over the past twenty years — and we shared the bad. […]

Ten Things I Will Teach My Children About Money

I do not currently have children, but I have not ruled out starting a family some day. If and when I do have children, I hope I will be able to help them become smart and capable adults over time. […]

How to Research Debt Collectors & Understand the Law

This is the first guest post in a special How to Fight Debt Collectors series on So you’ve received a debt collection call or letter… In this day and age where you have rampant foreclosures, layoffs and job losses, it is simply inevitable that an individual may come across a debt collector, and frankly even without these external factors, it may just happen by a chance wrong num […]