October 6, 2009

Extended yard sales: sign of the times?

In better times, a yard sale is a good way to clear the junk out of the closets and make a little bit of extra money.  And what doesn’t sell will find a good hope at the Salvation Army thrift store or something similar. This past weekend there was a yard sale that was initially advertised for Friday and Saturday.  The folks taped over the sign the next day: “Sun.”  So we stopped by there after chu […]

Daily Links: Sisters of the Road Edition

Many GRS readers have urged me to take a more active role in charity and giving back to my local community. […]

No Penny Stock Trading For Me

If it costs less, it’s a bargain, right? But not all bargains are worth the money. Some time ago, I wrote about why I thought that buying penny stocks is a big mistake. Now I’m joined by fellow PF blogger Tim Parker from Elementary Finance who gives his own thoughts on the subject. Image from smart-kit.com One particular Saturday not long ago, I was doing my weekly grocery shopping. […]

A Weekend at Our House

This past weekend was a typical one at our house – lots of time spent together as a family and surprisingly little money spent. […]

How to Determine Whether or Not You Need Long-Term-Care Insurance?

Here are some thoughts from the great personal finance book Grow Your Money!: 101 Easy Tips to Plan, Save, and Invest. They list guidelines for determining whether or not you need long-term-care (LTC) insurance as follows: Are you worth over a million dollars, excluding your home? […]

Don’t Act For Action’s Sake

One of the newest sites I’ve been reading has been The Daily Crux, a site that highlights, among other things, the most intriguing investing news of the day. […]

How to Prepare for the Demise of the Dollar

Since the middle of the twentieth century, the U.S. dollar has been the currency that has dominated the world. Governments have held dollars in reserve, and borrowed dollars when necessary, because this currency can buy just about anything, anywhere. […]

What Made You Care About Money?

Get Rich Slowly asks what made you care about money and shares the following responses from an admittedly unscientific survey as follows: Debt forced me to get better with money -- 22.5% I got engaged, married, and/or I reproduced -- 15.0% I got divorced, dumped, or widowed -- 12.5% I read a great book -- 12.5% I craved financial independence or a better life -- 11.3% I was making mor […]

America Is the No Vacation Nation

By Nora Dunn Here is a frightening (or enlightening, depending on how you look at it) passage from Wanderlust and Lipstick about the American approach to vacations: A 2009 survey from Expedia found that 1/3 of employees don’t take all of their vacation time. […]

Best Deals For Tuesday 10/06/09

By Lynn Truong FREE Star Ranch Angus Instant Read Meat Thermometer Cook your Star Ranch Angus steaks, burgers, and roasts to perfection with this handy instant-read thermometer. Sllow 3 – 4 weeks for shipping. While supplies last.   White Castle Coupon: Buy One Cheeseburger Slider, Get Another Free Use this printable coupon to get one Cheeseburger Slider free when you buy one. […]

Take Time to Learn About Your Benefits During Open Enrollment

Fall is in the air and that means many employers begin their open enrollment period for benefits. Even if your employer doesn’t do open enrollment in the fall, keep reading. Your employer provided benefits are an important aspect of your finances so it’s a good idea to study your options carefully. […]

Gasoline, Groceries, and a Simple Look at the Cost of Time

Recently, my wife was in rural area of Iowa where the gas prices were significantly higher than they are near where we live. While there, the amount of gas in her tank got low, so she stopped to fill up. […]

Ask the Readers: What Winter Savings Tip Do You Swear By?

By Linsey Knerl It's here! Fall has arrived, and with it reports of frost, breezy evenings, and *gasp* snow! If you're not already thinking ahead to how you'll ever pay that ominous heating bill, now is your chance to learn from your Wise Bread friends. We want to know your proven tips for saving money this winter. It can be on heating, gasoline, snow-shoveling bills, or even your ice rink fees. […]

Don't Go to College to Learn

By Philip Brewer There are good reasons to go to college. And, if you do go to college, you will no doubt learn a lot. But you can learn anywhere — and probably learn more, better, and faster if you do so on your own. […]

How to Stop Buying Clothes You Never Wear

This post is from GRS staff writer April Dykman. A couple of years ago, I had a Great Closet Clean-Out. My clothing racks and drawers were overflowing at the time, and some of it still had price tags. Hoping to accomplish that European knack for owning less and looking better, I donated, consigned, and gave away about 75 percent of my wardrobe. […]

The Real Cost of a Sandwich

The staff of cockeyed.com (it might just be this one guy named Rob, and sometimes his friends), has a series called “How Much is Inside?” which attempts to figure out how much mundane items should cost. Recently, they tackled the sandwich. He weighed and measured and inspected every ingredient in your average turkey & cheese, grilled cheese, and peanut butter & jelly. […]

How to Read Your Social Security Statement

If you have a job, you’re paying into the Social Security program. Social Security, or more officially and appropriately, the Old age, survivors, and disability insurance program (OASDI); is more than just a check when you retire or a payroll deduction on your pay stub. […]

How Much is a Good Commute Worth?

The Brazen Careerist talks about dealing with an insane commute and it got me to thinking -- just what is a "good" work commute worth? In other words, would you take a $10,000 a year pay cut if it meant you only had a 10-minute commute versus a 45-minute one? It's an interesting question. I had a friend who used to live in New Jersey and commute to New York City every day for work. […]

$50 TradeKing Promotion, $50 To Refer A Friend

If you happen to be shopping for a discount broker these days, you’re in luck because a couple of these brokerages have come up with promotions in recent months. […]