October 21, 2009

National Unemployment Statistics: Job Losses At Record Highs

Still keeping an eye on unemployment numbers: watching this is like rubbernecking at a train wreck. Wonder what this stock market is rejoicing about. […]

Never Eat Alone: Find Mentors, Find Mentees, Repeat

This is the fifteenth of sixteen parts of a “book club” reading and discussion of Keith Ferrazzi and Tahl Raz’s Never Eat Alone, where this book on building a lifelong community of colleagues, contacts, friends, and mentors is teased apart and looked at in detail. […]

Make Sure Your Credit Card Has Smart Features

The following is a guest post from Marotta Wealth Management. Credit cards can be a blessing or a curse. Used correctly, they are both convenient and safe and can help you stick to your budget. But the dark side of heedless use can lead to financial ruin. Rather than rejecting credit cards altogether, however, choose the right card for the right reasons. […]

Newsletter Reminder

Just wanted to notify those who currently don't get my giveaway newsletter that you may want to sign up soon. In November I'll be giving away a $50 gift card as well as three copies of Quicken. Good stuff. If you'd like to receive the e-newsletter, sign up here. […]

What is a Trailing Stop Loss Order?

There are two mistakes that most people routinely make. They let emotions play too big a role in their decision making and they fail to adequately plan for the worst case scenario before the worst case scenario actually happens. These two mistakes aren’t a big deal when you’re planning dinner, but they can be disastrous when it comes to investing in the stock market. […]

The Biggest Barrier to Becoming Rich

I always like reading what Knight Kiplinger has to say. Why? Because 99% of the time, he and I are on the same page financially. For instance, here's a thought of his that Kiplinger's recently ran that I couldn't agree with more: The biggest barrier to becoming rich is living like you're rich before you are. Why? […]

Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009 (HR 1207)

Representative Ron Paul, Republican from Texas and long-time favorite of the Internets, introduced a bill earlier this year called the Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009 (H.R. 1207). […]

Best of Personal Finance: Alaska Doesn't Want You

By Linsey Knerl Welcome to Wise Bread's Best of Personal Finance roundup. We look at why Alaska really doesn't want you (unless you have a job, that is) and how you can choose the right type of baby carrier for your little bundle. […]

Best Deals For Wednesday 10/21/09

By Paul Michael Today's WISEBUY. NFLShop - 40% Off Coats Plus Extra 30% Off NFLShop.com takes up to 40% off a selection of coats and outerwear. […]

Best Things to Buy in the Fall – Find the Biggest Discounts and Sales on These Items This Fall

You may have already packed up your patio furniture and harvested everything from your garden, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to sit around the house and dream about next spring. […]

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Bookshelf Edition

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t have much of a desire to collect books. I keep a small pile of reference books around for information and inspiration, and I have a handful of books I’m sure I’ll re-read in the future. […]

5 Online Tools to Help You Land a Job

By Craig Kessler Growing up, there seems to be a standard progression from year to year that makes up the path of your childhood into the beginnings of your adult world. […]

$80 for an HDMI Cable? Give Me a Break!

By Stacy Johnson You go to the store to buy yourself a new HD TV. But now you need one HDMI cable to hook it up to your cable box and another to hook up your DVD. So you look around and notice that prices are all over the place: from 30 to 150 bucks. The salesman offers his advice: “Well, let’s see. Since you just paid a $1,000 for a hi-tech TV, this is no time to scrimp. […]

Should We Get Rid of 401(k) Plans?

The latest issue of Time Magazine featured an article that was very critical of the 401(k) system. In it, they argued that “the 401(k) is a lousy idea, a financial flop, a rotten repository for our retirement reserves.” Why all the hate? So just what is it that Time hates about 401(k) plans? For starters, 401(k) plans were never intended to replace traditional pensions. […]

Should You Stop Funding Retirement to Focus on Debt?

This article is by GRS staff writer Adam Baker. In addition to his work at Get Rich Slowly, Baker blogs over at Man Vs. Debt, where he compiles the most famous and inspiring quotes on debt. […]

When Debt Collectors Violate the FDCPA

As we learned in this classic abusive debt collection story, and Craig’s awesome response, debt collectors are often unfamiliar with the law. Not only are they unfamiliar with it, they routine violate it… which means you get to collect from them. Want an example? Let’s say you call a collector to check on the status of your dispute. […]

Investor Psychology: Why We Fail to Make Good Financial Decisions

Investors make better decisions when they separate emotions from the thought process, but it’s practically impossible to achieve the goal in perfection. Regardless of how hard one tries, emotions will always be present. […]

Who Doesn't Pay Taxes

I was struck by these tax numbers in a recent CNN Money piece: In 2009, roughly 47% of households, or 71 million, will not owe any federal income tax, according to estimates by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center. Some in that group will even get additional money from the government because they qualify for refundable tax breaks. The ranks of those whose major federal tax burdens net out at zer […]

Uh-huh: Anti-credit-card legislation hurts just about everyone

Caught this in a tweet from Wise Bread: Latest bank fee is for paying off credit card on time every month The target of new fees for credit card issuers is people who haven’t paid them yet, among others. […]