November 2, 2009

Where To Invest Extra Cash and Savings Today

Have you got some extra cash you’ve squirreled away, waiting to be put to good use? If you’ve got your debt paid down and your emergency fund taken care of, and you’re fortunate enough to have additional disposable income or a windfall to work with, then here are a few ideas about where to put that cash. Savings account rates are not exactly where we want them right now. […]

PFHour #26: Financial Rules of Thumb

It’s Monday and that means we have another episode of the Personal Finance Hour where JD of Get Rich Slowly and I will discuss financial rules of thumb. I’ve always believed that rules of thumb are a good way to get a quick handle on a decision but it can’t be your only handle. You need to do a proper analysis of the situation before you make a decision. […]

Intelligence Still Linked to Income, Not Wealth

In the book The Difference: How Anyone Can Prosper in Even The Toughest Times, author Jean Chatzky details a 2007 study done by Ohio State scientist Jay Zagorsky that looked at the relationship between intelligence and wealth. […]

The Stumble

It happens to the best of us. We resolve to make some change in our life and, for the first month or two, it goes great. We see real progress in the area we want to change. And then it happens. We give into temptation and make a mistake – sometimes a big one. We devour half of a Sara Lee pound cake after two weeks of careful dieting on raw foods. […]

How to Earn Income for the Rest of Your Life: The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Annuities

It wasn’t long ago that employees were rewarded for their loyalty to a company with a pension. For you younger readers the word pension may seem like it’s from a foreign language. It’s true, and in recent years the classic pension plans have been dwindling. Pension plans had a very unique feature that most retirement plans today lack: income for life. […]

Consider Prepaid Cell Phones

When you think of prepaid cell phones, what do you think of? If you’ve watched The Wire on HBO, a gritty drama about life in Baltimore, you associate them with drug dealers. If you were a fan of the Sopranos, you knew they were good for avoiding wiretaps. If you haven’t seen either, chances are you don’t associate them with anything. […]

How's Your Net Worth Doing?

This blog has been about one thing from day one: helping you grow your net worth. So maybe it's time for a bit of a net worth check-up, huh? The reason I'm bringing up the issue now is that I'm seeing a lot of pieces on net worth today versus what people used to have. For instance, the MSNBC article says that net worth is up but still way below what it once was. […]

Halloween Is Over. Now, Go and Buy Your Costume.

By Paul Michael With the exception of Christmas, Halloween is the most lucrative holiday for retailers. This year, Halloween sales will have topped an incredible $6 billion! It's also a holiday that comes with a delicious treat for most stores...ALL SALES ARE FINAL. […]

10 Best Up

Just a quick mention that the Best of Money Carnival #23 is up at Provident Planning. Congrats to all the participants and especially the winning post, Be Your Own Part-Time Boss: The Pros & Cons. Enjoy!  […]

Networking Basics for Regular People

By Julie Rains Competition for jobs is fierce but networking is one way of differentiating yourself as a stellar candidate. Recently, I read the e-book, "Stop Job Searching, Start Networking" from Job Bound, a career-services company. […]

Best Deals For Monday 11/02/09

By Paul Michael Today's WISEBUY. 40% - 80% Off Simple Shoes offers over 115 styles of Simple men's and women's shoes for $16.95 each. That's 44% to 80% off. […]

Reader Mailbag #87

Each Monday, The Simple Dollar opens up the reader mailbags and answers ten to twenty simple questions offered up by the readers on personal finance topics and many other things. Got a question? Ask it in the comments. […]

How to Save Over $1000 on Your Next Backpacking Trip

By Jeff Rose I wish I was writing this post from the standpoint of how I saved money on my most recent backpacking trip, but alas, I cannot. I can only write it from the standpoint of how I could have saved money on my backpacking trip. While this isn't the first year that I've gone backpacking with my buddies, it was the first year that required a bit more planning. […]

Delta Airlines: Good Airfare But Not My Favorite Airline

As of this past Saturday, my brother is now a married man. He and his wife live in California, and I spent Halloween attending their wedding and the past week visiting with my family in that state. I am happy I was able to take a week off from my day job and spend it with my relatives for the occasion. […]

Large Amounts Matter Too

This article is the sixth of a thirteen-part series that explores the core tenets of Get Rich Slowly. Last winter, Kris and I re-financed our mortgage. In one fell swoop, we trimmed our monthly payments for principal and interest from $1386.60 to $1137.69, boosting our cash flow by $248.91 per month. If we had consumer debt, that’s $248.91 per month we have could used for our debt snowball. […]

Veterans Affairs VA Mortgage Loan Requirements Guide

Last week, I wrote an FHA loan requirement guide to help folks looking to find more information about the Federal Housing Administration’s loan insurance program. In that post and in emails, many readers told me that I should take a look at the FDA and VA programs because it may be more appropriate for someone looking to purchase or refinance their existing home. […]

Most and Least Reliable Cars – 2009 Edition

Consumer Reports recently released their 2009 listing of the most and least reliable cars. Whenever these rankings come out, I look at them with a bit of morbid curiosity. I’m mostly interested in seeing how far down the list the domestic carmakers Looking at overall brand reliability, Japanese imports clearly rule the roost, whereas domestic brands are generally well down the list. […]

How to Buy a New Furnace and Air Conditioner

Ok, so this post isn't as much about "how to buy a new furnace and air conditioner" as it is "how we bought a new furnace and air conditioner", but I liked the former title better. :-) Anyway, this post will highlight how we recently got another purchase off our to-buy list when we replaced our home's old furnace and air conditioner with new ones. […]

Carnival of Debt Reduction time!

Welcome to this week’s Carnival of Debt Reduction! I’m very pleased that more of the submissions are on-topic. […]