November 6, 2009

Friday Fiscals: Wii Fit Plus edition

My wife got Wii Fit Plus earlier this week and it makes you think on some of the games.  Nice build-on to Wii Fit.  Besides, what other game can I flap my arms and fly around in a giant bird suit? Here are some links of interest from my feed reader: Bible Money Matters comes through with a huge list of budgeting tools, finance software, and iPhone money applications. Tough Money Love wonders if L […]

How One Homeless Person Lives: Coping With Homelessness

I’ve discussed how to avoid foreclosure and how to avoid bankruptcy in the past, but in some cases, things don’t work out too well, and there are people who end up becoming casualties of the real estate bust, credit crisis and weak job market. Lots of people have been forced into homelessness due to a […] […]

Secrets of Telemarketing From an Industry Insider

By Paul Michael They call you at all hours. They don't care if you're eating dinner or taking a shower. And they really don't like to hear you say no. They're telemarketers. And recently, someone from "behind enemy lines" came forward to give us all invaluable tips on dealing with those harassing calls. The information comes from reddit's Ask Me Anything section (IAMA). […]

Teaching Money Management Through Self-Responsibility

In the past, I’ve strongly advocated for families to introduce their teenagers to financial reality as early as possible. I know that in my own case, I went off to college with almost no idea of how to manage my money and it really showed in the spending decisions I made over the next ten years of my life. […]

Expedited CARD Reform for Consumers Act of 2009

After the Credit CARD Act of 2009 was signed into law, we saw how credit card issuers started making life tougher for their customers. In short, banks were levying fees on their customers indiscriminately, affecting both the good and the bad. This has been going on for months. Lawmakers have publicly condemned it, and made requests to the federal reserve, but all to no avail. […]

pfPicks: We’re Almost to 2010!

Whew, the end of yet another week. Can you believe it’s already November? It seemed like only yesterday I was trying to figure out what to get my wife for Valentine’s Day and already we’re planning for Thanksgiving in a few short weeks. […]

You vs Debt: A Financial Course For Controlling Your Money & Debt

Check out You vs Debt, a 6 week online course that can help you develop habits and the mindset to control your debt & finances. I’d like to introduce a new financial program that one top personal finance blogger has developed to help us improve our relationship with money. […]

Ten Ways to Make Your Boss Love You (Or Two If You Prefer)

Smart Money lists ten ways to make your boss love you as follows: 1. Put in the Hours -- When It Counts2. Empathize3. Defuse a Bad Situation4. Be a Conduit5. Ask for Help6. Connect the Boss's Way7. Show Initiative8. Be Positive9. Make Like Mini-Me10. Get Your Face Time This is a decent list IMO and if you really want to do all 10 steps, have at it. […]

Quicken Online Users Will Be Migrated to Mint

When Mint and Intuit announced the latter would be acquiring the former, the Quicken team and Aaron Patzer, the CEO of Mint, now a vice president of Intuit’s personal finance division, claimed that their two similar online product offerings, Mint and Quicken Online, would continue to co-exist. […]

Simple Living: Determining Your Priorities

By Sarah Winfrey Even with the economy slowly exiting the spectacular nosedive it took last year, many people find themselves with a renewed interest in living simply. However, what that means for each person depends on their own individual priorities. […]

Homebuyer Credit & Jobless Benefits Extended (H.R.3548)

In the last few months, there have been two big “stimulus” related items discussed in the House and Senate. The first was talk of extending the first time homebuyer credit in both time (when you could use it) and scope (who qualified). The second was about extending unemployment benefits by an additional 13 weeks. […]

Did Congress Make the Homebuyer Tax Credit Retroactive?

I’ve received several comments/e-mails asking about whether Congress has decided to make the first time homebuyer tax credit retroactive. […]

5 Quick Fixes to Salvage a Good Meal

By Tisha Tolar We've all likely burned a pot of something in our lifetime, but sometimes a ruined dinner may not be so ruined after all. Learn a few tricks of the trade and save yourself some time and money. As more and more families go back to basics and choose to stay home to eat, there is a big interest in the recipe industry and cooking shows. […]

Friday Finance Findings for November 6th

Money trivia time. What was the highest value note ever printed by the U.S.? If you guessed $100,000, you’d be right, but not so fast. It wasn’t your typical bill. The highest-value bank note ever printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing was the $100,000 Gold Certificate, Series 1934. […]

Way to Save #110: The Furnace Pilot Light

Turn off your furnace pilot light in the summer. You can also save by turning off your stove’s pilot light and using a lighter. […]

Ten Spectacular Tips for Getting Started in the Kitchen

I love cooking at home. I used to hate cooking at home, though. I was awful at it. I burnt things. I messed up scrambled eggs beyond all recognition. But over time, I got better at it. I started figuring out lots of little things that made the entire process smoother and made my results much better without necessarily improving my skills. […]

The First Step to Budgeting

By Nora Dunn Why do so many budgets fail? Because the first step to budgeting is omitted. When implemented correctly, it can make a huge difference. When the first step is neglected, intangible and unrealistic budgets are often created — a recipe for disaster. So, you ask, what is the first step to budgeting? Keeping Track of Expenses It’s that simple. […]

Your Take: Will Your Recession Changes Stick?

While most of us don’t believe we’re out of the recession, no matter what the statistics say, we can all agree that we made a few sacrifices over the last year and a half. Some have made a lot of sacrifices. One of the things my wife and I cut back on was dining out. We would go out to restaurants several times a week, not counting weekend festivities with our friends. […]

President Obama and Congress Extend the $8,000 Home Buyers’ Credit

It’s official. Today President Obama will sign a bill into law that extends the $8,000 First Time Home Buyers’ Tax Credit, recently set to expire on November 30, until April 30 next year. […]