November 7, 2009

The Simple Dollar Time Machine: November 7, 2009

Many newer readers of The Simple Dollar haven’t been exposed to the hundreds of great articles in the archives of the site, so this is a weekly series that highlights the five best posts from one year ago this week, two years ago this week, and three years ago this week. […]

The Best Pot Roast Ever: A Frugal Recipe for November

“It’s been a long time since you shared a recipe at Get Rich Slowly,” I told Kris last week. “What about that pot roast recipe?” she asked. “You love that.” “Yes. Yes, I do,” I said. This guest post from my wife may be the best thing I’ve ever shared at Get Rich Slowly. […]

Check Out Cash Commons

I’ve been away from blogging for a few weeks, busy with work.  I want to thank those of you who reached out to say “hi” via Twitter or email.  You guys rock.  Things have settled down now and I should be back to my normal blogging routine. A few weeks ago, MBH from Mighty Bargain Hunter reached out to me and asked me to check out a new site he’s been working on – Cash Commons.  I’ve spent some tim […]

Homebuyer Tax Credit Extended and Expanded

By Xin Lu A couple months ago I wrote about the pros and cons of extending and expanding the popular first time homebuyer tax credit which was due to expire on November 30th, 2009. I wrote that there was a good chance that Congress would extend the credit regardless of the costs. Sure enough, this week Congress has approved an extension and expansion of the credit. […]

Putting Out the Word

About a year ago, my mother decided to re-do the guest bedroom in her home. Before starting out on the project, she outlined her project to several of her friends, not asking for a single thing beyond advice. The end result? One friend gave her a crib. Another friend gave her a children’s bed. […]

Way to Save #111: Use Your Fireplace

Wood is still usually cheaper than gas. But be sure and close your flue tightly when you’re not using it, and make sure the fit is snug. Caulk around the hearth. If you don’t use your fireplace at all, plug and seal your chimney flue. […]

Eight Steps to Lower Your College Costs

The following is an excerpt from America, Welcome to the Poorhouse: What You Must Do to Protect Your Financial Future and the Reform We Need, courtesy of FT Press, imprint of Pearson. […]