November 17, 2009

Why Lottery Winners Go Broke: Prospect Theory At Work

A lucky few become millionaires overnight by winning the lottery. But before you start playing the game, know that rich people have their own set of problems. Many of them have their own share of headaches that I’m sure you wouldn’t want to have. […]

Poll: Do You Use Coupons?

Coupons have been around forever, but it sometimes takes a economic crisis like we have today to get people to start using them. On the other hand, many people have been using coupons long before we entered a recession. So, where do you stand? Have you been a coupon user all along or has the recession led you to begin using them? […]

Seven Red Flags for Home Buyers (And an Update on Our Home Search)

Kiplinger lists seven red flags for home buyers as follows: Poor water pressure. Aside from issues of comfort and convenience, low water flow may indicate plumbing problems, such as corroded pipes that will need to be replaced down the road. Ceiling stains. Something’s leaking. Troublesome doors. If you have one bad door, it may simply have been installed incorrectly. […]

Reader Story: A Very, Very Fine House

This morning, April wrote about trying to figure out how much house you need. In the comments, Tyler K. shared a photo of the house he and his wife live in. […]

Moose Tracks for Thanksgiving?

As many of you know, Moose Tracks ice cream has been a sponsor of Free Money Finance from day one. And since you're likely a week or so away from some sort of feasting (not sure why I think that, it's just a hunch), I thought I'd suggest you consider some for your upcoming big meal. […]

Ask the Readers: Do You Do Black Friday?

By Linsey Knerl You've seen the hype, read about it in the news, and have even heard our thoughts on the matter:  Black Friday is a buzzworthy topic, but is it really a great deal?  With new developments happening as a result of last year's Walmart tragedy, it may not even be the same shopping event that you remember.  (Reports from Walmart authorities reveal that stores will be open 24 hours pri […]

My Garage Sale and Thrifting Toolkit

I really enjoy visiting garage sales, yard sales, and thrift stores. I almost always find an item or two that I’m either looking for myself or I’m sure I can sell on eBay for a small profit. Plus, I’m always amazed at the things other people have largely decided to throw out. Whenever I head out for a few hours of visiting yard sales and thrift stores, I take my backpack along with me. […]

Bonefish Grill’s Give, Get & Win Sweepstakes

Bonefish Grill, a seafood restaurant owned by OSI Restaurant Partners (they own, among others, Outback Steakhouse, Carrabba’s, and one of our favorite restaurants – Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion restaurant), is running a special holiday gift card offer where if you give $100 in gift cards, you automatically get a $20 gift card, valid Jan. 1 – Feb. […]

2010 Roth Conversion: Good Idea?

Over the next couple of weeks, six finalists will be auditioning for the opening of “staff writer” at Consumerism Commentary. Each will be providing two guest articles to share with readers. […]

Ten Resume Mistakes You Must Avoid

Years ago, one of my job functions was to go to my alma mater’s career fair and collect resumes from prospective future employees. I had a great time because I was only a year or so out of school, I could hang out with my friends, and I enjoyed seeing all different the resumes. In that time, I saw some great resumes and I saw some not so great resumes. […]

What Professions are Likely to Have High and Low Net Worths?

Here are some interesting thoughts from Stop Acting Rich: ...And Start Living Like A Real Millionaire regarding the professions that have high and low net worths: Highly compensated physicians, attorneys, and managers of public corporations tend to have low wealth indices; that is, they are highly concentrated in the [lower than expected] net worth levels. […]

When They Say Extreme Deals, They’re Not Kidding!

By Paul Michael I stumbled upon a website last week that gave me that feeling of being a hungry kid in a free candy store. The site offers amazing discounts on thousands of gadgets, and free shipping is the norm. This is one hot bookmark. is a gadget-lover’s paradise. […]

Federal Reserve Wants Your Opinion About Gift Card Fees

The Credit CARD Act of 2009 instructed the Federal Reserve to enact new regulations for gift cards. I have a love/hate relationship with gift cards; they’re convenient gifts to give when you know the recipient is a fan of a certain store. Unfortunately, the past few years have seen restrictions added to gift cards which make them unappealing. […]

Furnished For Free

By Sasha A. Rae Free is such a great word. It brings images of cool things and cool experiences flying your way for less than the cost of an average cup of coffee or snack at the grocery store. It’s even better when all of that free stuff helps you furnish an entire apartment at no real cost to you, aside from a little bit of time and gas. That’s exactly what I did a few years ago. […]

Best Deals For Tuesday 11/17/09

By Paul Michael Today's WISEBUY. SEARS Luggage Sale - Up to 70% Off! Sears takes up to 70% off select items as part of its Semi-Annual Luggage Event. Shipping starts at $6.25, but free in-store pickup is available.   FREE Memo Cube From Sandy Paper To see the quality of our products for yourself, use this form to request sample. […]

Way to Save #121: Use The Internet

Email is free. Long distance calling isn’t (unless you also do that on the Internet!) The Internet is also a great free way to find numbers instead of using directory assistance. But if you are going to use directory assistance, your local one (411) is almost always cheaper than the national ones you see advertised [...] […]

Starting a Lifetime Savings Journey

Recently, my son Joe had his fourth birthday. Sarah and I had made the decision that we were going to introduce the idea of an allowance to him after his fourth birthday, along with the idea of saving for specific goals. In order to accomplish this goal, we decided to get him a Money Savvy Pig for his fourth birthday. […]

3 Ways Technology Makes Personal Finances Easier

By Greg Go This article is Wise Bread's contribution to Life Scoop, where ordinary people learn how to make surprising things happen with technology. From saving money to staying on budget, technology has made it easier than ever to stay on top of my personal finances. Here are 3 ways technology has helped me save money and time.  1. […]

How to Save Money on Pet Care

Last month was a bit of an adventure with our seven year old cat. He ran away (something he’s never done) and we were worried sick. Once we got him back, we spent some money on keeping him healthy. In addition to taking him to the vet for a check up, we also got him updated on his rabies shot. I couldn’t have imagined the true costs of being a pet owner when we first adopted him. […]

How to Write A Kick-Ass Cover Letter

There are two big pieces to the resume puzzle – the resume itself and the well-crafted cover letter. If your resume is the car, then your cover letter are the tires. Most people don’t think about the tires on their car but your tires are the only thing on your car that touches the road. […]