December 1, 2009

Money To-Do Calendar: December

The great personal finance book Grow Your Money!: 101 Easy Tips to Plan, Save, and Invest ends with a list of what financial steps we should take each month. They list the December steps as follows: Set up self-employed retirement plans. Sell losing investments in taxable brokerage accounts. Consider a Roth IRA conversion. […]

Simple Ways to Save Money on Salads

Lately, my wife and I have been studying ways to reduce our weekly grocery bill. We’ve been using several tactics to do this, which I will discuss one at a time over a series of articles. Salads before dinner are a common staple at our house. For a long time, we would buy lots of different dressings and other items to complement the salad. […]

Bonus Bucks Newsletter

I’ve been trying to think of ways registered readers could be awarded more Bargaineering Bucks since right now the two main ways are to comment (1BB each) and log in each day (1BB a day). When I think of these ways, I am eager to tell you guys and Jeremy at suggested that I just setup another newsletter just for Bonus Bucks opportunities. […]

Annual Credit Report Reminder

This morning, I wrote about the importance of regularly checking your credit report. The hardest part about the whole process is remembering to request a report every four months! So I decided to leverage the power of the Internet to create a mailing list that will remind you every 122 days (365 days divided by 3) to go to to request your report. […]

Can Your Spending Patterns Affect Your Credit?

By Silicon Valley ... I am one who prefers to use credit cards over cash for the convenience and ease of use of dealing with the plastic. Since I always pay my monthly bills in full, using credit cards has never been an issue for me. […]

Review Your Credit Report Annually

The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives us the right to see our credit reports every twelve months. […]

Playing Good Defense is the Key to Getting Rich

Here are some interesting thoughts from Stop Acting Rich: ...And Start Living Like A Real Millionaire: Most people will never earn $10 million in their lifetime, let alone in any single year. In fact, most households are unlikely to ever earn even $200,000 or more annually. Currently only about 3 percent of American households are in that category. […]

Best Deals for Tuesday 12/01/09

By Lynn Truong Today we've got some great $10 and under deals, LOTS of shoes, apparel, luggage, cutlery, and jewelry. Freebies FREE Yahoo! Greetings Electronic and Printable Cards Yahoo! Greetings offer most of their electronic and printable cards for free. […]

Your Flexible Spending Account: 10 Qualifying Purchases

Flexible Savings Accounts (FSAs) are often offered by companies to help their employees save money by setting aside income from paychecks to pay for health-related expenses without being taxed. For many Flexible Savings Account holders, the deadline for using the funds set aside is the end of the calendar year. […]

Ask the Readers: Have You Ever Re-Gifted?

By Linsey Knerl It's a sticky subject, but something that is very common. We're talking regifting, and with the economy making shopping new a little bit harder than last year, it's something that everything seems to be talking about. Have you ever regifted? Will you consider it? […]

What is Credit Utilization?

Credit utilization is one of the most important components of your credit score, a three digit number that is increasingly becoming one of the most important numbers in your life. Credit utilization refers to how much you are using your available credit. Take your total credit balances, divide it by your total credit limit, and the percentage is known as your credit utilization. Simple right? […]

Six Reasons Why People Don’t Thrift

Over the past week, I’ve been conducting a quiet poll among friends and family concerning whether or not they shop at thrift stores. I received a few “yes” answers, but a surprisingly large number of “no” answers. Without arguing about the reasons, I also asked them why they didn’t shop at thrift stores and I found that there were six common answers. […]

Way to Save #136: Repaint In White

Painting is one of the few home improvements you can make that normally add more value to a home than it costs, assuming you do it yourself. White paint is usually cheaper, doesn’t fade, makes rooms look bigger and goes with more stuff. […]

Money in Your Yard: How to Sell Palm Trees For Cash

By Xin Lu Palm trees are ubiquitous in California and other states with a warm climate. Although they are beautiful trees, some homeowners find them to be a nuisance because they require routine maintenance when they get too large. […]

Energy Efficient Appliance Upgrade, Anyone?

Much like the wildly popular and probably successful Cash for Clunkers program earlier this year, a portion of the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is being allotted to a program for upgrading older, energy wasting appliances. None of the important details have been released yet, such as “what Energy Star rating will my new refrigerator need to have?” But we can tell you this much right […]

Charge Cards: The Forgotten Option

For as long as I’ve been writing about personal finance, there has been an constant argument between credit cards and debit cards. Those who have first hand knowledge of how difficult it is to extricate yourself from credit card debt are right to argue that credit cards are evil. […]

5 Little-Known Websites That Will Save You Time and Money When Booking Airfare Online

This article is by staff writer Adam Baker. Baker recently reflected on just how much money affects our internal values. When booking airfare online, most people think of the popular online aggregation sites. […]

Handling Financial Setbacks

I was hoping to write about the logistics of moving and painting parties, but we just had a huge setback with our home purchase. Last Monday we did our walk through and it went well. There were some minor things that needed to be fixed before we closed, but we were happy with what we got. […]

One Example of Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck

In my post titled From the Ugh Files, I asked the following questions: How does living paycheck to paycheck happen? (I've never done it, so I honestly don't know.) Is it an ever-increasing lifestyle as salaries increase? Or maybe it's an income hit that takes away all the slack in an otherwise decent budget? Or maybe something else? […]