January 27, 2010

The 3 Golden Rules of Saving While Shopping

The President wants to help the middle class? He should have suggested these 3 golden rules of shopping During his state of the union address in January, the President talked about helping the middle class: they can certainly use it. The White House Middle Class Task Force< Read more ...Subscribe to our newsletterLike this article? […]

Reflecting on 2009 Returns Provides Lessons Going Forward

The following is a guest post from Marotta Wealth Management.  Many are breathing a sigh of relief after participating in the largest stock market roller coaster since the Great Depression. Others bailed out at the wrong time and are unsure whether they will ever recover their nest egg. […]

I bought a used washer and dryer with a clear conscience

What’s more, there are likely a few more appliances that I’d be eager to buy used, even though there are more efficient, “greener” versions being made today. I mentioned in the roundup that we bought a used clothes washer and dryer.  We found the advertisement on our local Craigslist, went up, and found the set to be in very good shape.  A comparable set today would cost between $800 and $900, and […]