February 21, 2010

Guide To Sewing Buttons: How To Sew On A Button Correctly

As a follow up to my article “Frugal Tips: How To Make 10 Ordinary Things Last Longer“, I bring you this awesome guest post by Mrs. Accountability. She writes at Out of Debt Again, a personal finance blog where she details her family’s journey to getting out of debt and living frugally. […]

Review: Payback Time

Every Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal finance book or other book of interest. A few years ago, I read and really enjoyed Phil Town’s first investment book, Rule #1 (you can read my review here). Town actually contacted me after reading my review and offered a few thoughts on my comments on the book and we exchanged a few emails over the years. […]

Podcast 44: Tax Tips for Big Life Changes

Today’s guest on the Consumerism Commentary Podcast is Bob Meighan, CPA and Vice President of Consumer Advocacy at TurboTax. […]

How to Choose an Accountant for Your Small Business

By Lynn Truong Small business owners often overlook the importance of having a good accountant on their side. The role of the accountant doesn't have to be limited to tax preparation. He can be a valuable adviser for your business year round. […]

Keeping Kids from Being Crass Consumers

I’m a goal-oriented person. With almost everything I do in life, I set a clear goal for what I want to accomplish, then I do the research needed to figure out how to get there, then I work at it tenaciously. The same is true for parenting. […]

Growing Your Own Vegetable Garden

A friend of mine is very into DIY culture. She recently showed me how to plant a spring vegetable garden without spending a dime. […]

Reader Story: How I Fought Lifestyle Inflation — and Won!

This guest post from Michelle is part of a new feature here at Get Rich Slowly. Every Sunday will include a reader story (in the new “reader stories” category). Some will be general “how I did X” stories, and others will be examples of how a GRS reader achieved financial success. In 2001, I got a new job. […]

Simple Steps to Biblical Finance Success

For those of you new to Free Money Finance, I post on The Bible and Money every Sunday. Here's why. […]