March 2, 2010

Financial Algebra

A week ago I posted Two Simple Equations that Lead to Financial Success, a piece that listed the following as being the guides to financial success: Income – expenses = surplus Surplus x many years = wealth The other day at lunch I started thinking of these two equations and how they could be combined. […]

Raising Deductibles to Save Money on Insurance: Does It Work?

One common, painful bill that we all face is the insurance bill. Whether you’re talking renter’s insurance, homeowner’s insurance, or automobile insurance, the bill feels painful because it’s not something we can often directly see the benefit from. […]

7 Essential Tools for Getting Work Done -- Anywhere!

By Linsey Knerl Sometimes you just have to get out of the office to ever get any work done!  When you're on the go, or are working from home, what are the best tools to keep you productive and in step with the rest of the world?  We share our a couple from our list of 7 necessary tools to help you get work done -- anywhere! IM Instant messaging has always had its supposed social appeal, but when […]

Ask Your Bank for a Better Deal

Last fall, my wife and I went into our nearest bank branch to set up a new savings account for a trust that we’re managing. […]

Scarlett Johansson’s Home For Sale at $2 Million Loss

The market for Hollywood Hills homes of the stars hasn’t been immune to the real estate downturn. Although she purchased the house for $7 million in 2007, the asking price is now $4.59 million. Judging from the photographs on CNN Money, the villa looks like a great place to live.CNN Money often profiles houses for sale. […]

Best Deals for Monday 03/02/2010

Shaun White Snowboarding for PS3 for $10 + $5 s&h Danny Elfman "Alice's Theme" MP3 single for free Canon PIXMA MX330 All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer for $57 + free shipping New: App Store Price Drops: Speed Forge Extreme, Documents To Go, more Kohl's: 30% Off Purchase with Kohl's Card w/ Coupon MARCH30 […]

Ask the Readers: How Do You Care For Your Pet Affordably?

By Linsey Knerl We've been talking about pets quite a bit here on Wise Bread: what to feed them, how to treat them affordably, their health and their well-being. We all love our pets, and sometimes, it's hard to justify spending an insane amount of money on them -- especially in this economy. What are you doing to treat your pet, despite tight funds? Do you opt for homemade options? […]

Payback Time by Phil Town

In Payback Time, Phil Town teaches you the tenets of value investing, the same approach that Warren Buffett takes, with today’s tools. With all the value investing books out there, what separates Town’s Payback Time, and his earlier work Rule #1, from the pack? […]

Getting Fired? Ask One Question to Get Free Money

By WC Porter Getting fired is never easy. There are a whole bunch of emotions that you'll experience: from anger to sadness to very serious concern for your future. All valid emotions. None of them will do you any good. But a few weeks ago I discovered a question that can actually make you some money if you ever get fired. […]

Great Tips for Resumes, Interviews, and Cover Letters

Crown Ministries recently detailed several job hunting guidelines for successful resumes, interviews, and cover letters. Here are the key points they made for all three: Networking should get you to a point of someone at the company wanting your resume. The perfect resume is one that is expected. You need to show your results, give your track record for producing success. […]

Personal Balance Sheet, February 2010

It’s time again for my monthly financial reporting. I’ve been posting a balance sheet online almost every month since July 2003 in order to keep myself accountable for my financial decisions. Seven years ago I was not far into my journal to financial solvency, but I was at least spending less than I was earning by then. That was not the case only a few years earlier. […]

Sometimes, "Too Good To Be True" Is Not True

By Paul Michael How many times have you heard people say “if it look’s too good to be true, stay away from it” or words to that effect? Well, I know I’ve said them often myself. But sometimes, rarely, there really is a deal that’s a steal. Case in point — pudding cups and airline miles. You may have heard the story before, or perhaps recall the plotline from Punch Drunk Love. […]

Encouraging Family and Friends to Improve Their Finances

Is money a taboo subject with your friends? I’m not sure about anyone else, but I don’t think it’s taboo to talk about money. I do, however, recognize that it may be awkward and thus considered a bit wrong by someone to talk to others about how they should handle their finances. […]

Professional Resume Services: Are They Worth Paying For?

By Jason Kay When you are preparing for the job search battle, the most important weapon that you will have at your arsenal is your resume, which may leave you to ponder whether you should write your resume yourself or have a professional resume service do it for you. […]

Saving Money on Soundtracks

I really dig movie soundtracks, by which I mean real albums of music written for the movie, not the fake soundtracks that are just collections of pop songs. […]

Best Places to Hide Money At Home

I had a conversation over the weekend with a friend of mine who likes to keep a little bit of cash at home in the event of a zombie apocalypse. As I reminded him that zombies don’t take US dollars, I thought a little to how we like to keep some cash on hand at home too. My friend was talking a thousand dollars or two, we keep maybe a hundred bucks. […]

How Much Stuff Does One Man Need?

It seems like every time I travel, I come home committed to win my war on Stuff. This time was no different. I lived out of a single carry-on bag while vacationing in Belize last week, and even that felt luxurious. […]

Money is #1 Stressor in America

In Two Simple Equations that Lead to Financial Success, I noted a recent survey showed that almost 70% of people are either struggling (living paycheck to paycheck) or going backwards financially (going further in debt every month). […]