March 14, 2010

Fire your bank with the Switch Bank Accounts Checklist

If you’re sitting there thinking, gee whiz, I really hate my bank, then you’re probably not alone. I’m guessing that thousands of people like you just got dinged a dollar in bank fees today. Many pay dearly for the right to access their money. Fun. A few years ago I got fed up with all the needless fees and finally fired my bank. […]

How To Get Your First Credit Card

If you’ve decided to get your first credit card, there are a few things to keep in mind. I believe that credit cards are a great financial tool when used responsibly. So whether you’re a college student just starting to receive credit card offers in the mail or you’re seeking to build your credit history, you might find the following tips and reminders helpful as you seek your first credit card. […]

Review: The Little Book of Behavioral Investing

Every Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal finance book or other book of interest to readers of The Simple Dollar. If you’ve been reading The Simple Dollar for a while, you know that I love the “Little Book” series by Wiley Publishing. It’s a book series of small, relatively short hardbacks with about twenty short chapters. […]

Podcast 47: The Financial Physician, Lou Scatigna

The Consumerism Commentary Podcast is featuring Lou Scatigna, author of the book The Financial Physician: How to Cure Your Money Problems and Boost Your Financial Health. […]

Live Where the Water Tastes Good

By Philip Brewer There's an old song, the "Michigan Water Blues" that starts, "Michigan water tastes like cherry wine." I grew up in Michigan, so the song always had a certain resonance for me, but I've lived other places where the water tasted good, and a few where it didn't. […]

The Financial Realities of Growing a Family

Anthony writes in: My wife and I have two children, ages 2 and 1. We’d like to have more; we both think that four would be a great number, although there’s no particular logical reason for that number. The problem is the expense. With daycare costs, adding each additional child will cost another $260 a month. […]

The Plan Of Attack – How I Plan To Pay Off My Mortgage Early

My wife and recently purchased our first home.  Here is my plan to pay off our 15 year mortgage in 10 years – or less! Opening Fire – We will us online bill pay to make our regular, monthly mortgage payments.  I have already scheduled for our monthly payment to be sent from our bank to our mortgage company on the 15th of each month, the day after I receive my monthly paycheck.  […]

Reader Story: How I Ruined My Credit Score, and How It Didn’t Ruin My Life

This guest post from the redoubtable Tyler K is part of the new “reader stories” feature here at Get Rich Slowly. Some reader stories contain general “how I did X” advice, and others will be examples of how a GRS reader achieved financial success — or failure. Tyler is an active commenter at GRS, and never afraid to share his opinion! Like J.D., I once had a big problem with debt. […]

Thrift, an Old-Time Virtue Making a Comeback

For those of you new to Free Money Finance, I post on The Bible and Money every Sunday. Here's why.  The following is a guest post from Marotta Wealth Management. "Thrifty" isn't a virtue we hear about very often these days. […]