May 2010

6 Free Budget Software Choices for Everyone

This article on budgeting software is part of a financial planning series called How to Make a Budget. To start this series from the beginning, read the introduction. There are as many ways to make a budget as there are people. The budgeting basics are the same, but many of us like to manage our money with a known entity. […]

How To Cook Rice With Flair: Simple, Creative Ideas For Rice

I grew up on rice, and this is no surprise given where I’m originally from! I usually prefer rice as plain and white as they come, but let’s not forget that while it’s a staple product, it doesn’t always have to be used on its own. You can serve pretty much anything with rice, but it’s good to have some variety; you don’t have to serve plain white rice all the time. […]

How to Sell Off a Media Collection

Back in 2006, when I hit financial bottom and realized I had to do something, one of the first things I did was clean out my closets and shelves and sell off a large portion of my media collection. […]

Sun Screens Can Really Cost You – By the Ounce or By the Tumor

If you've been paying extra for sun products containing Vitamin A — often marketed as preventing your skin from aging — you might as well save your money. In fact, you may need it for future surgical bills. […]

Best Money Tips: 50 Worst Inventions

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we give you a list of TIME's 50 worst inventions, a nifty homemade coconut mango popsicle recipe, and tips for making a second job work! Top 5 Articles The 50 Worst Inventions — Paul Blart may disagree, but this list is entertaining, nonetheless. […]

Best of the Money Blogs 2010

I’ve never been much of a winner. Ok, I once won a package of dental floss for selling the most toothbrushes during a middle school fundraiser. This was a big win for me because I’m a huge fan of dental hygiene and I was a given the award in front of my brace-wearing class. […]

Reader Mailbag: Decoration Day and Memorial Day

Memorial Day is pretty much just confusing to me. It’s theoretically a day to honor fallen soldiers, but most people just go on vacation or play in the yard. What happened to Decoration Day, which is May 30 of each year? That’s the original date created to honor those soldiers that have served our country in times of war, started after the Civil War. […]

Calling BS on 5% Rewards Advertising

ShareThisIf you find yourself looking for a credit card online, or even just perusing a few of your favorite personal finance sites, you'll come across a lot of credit card advertising. […]

Can’t Afford Your Car Much Longer? Negotiate to Keep It

As so many are still struggling to manage paying their regular bills while living paycheck to paycheck, every day another car gets repossessed because families can no longer afford to finance their vehicles. Last year alone, more that 1.9 million vehicles were taken from those who defaulted on their loans. […]

Memorial Day

Thank you to all the brave men and women who have given everything so that we may enjoy our freedoms. […]

Scottrade Discount Brokerage Review

This is a brief review of my experiences with the discount brokerage Scottrade. If you are interested, you can open an account at Scottrade here.I first opened my account with Scottrade a little over five years ago. At the time, my current discount brokerage, Wachovia, began charging an inactivity fee. […]

Foreclosure and Bankruptcy

The following is a guest post by Caroline Palmer, and associate attorney at Oak View Law Group. It seems like only yesterday when the real estate market was booming and everyone was investing, whether it was a home or investment property.  Then the bottom of the sub-prime lending market dropped out, leaving hundreds of people facing either foreclosure or bankruptcy, or more typically, both; and l […]

Happy Memorial Day

Just wanted to say Happy Memorial Day to everyone (it's a holiday where we remember the service and sacrifice of those who have given their lives for our country.) Like most others in the U.S., I'm taking the day off -- I'll be back tomorrow (I do have one guest post scheduled for today). In addition to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for America, I like to remember and thank all our v […]

Memorial Day Weekend Reading: Guinea Pigs and the End

It’s been a hectic weekend so far. I’ve spent many hours on the road between my home in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Queens. Friends of mine will be married to each other in a few weeks, and they wanted to have some wedding photographs shot including their pet guinea pigs. […]

Can You Get Paid To Do Free Online Surveys?

Earn a little extra income by getting paid to do free online surveys. This is something you’ll find a lot of people discussing online. There are plenty of people out there who claim to make a nice second income from a variety of activities including blogging, mystery shopping, or earning points or cash through rewards and cash back sites like BigCrumbs and Ebates. […]

Factors to Consider in Your Pricing Strategy

Link: ShareThisHow did you decide how much to charge for your product or service? Did you base it on the competition? Some margin above your cost? […]

Review: 48 Days to the Work You Love

Every Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal finance book or other book of interest. 48 Days to the Work You Love by Dan Miller keeps getting recommended to me over and over again by readers. […]

Podcast 58: How to Keep From Going Broke with a Broker, Richard Lewins

Today’s guest on the Consumerism Commentary Podcast is Richard Lewins, founder of the LewinsLaw legal practice and author of the book, How to Keep From Going Broke with a Broker – A Guide to Opening, Maintaining and Surviving Your Brokerage Account. […]

Kick that Cell Phone Contract: Save with a Prepaid Plan

ShareThisIf you are married to your cell phone, you may not mind paying top dollar for your service plan. For many people, their cell phone has become their primary portal to the world, and that's fine, especially for cell phone companies. But if you want, you can save big money by going prepaid. Here's how. […]

Financial Freedom and Using Passion to Budget

Increasing numbers of people are in serious debt and seeking debt management and debt settlement services. Although at first blush you would suppose that it has to do with job loss and poor economic climate, the vast majority of these people are actually high income-earners, with good jobs. What gives? […]