May 8, 2010

19 Things to Take Off Mom’s To-Do List

It's Mother’s Day. Forget breakfast in bed. Instead, take some things off of mom’s ever-growing, never-ending to-do list. 1. Plan an entire week’s menu (including snacks for the constantly growing children). Do all the shopping at your local market, warehouse store, or roadside stand. […]

Remaking Your Path of Least Resistance

Most of the time, our lives function along a path of least resistance. We give into social cues because it’s the easiest path, causing us to buy stuff we don’t need and lust after “premium” items. We don’t rock the boat at work because that’s the easiest path, causing us to run in place with our career. […]

Weekend Roundup: They’re Back!

For those who follow my Twitter account @bargainr, you get treated to interesting links as I find them throughout the day. […]

Congratulations to the Winners of the Plutus Awards!

The Plutus Awards is an awards ceremony highlighting the best personal finance products, services and resources. After a nomination process, finalists are chosen from the top nominees and the public — mostly from within the personal finance online and social media community — votes for the winners in a variety of categories.Here are some of the winners of the First Annual Plutus Awards. […]

The One-Year Wardrobe Project

About a year ago, at the advice of GRS readers, I started an experiment. I took all of the shirts and sweaters from my clothes closet and moved them into our spare room. Whenever I needed something to wear, I checked the clothes closet first. If what I needed wasn’t there (as was often the case at first), I went to the spare room to find it. […]

The Simple Dollar Time Machine: May 8, 2010

Many newer readers of The Simple Dollar haven’t been exposed to the hundreds of great articles in the archives of the site, so this is a weekly series that highlights the five best posts from one year ago this week, two years ago this week, and three years ago this week. […]

If Shopping is Your Passion, then Get Another Hobby

The following is an excerpt from In The Trenches: Financial Survival During Times of Hardship. One suggestion to add to what's below: you may want to turn your hobby from an expense into an income producer. There’s one thing we can agree on. Shopping costs money. Even if you go out with the best of intentions, a list, and a maximum limit it is oh so easy to spend more. […]

A six-pack of reasons not to buy in bulk

This article on MSN MoneyCentral puts the (usually) tried-and-true advice of buying in bulk on the chopping block, and lists fifteen things that are probably better not bought in bulk.  A few of them surprised me because they were items that I thought were great to buy in bulk. I’ll reorganize the list a little bit and summarize the big reasons why things shouldn’t be bought in bu […]