May 19, 2010

Best of the Money Blogs 2010: Vote for Squawkfox!

The Globe and Mail just announced the shortlist for their annual Best of the Money Blogs Poll — and Squawkfox is nominated! *blush* Big bloggy thanks to the Globe and Mail panel for choosing my humble blog in a field of amazing and talented bloggers. This year the poll features Canadian blogs, but Americans can still vote too! […]

S. 3247: Fair Access to Credit Scores Act: Denied Credit? You May Get Free Credit Score in Future

Anyone that has been denied credit will remember the added-on fine print at the end of the denial letter telling you that you can receive a free credit report from a specific credit reporting agency.  Sometimes this will require you to mail in a written response to request the free credit report, sometimes it will be as simple as logging on to the reporting agency’s website and fill in a few infor […]

This Wall Street Trader Wants Your Job

Another investment banker defends Wall Street. I’m ready to rumble! Check out this letter I came across while surfing the web. Okay, it’s supposedly an email message that’s been circulating around certain media outlets, aggravating whoever crosses its path. Rumor has it that it’s a fake, but it’s still an interesting read and worthy of being addressed. […]

Contact a Taxpayer Advocate to Help Resolve Tax Issues

A year ago, the first-time home buyer credit was still rather new, and the IRS began allowing taxpayers to amend their 2008 tax returns to receive the credit early. At that time, if documentation was in order, it took about six weeks to receive a check for the $8,000 credit.That didn’t last long. […]

Save Money by Purchasing Discounted Gift Cards

How would you like to save 20% on the cost of a movie? Or 12% when buying your favorite books? Or 10% on a new video game? Or 11% on fast food at Wendy's? Well, it can be done. […]

MMOs and Financial and Personal Balance

Charlotte writes in: I just wanted to suggest that you write about MMOs. My husband and I have been playing World of Warcraft since we were in college for about five years. We play about two hours each evening and maybe three or four hours on raid nights (two nights a week). […]

Is Your Spouse Hiding Debt? Recovering from Financial Infidelity

I’m on vacation in Alaska. This is a guest post from MP Dunleavey, editorial director of, a free daily personal finance email for women. I’ve been a fan of Dunleavey’s writing for a long time, and am pleased to have her swing by GRS. Infidelity is always devastating. […]

Best Money Tips: 10 Organic Solutions to Garden Pests

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we give you two handfuls of great organic gardening solutions, a tip for better pizza, and six steps to improving family life through financial adversity! Top 5 Articles 10 Organic Garden Aids for Pest and Disease Control — Don’t get out that toxic sludge just yet? […]

Furnishing Your New Place

When I moved from Pittsburgh to my new apartment near Baltimore, I had almost no furniture. I had a desk from IKEA that we still use today but very little else. When I made it to Baltimore, I didn’t buy any new furniture because my roommate already had a whole bunch of stuff like couches, dining table and chairs, etc. […]

Don’t Buy A House (Yet)

As you read this, you might be wishing that you graduated just a year earlier and could take advantage of the $8000 first time homebuyuers credit. […]

The Eight Money Ratios, Part 3

The book Your Money Ratios: 8 Simple Tools for Financial Security lists eight money ratios that are designed to help us all determine where we stand financially. They're so good that the Wall Street Journal called them "some of the best tools we have seen for gauging where you stand." So I thought I'd list each of them as well as tell you where I stand on each measure. […]

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Pure Imagination Edition

One of the fun things about being a parent is introducing your child to some of the things that built your own fondest memories of a child. Sometimes they react with indifference. […]

Examine Your Attitudes Toward Money and Uncover Problems

Unhealthy Attitudes Can Lead to Financial Ruin How you value, spend, save, and invest money has more to do about who you are a person than you may realize. You don’t just develop good and bad money habits by chance. Instead, they are usually a result of an underlying personality trait or develop over the course of your lifetime due to your experiences and circumstances. […]

How to Afford Payments on Your Adjustable Rate Mortgage

So you’ve managed to keep your house, your job, and even your credit report clean during the economic meltdown. But, the storm’s not over just yet. The second wave of foreclosures and economic instability is gearing up to wreak havoc. And what’s worse, you’ve just realized that you are in the middle. […]

Job-Search Scams that Target High Performers

Scams aren’t just for the unsophisticated. Even a reasonable job-seeker with an ounce of urgency might be convinced by polished, persistent schemers who are pros at overselling the value of job-search services. To be semantically precise, these setups are more scheme-like than pure scams. […]

Take Advantage of Lifestyle Deflation

Lifestyle inflation refers to the incessant upward creep in your spending as your income gradually increases. […]

How to Find Your First Apartment

Why am I writing a post about how to find an apartment? It seems so easy right? Look around in the areas you like, pick a place, sign a lease, and you’re done. […]

SmartyPig Raises Interest Rate Today

In March, I opened a savings goal with SmartyPig (review here), and I’ve been sending $172.20 from my ING Direct account every two weeks since then. My savings goal is to expand my collection of photography equipment to include a full-frame digital camera. […]

Six Steps to Strengthen Your Family on the Journey to Financial Freedom

J.D. is on vacation in Alaska. This is a guest post from Dustin Riechmann. Dustin created Engaged Marriage to help others achieve the extraordinary in marriage and in life. […]

Five Savings Tips for Soon-to-Be Retirees

Smart Money lists five savings tips for soon-to-be retirees -- which I'll cover in a minute -- starting with the following facts about what Americans actually have saved up for retirement: About 65% of people age 55 and older have less than $100,000 in retirement savings; just 37% have saved less than $25,000, while around one-third have less than $10,000, according to Employee Benefit Research […]